Evolution as the World Knows It

A WISE guy with a smart one came together to conclude
On causes and drives, to man’s evolution, the prelude ―
Would the glibness in the species have been devolved
From another mundanity, as voluble, as resolved?
Would infinite or unfinished things sublunary go
If to hinge them plain vanilla, order in a bordereau?
Would this spur mankind, if a human to enslave
Bailiwick of a man-made, and maneuvered microwave?
Would a vertigo preserve a vertical perspective,
If to rotate the mathematical mapping bijective?
Would topsy go turvy, and trade another designation,
A lexicon evolve, by candid acclamation?
Questions so numerous, that obviate incuriosity.
May good gyrations prevent ― impecuniosity.

Copyright © Teresa Pelka


The world may never have seen her original handwriting, if her skill was taken for supernatural. Feel welcome to Poems by Emily Dickinson prepared for print by Teresa Pelka: thematic stanzas, notes on the Greek and Latin inspiration, the correlative with Webster 1828, and the Aristotelian motif, Things perpetual — these are not in time, but in eternity.
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Świat może i nigdy nie widział jej oryginalnego pisma, jeśli jej umiejętność została wzięta za nadnaturalną. Zapraszam do Wierszy Emilii Dickinson w przekładzie Teresy Pelka: zwrotka tematyczna, notki o inspiracji greką i łaciną, korelacie z Websterem 1828 oraz wątku arystotelesowskim, Rzecz perpetualna — ta nie zasadza się na czasie, ale na wieczności.
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