About me


Teresa Pelka and Language Mapping

More than five years a translator and about ten years a teacher, author

Medical, linguistics, legal, and literary translation, English to Polish and Polish to English

Generative American English grammar

Language psychology

University Master of Arts degree, M.A.

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

University website

Graduation year: 2000
Specialization: American English, psychology of language

Master’s thesis: “The role of feedback in language processing”

Thesis website


Course of university study to have involved history of England, history of the USA, history of American and British literatures, history of language, literary theory, applied linguistics, descriptive grammar, contrastive grammar, American phonetics, creative writing, translation, language teaching, philosophy, psychoarcheology, language psychology, introduction to European studies, Latin, German.


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Language Mapping began as my spontaneous childhood invention. I evolved it in language study and the grammar way has worked well for me. I am a university Master of Arts specialized in American English and language psychology with own, successful learning and teaching experience. Feel welcome to view my defended thesis, on the role of feedback in language processing.

Travelers in Grammar is a four-part language course intended to guide students to the Upper Intermediate level. The language story employs the words“can” and “may”. I do not try to tell what language should be like. I try to tell what language skills may and can be like. I do not want to prescribe skill. I want to present a viable language perspective. The guidance is purposely more relaxed than in most resources. Stress is not constitutive to learning. I am opposed to behaviorism.


The book series presents essentially American English. At the same time, it regards American English as a language spoken worldwide.
Importantly, the USA is not a monolingual country.


I freely chose to learn American and I would never mean to impose it. The grammar approach can be adapted for any English in the world. Please email me if you refer to my work in your publication. Feel most welcome to email me with your questions or comments, too. This is my cup of tea to answer (!)


Teresa Pelka teresa.pelka@outlook.com


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