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Role of feedback
Defended work in psycholinguistics

Intrinsic feedback posited to approximate a drive.

1. Neurophysiology of feedback
1.1. Feedback in the single neuron; 1.2. Space and time in neural communication; 1.3. Human systemic dynamics; 1.4. A reflex arc; 1.5. Human reflex and voluntary behavior; 1.6. Relevant neuro-motor patterns; 1.7. Sensory compensation; 1.8. The pool model for internal balance; 1.9. Signal specificity and the human brain. More→

2. The role of feedback in language learning
2.1. Language within a program perspective; 2.2. Neural network closed-loop forming; 2.3. Network feedback function; 2.4. Circular reactions; 2.5. Case’s executive theory; 2.6. Language development circular and feedback exercise; 2.7. Egocentric speech; 2.8. The generally feedback pattern in human learning and skill More→

USA Charters of Freedom
The Constitution and Amendments, American English as it is today; free text and posters, CC0, Google Sites mobile friendly access. More→

A New People
Interpretation of the US Great Seal Latin.

The Latin demeanor
Pronunciation of the US Great Seal Latin.

American English ― where from?
Origin of American English.

Burning the Flag ― where is the language?
On symbols, expressive conduct, and speech.

Resource for Emily Dickinson
Print and fascicle analysis.

On Jones, Nietzsche, or Tolkien

FAQ: Generative & Universal Grammar
5 questions and answers on my grammar and Universal Grammar.

Human brains, parameters and devices
Brain language faculty rather than acquisition device.

Grammar is always a project
Grammar is never a program.

Grammar – Why think about space?
Linguistic spatialization.

Grammatical Aspects, or cognitive variables?
Verb structure cognitive management.

Stative verbs

My dear head
On human heads and singularity.

Larry Selinker’s interlanguage
Language learning and bias.

Tongue entanglement
Language and terms of power.

Apples on noses
Child experimentation.

No man, woman, child, or house, with the pie
The Proto-Indo-European theory.

British grammar nazis
Bias and language behavior.

My HubPages
Change of citizenship.

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