Taylor’s Dissertation, Chapter 3

“You are not indeed entirely immortal, yet you shall never be dissolved, nor become subject to the fatality of death.” Apparently therefore Plato seems to say, that the world is naturally dissoluble, mortal and corruptible, yet will not be corrupted. But Aristotle opposing the apparent meaning of such an assertion says, it is impossible that any thing which is of its own nature corruptible, should not some time or other be corrupted. ■→More

Knossos Garuda

Original picture and the entire book by Evans are available from Heidelberg, at ■https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/evans1935a/0563 Evans wrote, the Knossian griffin would be the only one without wings. The picture has been interpreted also as garuda, a “charioteer of the Sun”, by other researchers. To look at it, the Greek figure could run very fast, leap or … Continue reading Knossos Garuda

Hostile mimicry

THOUGH it could be fun to observe on a behaviorist for an “armchair theory” — would a man sit like a woman, or a woman like a man — mimetic theories belong with behaviorism, where speech and language are “verbal behavior” to become “reinforced through the mediation of other persons”. ■→More