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November 4, 2013

Dear granmas and papas, pay me a holiday

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I got an email two days ago. There are things I do not care if you like about me, I’m warning.

Dear Fellow Monarchist,

On behalf of our council and supporters, I wanted to write you a personal appeal asking if you would spend a small amount of your time and money to help us successfully complete our campaign goal. If you have not already, please visit our web site at

(deleted, I am not going to support the thing)

You may have been watching the news this past year about Prince George of Cambridge being born in July earlier this year and last month being christened in the Chapel Royal in London.  Prince George is third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom and the fifteen other Commonwealth Realms.

I got angry. The heading: would them guys ever avoid titles like “Dear Washington Nanny Association admirer”, or “My dear New York Grandmas and Papas lover” … ? I AM NOT A MONARCHIST.

More, I have reservations on monarchy as a political system to interfere with language. The interference is in the phrase and practice of “the queen’s English”.  Elizabeth II is not a linguist. Charles has showed hopelessness in tampon industry promotion enough to be acquitted of any suspicion of university language prowess whatsoever. Both William and Harry did not really get it at school, so they went the army. Katherine is obviously not much tongue, as she goes by the teeth in the smile to stay on the safe side.

All the royals might follow on language can be only second hand. Dear nannies, grandmas and papas in the Commonwealth: no, I will not spend the time and any money to support a suckling for a head. He’s not probably a linguist. By the way, wouldn’t you pay me a holiday?

Naturally, if you have a head for language, you know there’s no point seeking to pay anyone as the linguist in chief …

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