Tongue entanglement

Language is often taken for granted, or given the regard for the humanity’s unloved child.


Diarmaid Ferriter of The Limits of Liberty ventured his frown on RTE One. Irish people speak English owing to cultural submissiveness, avouched Mr. Ferriter. You cannot dominate someone who does not speak your language. These have been the English to speak English; they brought the language.

Well, you could not make a prodigal son or daughter of language.


It does not spend much, and it can give a lot. ;)


Most businesses in Ireland work on English language papers and cash. Important: all kinds of English, to include American, Australian, and whichever you like. People have English language business talks. People learn in English language schools. People go to English language medics and shops. Many have never learned British. Irish English has a distinct sounding, one might find more pleasurable than that from over the Thames, as Pete McCarthy has noticed.


Getting rid of all this would not be freedom. It would be a disaster.



Contrary to Mr. Ferriter, I think Irish English should have a corpus

language environments always have own corpora. Google brings mostly Gaelic-English glosses, should you key in the phrase “Irish English dictionary”. Limerick university do not focus on Irish English, offering courses. The International Corpus of English requires a request form, and does not promise anything.

Bus tours in Dublin represent English with the Union Jack. The Irish flag is for Celtic.


There are two kinds of power, The Limits said. The police and the military were the “hard power”. Language was the “soft power”.


I agree that saying “come in”  can be physically more efficient than carrying people into rooms, especially if the persons would be wholesome. Yet saying “fish and chips” does not give a Leo Burdock, unless there is the cash and consensus to make the deal. Language does not have an overpowering potential. Political debates world round prove humans phylogenetically capable of days and more of a language production to have no influence on thought or decisions. ;)


Language is not muscle power. It can be an opportunity.

See the Grammar course.

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