Knossos Garuda

Knossian Garuda Beach Towel Motif, © Teresa Pelka project

Evans wrote, the Knossian griffin would be the only one without wings. Griffins have been also known as garudas, “charioteers of the Sun”. The Knossian figure could run, leap or even jump, but it would never soar.

Original picture and the entire book by Evans are available from Heidelberg, at

To prepare the Garuda image smooth surface, I printed in Adobe, As Image, 1200 dpi (Advanced Options), Color Space Working CMYK in Preferences. To smooch it a bit more, I used Corel Color Replacer, background to #dfcfb0.

The picture started showing some lettering that Corel AI styles enhanced, so I decided to enclose phrases as Αθηνάς Ἡλιαῖα, Κνωσιακή Γη, Athenas Eliaia, Knosiake Ge. Athena’s Festivities of Sunshine, Knossian Land.

Rotated, Backgroud DFCFB0

The ancient Garuda seems to have known writing: the lettering is left to right, in perspective from Garuda’s head.

Do the phrases disambiguate what there really was written thousands of years ago? The archaeological site remains quite open also today, and people may have written or painted there. The Akrotiri fresco looks much changed: no windows or doors, just brick.
The phrases are simply plausible, Athena’s festivities for sunshine, Knossian land, ΑΘΗΝΆΣ ἩΛΙΑῖΑ, ΚΝΩΣΙΑΚΉ ΓΗ, in the upper case of the present.

Olden spellings for Athena allowed the simple T, whereas the Greek ἀτενίζω (atenizo) continues to say, look intently, gaze earnestly. Tufts Perseus notes on the festivity, Ἡλιαῖα (Eliaia). The festival maybe had some show of lights.

Interestingly too, the writing has an ancient T when the people were reportedly syllabic. Did ancient Greeks start with syllables? Let us compare. ■Ogham was begun in a geographically delineated context, on an island, and it is not a syllabary. No syllabary for earliest of Latin could be found.

Alphabets are easier than syllabic symbols. Beside all the many words of language, there are names for places and people, and to invent new syllabic symbols, and then go all around to have them agreed, is a lot of endeavor. Knossians were not an isolated culture, and trade routes have always meant foreign names.

With alphabets, we do say Be(e) or De(e), but this is because it is easier than saying non-vowel sounds alone, B, D. All in all, syllabaries do not look natural language development, though the suggestion from Garuda might be fake.

There are Knossian krateras. They show motifs similar to early Greek alphabetic writing, and the vases are estimated at some 4000 B.C.

A syllabary to begin writing is strange, but then to believe that Santorini people needed the Hindu Valley to make writing out from vases they had at home looks impossible, and this would be the Proto-Indo-European theory. Well, the Α, Β, Γ, and Δ of today began as shapes less rounded, so it looks.

Evans, Heidelberg copy
Rotated, the patterns are similar to early alphabet
Athens Museum, Wikipedia

Via nouns, Akkadian karūbu and Hebew kerúv“, the word garuda is derived from Sanskrit indeed (■Wiktionary), whereas Greek has had the verb ἀμαρύσσω (amarusso) to sparkle, to twinkle, to glance, and ἀμαρυγή (amaruge) is a participle, at the same link. Had Greeks borrowed a name for activity doer, here the one to make the twinkle, verb stems would have foreign sequencing. They do not, and “-kru-” or “keru” look possible early borrowings from a word to have had a sound shape as “-amarug-“. This would mean the influence came from ancient Greeks, and not to them.

For the word griffin, we could note on the Greek form ■ἑλικογραφέω (elikografeo).

There is another impossibility about such ancient Greeks. They wouldn’t have needed normal amounts of oxygen to breathe. The ■Greek reporter wonders, were those ancients able to see color blue? Colors as black, red, white, yellow, and green are all ■mentioned in Homer, but blue does not appear. There has been speculation that Homer was maybe blind, but then, he would have had a lot of imagination for someone not see the thing,

■Business Insider says, There was no blue, not in the way that we know the color — it wasn’t distinguished from green or darker shades.

Blue is a distinct visible color. The one that is not apples, olives, or vines, you can see if you look upwards on a shiny day, in the open. Aerial heights and horizon waters render bluey tinctures when there is oxygen.

■Hypoxia can affect color vision, but Icarus lifestyle was certainly not the standard. Perseus shows ■quite a list of names for blue, one of which is ἰοειδής, “like the flower” — a motif in Garuda’s attire and an epithet for a sea in Homer.

The name ■chalcanthite derives from Greek words for copper and a flower, (k)halkos and anthos. The mineral is reportedly rare but easily grown; sensitive to water as to require coating, the color is clear sky blue.

The Greek κειρύλος (keirulos) corresponds with ■cerulean in Latin, for clear blue. Romans would have assimilated Greek into own patterns, hence the {ce} in caelum, though earlier word shapes show coelum. Feel welcome to read about the Latin demeanor.
Greeks continue to have a word shape as κεῖρις (keiris or kiris), to mean a fabulous bird, a garuda.

Ancient Knossian colors that we see today likely show mineral decomposition and oxidization: originally, the vivid blue hues contained copper; the darker, indigo would have contained sulfide clay, less susceptible to oxidation, but not altogether indestructible and thus fallen off in bits.

Color-changer and only very generally, the looks might have been more like on the right here.

Egyptian ■Djoser got a name of “inventor of stone”. Visitors wrote his pyramid was “as if heavens”, whereas the interior was a regular ancient Egyptian idea, piled sandstone and a dark. The visitors maybe associated another place where stone was made, and a blue interior made legends (44:42 in the movie below).

Ancient Egyptians look to have borrowed from Greece to adorn tombs. It is unlikely another way round, for a palace to borrow from a graveyard.

Egyptian tomb ceiling.
Palace at Knossos.

Rusty read was common for curses in ancient Egypt (some 13:36 in the movie), unlikely of choice for room walls anywhere people knew about it, and ancient Knossians had trade routes as well as celebrations for Luxor.

I admit I could be biased. I prefer Greek over Sanskrit or constructs as Proto-Indo-European (■No man, woman, child, or house, with the pie); but if ancient Greeks developed writing some 4 thousand years before this era, had a solar festival, and plenty of blue at home — why they buried color blue is objectively an interesting matter. 

Ancient Egypt and solar power could be the answer, but as long as there is no evidence, the thing belongs with story making. The True Green here is a draft for a story about afterlife (people were about afterlife a lot, in ancient times). Stories don’t require evidence or linguistic exactness. Stories are food for thought.

The movie, ■The Great Pyramid K 2019, says hard stone was molten with solar power in ancient Egypt, and this makes sense.

Primitive Skills: How to make ancient concrete
Basalt and granite artifacts in Egypt

The following is a story to gather on myth and literature about life after physical death. There is no guarantee that all is fictitious, and there is no guarantee that anything is true: how much of the paradigms as in Taylor or Aristotle himself might hold — maybe nobody knows.

I am not a “contactee” or “contacted”, never had an out-of-the-body experience or similar, and I am not a believer or church member, but I wholly accept the possibility that every human being has an immortal soul. To believe in God, I do not think anyone could honestly be affirmative on Earth that God would be certainly there for them, and if God wouldn’t care, why invoke.

The following is just a draft, so the ideas below might be not all the final form. It differs somehow the regular; otherwise, stories wouldn’t be stories.

True Green

Death is as departure for unknown land. Nobody on Earth knows that other “land”, because nobody has ever been back. Man nor woman would truly know what they believe after they die. Do you truly know what you get to see or hear in that spiritual dimension, if you get there?

The soldier is at the bay of the After, the Cradle they call it on that other side. All souls go to the bay after bodily death, also if by pure accidental thunder. He feels like he’s in his parachute still, but he can’t tell the harness, or own body weight. All matter — or something — around him is swimming, but he is not in water. All around, there is light. It is not hard or intense. It is different and multicolor. His eyes are not adapted. It was the swimming to wake him up, not the light.

He can see an approaching shape. It has light, as own light, but it’s not glow, it has clear contours. How could he see that from far away? Is he sleeping? Dieter tries to focus. No, he’s not in his aircraft. The shape is right next to him already. Very fast. The shape speaks.

Gods said, “Think of us as regular fellows”, so we chat and welcome also souls from Earth, as long as they arrive. I’m Chatty. It’s my name, like there is Aristo-teles. I’m your immigration service, so to speak, but you can always ask for someone else to do the induction. There are more people around.

“Where am I?”

Think you’re near a tremendously vast settlement. There are plenty of created, vivid, interesting things to see. Plenty of people. Advanced living conditions. The haven here and Heaven proper are visa-free. You are in afterlife.

“I’m dead.”

Medically pretty much so, but there is something I need to tell you now. You were thunderstruck, partible matter random stochastic, nobody and no one planned it, but as opportunity is all real-time, it’s only honest to let you choose. You can be back in your body.

Time is short to tell it all, but there are people in the universe who want to put Earth under infinitude, a physical and local alteration in the cosmic fabric; figure, order, and position “Argonaut”. It can change soul routes to our bay. I must offer you a chance to go back and give Earth a warning. It is honest as well to tell you, your body will give you physical pain then. Plus, there may be no one to believe you.

“What is it the infinitude could do?”

When you died, you came to our bay. Under the infinitude, souls might even go to the Unshaped straight. Every soul route is a sort of trajectory.

“How much time have I got?”

Two minutes. After, your body starts decomposing.

“How is my body?”

You fell into water, got a bit broken, and your brain has been short of oxygen for a while; floating now; your connection to it expires in 1:40 minutes.

“I’m not going. Physical pain, potentially debilitation, and nobody is going to believe me. What is the Unshaped?”

It was all fog, but a fog such as I’ve never seen before or since. For a moment I thought my sight had gone, that, perhaps, in the afterlife everything was vague and misty. — This is Gerald Heard from 1944, The Great Fog. The Unshaped has no shape, and this somehow is unbearable to souls.

“He was there?”

No, he had an infinity phenomenon. It is when the tree of life, as it is called on Earth, indicates to you what there is.

“Was he going there?”

Neither, nor — a phenomenon is a phenomenon.

“And you are the guys up-there?”

Nope, Earth is round. We’re the “distant next”, earthling proper reference for life after physical death.

“Are you maybe the Anunnaki?”

Whatsoever. Poetically a bit, we’re “nature’s western brim”. Emily Dickinson is smart.

“Who wants to put Earth under infinitude? Anunnaki or such?”

The name Anunnaki comes from ■making well or repairs. It was a stopover, and they didn’t make the regime, they emphasize. The people who want to put Earth under infinitude are Orti.


Orti wouldn’t have human sacrifice. They are people just as earthlings, the same species, in afterlife they are human souls, and they say that Earth with its human sacrifice is too much of a bad renown for them to suffer, well, eternally.

“What human sacrifice?”

I do not want to influence people on faith. Our cradle is about free and unconditioned living; consensus only, no terms imposed — a beautiful idea to live every day, so I can talk here like we’re sharing notes, but mind you, Heaven never demands: on any matter, Heaven will accord or leave you.

“You mean religion. I am not a believer.”

Entity way out of the physical universe does not depend on belief, and well, Gods, the two, He and She, are real. They created the universes. Earth is in one of these.

“Are you going to to tell me now that God is a woman, and she threw Adam out of Paradise?”

Are you going to tell me the Almighty couldn’t tango? And God said, Let us make man in our own image. A man and a woman, God created them. Earthling shape for the Creator God would be feminine, but She never threw anybody out of any garden. The order of things is, the soul becomes and grows in own body, in a physical universe, then the body dies, and only later the person may come to the After. Adam never died before he lived on Earth. He died before he came to the After.

“Now the Bible is lying?”

The Bible was put together by earthling males in a place and time female engineers were unthinkable. We say She did a good job, creating Earth.

“Am I going to see God now?”

You don’t go see God right after you die. On Earth alone, some 150 thousand people die every day. It is some 6 thousand every hour.

“There are people who say they saw God?”

It’s your infinity projection. If you leave your body for real, the time frame for a viable body is 4 minutes, unless you’re in a good quality emergency ward, or you meet a regular angel to help you back in. Otherwise, your body goes regular dead.

“As in stories about witches, that they can project from their bodies spiritually.”

All people are the same, and nobody can influence people or things in their infinity projection. Such a projection is more as an impulse that affirms on the “tree of life”, as earthlings name it. This affirmation may indicate God or both Gods, Heaven.

“Do you allow witches in your cradle?”

We don’t use terms of earthly abuse around here. We have accepted a few persons, very esthetic and learned, by the way.

“Emily Dickinson?”

She absolutely wasn’t a witch!

“But is she here? You said, Emily Dickinson is smart.”

She’s somewhere around. Once you’re in here, you can be staying in the cradle, go live in Heaven, or travel cradles. Thomas Paine travels a lot.

“Why do you call it cradles?”

They can give a bound, rounded pragma shape. You can create anything with it, even a planet, so unless you insist to sit and watch a tree growing, you’re happy with this pragma like with nothing else. It is only not the earthling partible matter. Heaven is experts on that. Heaven is very beautiful, but it is very intellectual too, so people choose to live in cradles and visit Heaven sometimes, as for festivities.

“I didn’t die a natural death. What happens if you die a natural death?”

In simple earthly terms… It’s obviously not about atmospheric pressure, but it’s like water pushes air and other lighter matter out. The atomos and the soul cannot stay in the physical world because they are impartible — and physical matter is partible. The impartible can be in the physical world only as long as the body lives. Death altogether is when bodily valence is not strong enough to hold the atomos.

“On Earth you learn that atomos is Greek for an atom, and it has been split.”

The true atomos is impartible, a-tomos said the olden Greeks. You can’t split it. I don’t think earthly techniques detect it. Every human has one. It’s the soul component to get people to the other side and let move about, travel.

“Does it use hyperspace? There was still time for me to be back in my body, within 4 minutes?”

We don’t say “wormholes”, but you get “highways” in the physical universe too. Black holes have affinity for the impartible.

“Black holes are our way out of the physical universe? Physicists say nothing gets through there.”

I don’t know if they indicate the same black holes, but probably they mean, no physical matter gets through. I would have opened a white way, for you to get back into your body. Aristotle wrote for λευκὸν καὶ ὑγιεινὸν, there is no extraction to single these out as inheritable.

“Souls cannot be inherited.”

Nothing that has become or cascaded in the physical world can go the white way, but we can ride Aristotle’s “white donkey”. We’re from the other side.

“Is it easy to travel the physical universe to you?”

Not only to us. Dark matter always lets you refuel when out there, and there are timing effects to help prevent collision, as Einstein noted; here, around 7:50 in the pixel art for shooting stars; similar, I mean.

“Why don’t you go to Earth, if there’s an issue as to put people under infinitude?”

We wouldn’t mistake the cargo. These are earthlings to do what they do, and souls anyway come to our side. We don’t go to Earth, our slate remains clean, and we’d hate to be earthling “unbought grace of life, cheap defense of nations”, or “nurse of sentiment”.

Dieter laughs. “Burke chivalry.”

What would you expect of earthly boys and girls? Death does not change everything. We all lived on planets.

“In afterlife, like Aristotle wrote, is it souls are rational, sensible, or vegetative?”

There is an old Orthodox word for that, ■krmiti, as the Greek ■κυβερνητέον. In short, one must direct oneself. You can also feed yourself in the After, it is only never earthling hunger to motivate you.

“When I feed myself, do I eat?”

Afterlife pragma for taste and smell gives impressions favored beyond earthly, but feeding yourself means mostly choice on own intellectual composition. You can become master of own matrix, a sovereign creator or engineer for own reality, and you can share that reality. Not only Leibnitz would have played with ■matrix-similar ideas. Afterlife is only not so earthly mathematical or physical, and we have plenty of arts, so ■”self-controlling cybernetics” would not be our words of choice.

“Were Orti ever on Earth?”

Oh, you tell me. On Santorini, earthlings have found an ■ion broth ■gold goat, a toy in shows for kids, this is why it has marks for immersion, for what we know; a ■fractal design table, beginner ■vector art boy images, and a ■sunshine sinusoid kratera. Frescoes show a technology to cast images on walls and paint after, compare the ■Zesti proportion, beginner difficulty on the size of the head.

■”Eye of God” is as a reflex of light, luminosity higher than hearth. Earthlings have copied the eye widely: did they do it believing it was just for one of the many pagan deities? And you can also compare the ■garuda beak: God, She — never issued a solar threat. Zesti has an owl. If Minoans are hard to find under Santorini volcanic rubble, it is because Orti helped them evacuate from what properly might be described as an ancient Egyptian solar invasion on Knossos.

Evans, Heidelberg

“Do you mean quantum physics does not apply? Sunshine sinusoid.”

As a mathematical representation. It was for peaceful uses, as with plant growth. The vitrification from the weaponized solar is still there in Knossos. A report says it was some olive oil burn (■30:15), but ■experiments with stone melting on Earth require some 1180-1195 centigrade, and olive oil burns at some 200 C. To compare ■Peru, you can see solar uses in masonry, for a durable finish. Egyptians were unusual, to use solar power for war. Now Orti would never bring their kids on Earth again.

“Alexander’s expeditions?”

To check if weaponized solars got anywhere. Weaponized lensing got buried. Earthlings returned to wood, cobble, and brick, and regimes as Assyrian, Babylonian or Egyptian of course, continued their propaganda of “the Greek monster”. They didn’t want a hint of democracy. Domestication of dogs wasn’t so much of a bad thing, whereas for this ■”Wolf Eating Man” to be Thracian and scoop, you might as well try the wild for knife and fork… Napkins?

Compare ■Pygmies for the ■chaperone ■discord and an idea naturally repulsive for instinctive reasons, even if you salted and peppered too, but the same report claims, some 37:18, that eruption of Thera made ancient Greeks incapable of telling what two and two made, so they ate four children.

“The narrative joke. Two children went up the hill, and two children came by the river. All is poison, Paracelsus, what would this say?”

All by Melissus can never be one.

“If I want to learn everything about Earth, where do I?”

You go to Heaven, but I’ve told you, it can be very intellectual. The bright side also is, they understand you don’t necessarily disparage humanity, if you wouldn’t eat a guy. They also say, North American Indians never ate people before a foreign influence came. On other planets, people had own nature say.

“They had trials and probes?”

Honestly, earthlings would be kiss-ass: oh, is it afterlife wants this, or is it afterlife wants that. Afterlife is people. Would you go to a village on Earth to ask opinion on matters of personal concern because the folks are neat? Nope, on other planets they thought how they felt and spoke. Most simply wouldn’t feel like eating own species, and so on, and so on, so they made laws where no loss of limb could be justice.

“Can you be telepathic?”

What for? No, we don’t have any mind control as “telepathy”, and we talk when we want to. You do hang up on Earth, don’t you?

“Has the physical universe, the one that Earth is, has it been the same species… human, only on different planets, creation by the same God?”

Right. It is because human is kind of optimum, for intellect, moving about, tool use and such — and growing own soul.

“Did She the God have Egypt under the seven plagues, killing the first-born?”

She didn’t. Partible matter physics and chemistry, the seven plagues were ■the backlash. A weaponized beam makes a ■tear. Egyptians beamed and the tear brought things back to them.

“And you say She did a good job, creating Earth?”

His physical universes are partible matter too. You need to use it reasonably, be it aspirin or a habitat. Gods don’t play dice, as Einstein noted for one, and they don’t play ping pong. ■Forrest Gump played ping pong.

“Fatima didn’t have a backlash.”

It didn’t have the weaponized beam. The Chile radio observatory hit a gravitational lens, so the zigzag showed, but the people who stood on Earth and said they witnessed, they didn’t report any gravitational perturbations, did they? How could the Sun have gone zigzag itself, without the Earth going a display of anxious bends? It’s a solar system.

“And the book of Job?”

Think of us as regular fellows, they both say. Neither of them ever intervened on Earth. Heaven does not make your life hell, Confucius noted for more than one.

Earthlings favor dominance, and they don’t make a habitat. Dangerous animal or ■Manchineel, all is left where no woman or man of Earth would place their wallet. Then they think God would be the same.

“Thoreau tried absolute principles.”

The Creators recognize that life lasts as long as there is one, there being no many without one. It’s a true principle to reckon, you really cannot tell one or many without an idea for both one and many. It became part Latin grammar, where two can do for many as well. Frankly, Gods simply can afford it, whereas you’d maybe feel under straits sometimes, but well, it has been always best to learn from the best: you don’t have human sacrifice, to follow the principle for one and many.

Thoreau was a bit detached from reality, when he was trying for absolute principles. Prisons never are going to be good places, and you need to consider the good and the bad, to talk about absolute principles. Anyway, as they say about the absolute, you have to die first, you can afford the true absolute only after.

True sovereignty, some say I-Ching number one, comes only after physical death. It is not for absolute principles that people don’t have murder in other physical worlds.

“Thou shall not kill?”

Whatsoever. Vegetarian, you have to kill the vegetable to eat. You will not murder, the true commandment is. Earthling versions usually take roundabouts whereas it says, you think and decide on your will; you are the only one to do so for yourself; agree: it will be against your matrix to breach; but otherwise, do not expect to come. Most people, in physical universes before the After, they have the mind and resolve never to murder anyone, but earthlings have been “otherwise from Gods”. All that earthlings have is “keep thy soul diligently” somewhere in their Bible.

I tell you what really happened. Gods, She and He, decided to incarnate and have kids, to celebrate their lasting love. Maybe, in a way, they didn’t think it would be so good, hence the special celebration. They created the human body together, for both genders, so she thought and he thought — which may help reckon on “male” and “female” parts, but this is just to be mild sense humor. They incarnated into the bodies, conceived six kids, lived with the kids, and then volitionally left their bodies. Proved their act of creation, by the way. When they were leaving, on the Orti planet many people saw it, the spirit is as brightness.

Gods recommended burning the remains, but they never said you should leave the body burn unattended or keep the ashes. The earthling movie here shows an individual woman body burned, the father and son to go hunting and keep the ashes after they return. Earthlings show to be opaque to wit, if this really is to do for their ■Valhalla.

Here in the Cradle, we don’t have police force, militaries are virtual realities for gaming, and we wouldn’t change this for anything on Earth. To come here, you have to be able to make a decision and declare your mind resolve. You will not murder.

“Plain murder is below Luftwaffe dignity.”

Would you say the Luftwaffe has a superiority complex?

“A complex is a weakness. We, in the Luftwaffe, as it happened after all to be a real guy, we did not cherish weakness. How many universes are there?”

Many. She has made six cosmoses, for every kid she’s had by Him, to celebrate. They’re as Yin and Yang. Orti brought a picture of Her, and Knossians made a painting, Xesti. Look at the pet owl: it’s not a bird of Earth. And well, saffron is not only good for eyesight; it’s got at least seven wonderful effects on babies. The cup on Her left would have been a Holy Grail, had it ever been of Earth.

“White spirit, this has been the translation for the name Guinevere, Arthur’s Holy Grail spouse”.

And Arthur?

“A bear-man of sorts.”

The male God is quite important around here too, He is Her fellow, so let us not dwell on bears. Rumor is, the Egyptian beak was added to Zesti, but long, long before that, visitors from out there came to Australia and made a rock stamp, for nobody to falsify the record. Look at the feet symbols, turn the image upside down, and you see the apron for the work, and the rings for She the Creator of the universe where Earth is.

“A young female to be the Creator of Earth and all relevant Universe… Most people on Earth would say it is not serious.”

Earthlings look emotionally funny, when they do not respect what is good for them. Clever people like what is good for them.

“Is earthly Universe shrinking, or expanding?”

It will do both for you, if you can “talk to the ■spin“, and She can. It’s her invention.

“Are these eyes without a mouth, you can see in the Australian rock stamp?”

These are two universes in each cosmos, physical and non-physical afterlife, separated by the “needle” or “pin” for physical reasons. All non-physical can become aligned. This place here has been manifested to the physical universe, what it looks on the outside, and earthlings have named it the “Veil Nebula”. One day, “the veil will be dropped” — earthlings have such legends. This means the After is going to take over the physical, but it is not any time soon. Aligned, the After can make a beautiful vastness with other cosmoses, so this is to come.

“Einstein said, the outer space gave impression sometimes, like it manifested. What about the physical people who live when you’re aligning?”

By the true nature, all existence for the soul belongs with the After in the end. When we align, physical people will fall sleep and their souls will get to the other side first.

“Is the After really such a good existence?”

Nobody here yearns to be back on Earth, because living is really much better, and it looks much better too. People love their dear ones, but would not change the existence, and the loved ones are going to arrive anyway. It would be unimaginable sacrifice, to go back. You didn’t want to go back already, and you were here just a while. Think about the ex-Soviet block and their use of microwave on people. Whoever made it out, never would be back. Too much to suffer again.

We manifest every 20 years or so, for Orti and other physical people: and their kids know we’re real. Orti have a holiday, the Cue, every October 10th. Big or small, they can see the cosmic horizon before and after.

“Can you see that from Earth?”

To see, you need to know where to look. There is another kratera at Knossos, with a pattern, ■duogony. Humans never are truly duogonous, so every planetary setup has had a device for talking with the After and Orti have it.

“Radio to talk with God? Did Earth have it?”

Radio is partible physics. Orti were asked to take the duogony away from Earth at Knossos after the Egyptian weaponized beam assault, so they did take it away. Egyptians were trying to claim they’d spoken with God.

“Heaven accords or leaves you. Is Heaven a monarchy?”

Those who can live eternally do not need ascension. On one of Orti planets, She had snow dancing or showing people’s faces too; if you smiled, the snowflakes shaped into a reflection of your smile in the air. Partible matter physics can be a great toy. She had control over physics, but never made prophesies or wanted mind control.

“But She is some alpha and omega, right?”

Earthlings have a lot of bias about omnipotent entities, and many wouldn’t believe it, but She is really a nice person, so all the negativity we get from Earth about God, the fiery punishment and plagues, we know it is not true about Her, and honestly, we think earthlings are nuts. Here in the Cradle everyone becomes own master, of own matrix and stuff. You’re your own alpha and omega.

“Is it you believe in movies or archives, for Her wonders?”

She left some of Her knowledge with the Orti. They still can do the smiling dancing snowflake, or ■snowbud.

“You could have a similar effect with sonics on Earth?”

Never really. There’re plenty of microwaves on Earth, phonon, formant, beam and cordless electrics, but Orti snow bud could compare to chill microwave. Only roughly, I mean. Most earthling microwaves are a threat on human RNA and further, DNA. Orti snowbud is not. It’s chill.

“In comparison, violence, weakness and brown made Earth into WWII?”

Speech sounds v, w, b are part in development that no brain has had individually. No man has ever grown all the way ■Grimm, also lip movement. The developments before WWII were certainly not supernatural.

“The Unshaped, can you go there as a tourist, so to speak?”

Most cradles have emulations for the Unshaped, because you can’t get out of there unless able to create geometry. It is not to say, you learn drawing squares and circles. You need to be able to create actual geometry; dimensions. Orti say, for all the criticism on Earth about God herself, earthlings will be fine, needing to create something else.

“If you give someone such training that they can create dimensions, aren’t you afraid they abuse their privileges?”

We don’t grant ability. Souls develop it. And the fact has been, whoever has developed the skill, never breached on us. Act of Creation, I guess.

“Could you ask God for help about the infinitude?”

Would you ask Her for help about Earth and the infinitude?

“I am here, and I see. I can feel that my person does not have the physical body anymore, but I can feel and see my shape. I’m learning to move about, this feels funny at times. There are other people like me, just over there. All my senses feel well together, so this must be my new reality, and all I can do, is to try to understand this form of existence. For this, I choose to be understandable myself. When I was a boy, I thought I’d leave my mother if she ever agreed to crucify me.”

Did you tell her that?

“Yes. It was a cruel fate, for that Christos, and planned before he was born. All those cruel things done to him as a son, were done for an apple, a fruit of season — and if to blame people for that ancient apple, which the theory of the original sin, who is the authority to trust that we people are not going to be blamed for the animal shed and crucifixion? Nobody did anything before they were born, but if you subscribe and support an idea, this makes you part in it.”

And your father?

“I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid already. I learned about gravitation. On many crucifixes or paintings, those Christ hands couldn’t hold by the ■thin bones, they couldn’t support the body weight. He would have fallen off the cross, gravitation. How do you trust the religion, if you cannot trust the central image? And I thought, when I die, what do I tell that God, if he really exists: if I trust or pretend I trust a story about him, a male God, that he abandoned the mother of his only son to an animal shed? People already have maternity wards. I couldn’t imagine facing God; God would be of dignity, and the religion said the woman had to give birth among animals, in dirt. My father told me then, he couldn’t stop thinking a human by ■Bloch could only end up shattered with all regards.”

Belief needs to be in harmony with the soul. Stretch both your arms and see how long the body lets you keep them up, even if you say you do it for the incarnate son.

A belief you cannot trust is not good for your soul. If you cannot accept the thought about the original Creator, the one to have emerged as entity without progenitor, because then the progenitor would have been their bodily originator, you may want to revise if it is belief really you want, or maybe it is just some social status. Gods, the two, just emerged. Nobody gave birth to them.

“Status or not, I would never want a woman to see me the way Christos was to be viewed; and if the Last Judgment was to bring people back from the dead, for the Redemption, people would have been to die before that judgment completely, like there wasn’t the immortal soul. Me and my friends, boys and girls, we could stay friends forever, and we couldn’t need to die — for someone to bring us back.”

Maybe you meet them here again; but still, would you ask Her the God for help?

“I’m from Earth. I couldn’t. All is male about God there. On the other hand, if the infinitude comes on, is there anything I could do?”

You may need to consider learning to create geometry.

“How was Earth cosmos created?”

Partible matter perfect stasis. Plato ■left some hints, beside the famous phrasing, “the cause of that which is generated is true being”.

“The control of my particular…”

And here we enter, says Chatty.

(The portal resembles a Chinese pagoda a bit, but it has Grecian motifs too. It does not delineate space with a door, but it shows there is a border.)

Your sovereignty is about to activate, warns Chatty. How do you feel?

“Strong, potentially much faster, but carried over a bit. I feel like being careful, to move about.”

Absolutely normal.


Work in progress; story at Taylor chapter 5; reading here; imagine Dieter acted by John Cusack and Chatty by Chris Hemsworth. : )