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August 11, 2012

How to grind effective – a brief intro

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Inborn skills, gifts, and talents may become mediocre myths with exams. We either have the talent, gift, and inborn skill to ‘cram’, or we end up doomed to unfulfilled dreams of prospect.

Now, the important thing: we never cram. We work at least a little every day. The brain gets a habit. The grand matter is in finding a fancy. Before we think about going schools, we consider what we really, really like. And we do not forget about it even on school leaves and vacations. We think outside the schoolbox. Our knowledge needs to belong with us, not schedules.

Think outside the schoolbox. See the grammar grapevine.

Outside the schoolbox

We never memorize. We try to see things for ourselves. Schoolbook authors put things in words own ways. We always think how we can view and express the study content independently.

Aspect mappingWe can map tense Aspects. See why think about space.

We make cursory notes. A verb or two, and from time to time only — we see if we ‘get ourselves’ returning to our notes after a while. We also can come up with sample test questions. For example, we learn about the Constitution. The question — First? — could do for the Article and the Amendment. The question — Representative? — might cover the Senate with regard to representative functions. I mean, we make our questions open-ended. It can be anyway a pleasant surprise only, if we discover that real tests are not as detailed. ;)

And we never take ‘happy pills’. As probably everybody, I happened to be offered those a few times and never took them: even if someone says it is ‘the good stuff’, artificial chemistry can only compete against that natural chemistry our brains need to make memories. After ‘happy pill learning’, we could end up with state-dependent memories, that is, ‘happy pill test taking’ — not a practicable resolve, especially with entire school terms in view.


Herbs are not bad, however. Chamomile, melisa, mint. They don’t put to sleep, unless in amounts definitely bigger than a cup or two. We could feel like our entire futures depend on the exams; herbs help keep calm and cool.

We remember always to have some sleep. Good luck (!)

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