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September 13, 2014


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There is something you do not really have in other languages: stative verbs. You do not get lists of words to remember, as from theBritish Council, for example.

 What you have in other languages, is the stative verb use, whichWikipedia overlooks. It might come as actually strange to people, if you tried to tell them to memorize the words for love, hate, or thought. It could feel … a kind of a lie, and good liars do not publicize their lying rules. ;)

Think you are talking with a young person, 10 years old, let us say. The person says he or she is hating you: you do not let them see your book, for example. Would you correct the person and say, No, you are not hating me. You hate me; it is a stative verb, here, in the list … ;)

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