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Noam Chomsky wrote a book, Language and Mind. Obviously, the website is not to steal the show: however often I do not agree with Mr. Chomsky, he made a book title to be a natural association; human minds have much to do with language. Read The conscious mind of Emily Dickinson. :)

Nonsense is not a good test for kids’ syntax. It can be like trying to have one ignore the difference between pain and bread.




My dear head does not give me headaches. Should I write, “my dear Head …” ?


says the Great Seal.



Sanskrit, the “mother of tongues”, never named women or men. It did not give Earth its name, either.



Even if they say or tell, flags do not speak.





Talents can turn out mediocre myths,

without study work.





A primary color may appeal

 to the functionally illiterate.




Larry Selinker’s interlanguage: Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain didn’t have it right?

Are we idiosyncratic, to learn tongues?

Tongue entanglement

Language deserves better than a regard for humanity’s unloved child.



Toolbox republic

Pure nonsense remains cherished in Poland. Born in Poland — and no one ever has choice on the place — you cannot change your citizenship unless the President allows it, says a regulation.

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