Knossos Garuda

Knossian Garuda Beach Towel Motif, © Teresa Pelka project

Original picture and the entire book by Evans are available from Heidelberg, at

Evans wrote, the Knossian griffin would be the only one without wings. The picture has been interpreted also as garuda, a “charioteer of the Sun”, by other researchers. To look at it, the Greek figure could run very fast, leap or even jump, but it would not soar. Since the Sun also rises, ancient solar lensing may come to mind, where it is reasonable to think the beam never was to go up or back into outer space, as it could do damage. Compare the movie, ■The Great Pyramid K 2019, about use of solar power in ancient times.

To prepare the Garuda image smooth surface, I printed in Adobe, As Image, 1200 dpi (Advanced Options), having set the Color Space to Working CMYK in Preferences. To smooch it a bit more, I used Corel Color Replacer, background to #dfcfb0.

The picture started showing some lettering that Corel AI styles enhanced, so I decided to enclose phrases as Αθηνάς Ἡλιαῖα, Κνωσιακή Γη, Athenas Eliaia, Knosiake Ge. The lettering would suggest that Garuda knew writing: it is regular left to right, yet in perspective from Garuda’s head.

Rotated, Backgroud DFCFB0

I do not claim the phrases disambiguate what there really was written more than a few thousands years ago, but the archaeological site remains quite open also today, and influence may have been introduced on its walls (Akrotiri looks much changed), so I have the phrases for similar in shape enough and plausible, Athena’s festival for the Sun, Knossian land, ΑΘΗΝΆΣ ἩΛΙΑῖΑ, ΚΝΩΣΙΑΚΉ ΓΗ, in upper case as of the present.
Olden spellings for Athena allowed the simple T, whereas the Greek ἀτενίζω continues to say, look intently, gaze earnestly. Tufts Perseus lays out on the Helios holiday, Ἡλιαῖα. The festival maybe had some show of lights.
Nowadays, computer technology can emulate rotating mirrors. My “man in the mirror” is an unexpected effect while making a patch of random color from / for Garuda head (but still, ©Teresa Pelka), with the rotating mirror effect in Corel. Of course, we may compare a lexical item as vitris for “glasses” or mirrors, plural, and Da Vinci, to speculate he might have added a bit, along with his admitted use of camera obscura. ; )

“Man In The Mirror”, Corel rotating mirror effect
Gradient Exercise
Finished Patches, 25
25 Hard Light

To reconstruct the original Knossian writing might be impossible, as we have been all left to believe in syllabaries, for development of Grecian writing. ■Ogham did not begin as a syllabary, though developed in a geographically delineated context, and most languages on Earth have alphabets for their written beginnings. Speech sounds are simply easier than syllables to note; people always have had names; regular prediction is more likely to fail with a syllabary. Syllabaries look exceptions to have come with cultural and interpersonal influence.

Let us mind, the way people learn alphabets today has been developed for ease of pronunciation. It is easier, again, to say Be or De than a non-vowel sound alone, B, D. Except talk about letters of alphabet, we people do not “syllabize” speech or writing, so syllabaries could be a conjecture, for natural language development.

Knossian krateras show motifs clearly to suggest early Greek alphabetic writing, and the vase patterns could date even to 4000 B.C. The matter having also been wine, it couldn’t have needed the Hindu Valley for pouring: Α, Β, Γ, Δ today …

Evans, Heidelberg copy
Rotated, the patterns are similar to early alphabet
Athens Museum, Wikipedia

Today, the word garuda is derived from Sanskrit, whereas griffin from a speculative Greek shape, γρυπός (grupós for “curved”), where ■Wiktionary says etymology is uncertain. “A Semitic word related to Akkadian karūbu and Hebew kerúv“, is another theory.

Krūbu or kerúv would sound similar to garuda. The Greek verb ἀμαρύσσω (amarusso) continues to say, to sparkle, to twinkle, to glance, ἀμαρυγή (amaruge) to be a Greek participle, at the same link. Had the Greek come from a borrowed name for activity doer, that is, the one who makes the twinkle, the verb stems would have the foreign sequencing. They do not, though Greek Minoans admittedly had contact with Egyptian and Semitic peoples, ■says Britannica.

The influence would have been from Greeks to those other people and not the other way round: “-kru-” or “keru” for “-amarug-” looks possible for an early borrowing by Semitic people. Etymologies as we read them today are not right.

It might be good to note on the Greek form ■ἑλικογραφέω (elikografeo), to tell we could draw a circle in case, whereas γραφέω alone is able to convey we can write, if to wonder on etymology for the word griffin.

Let us picture the ancient world. Ancient Jews were held in Egypt to serve, when ancient Egyptians showed the Sun for an angry god to demand offerings. The figure of a stern and hostile deity was purposed at extorting gifts from scared people. The idea was much different from the original Hellenic thought for a deity to come fight a battle shoulder to shoulder.

Those ancient Jews happened to approach with food or drink, and they were allowed to serve from a direction to face the person — not much trust. They saw writing, but never in the perspective the person who wrote or read did have. Their patterns compare with “upside down Greek”, well… from ancient Egypt. And we are all to know, in ancient Egypt they wrote pictures. Did they for real, to communicate within their societies?

Let us look at the culture. For ancient Egypt, you have gender features emphasized about mourners, but never about the angels or cherubs or other names for sun rays and using them. That was no sex matter even to those folks; besides, I don’t believe in sexual rousal about funerals at all: the morbid gender could have been the feminine Greek pragma.

Statuette of a Female Mourner, ca. 2030-1640 B.C. Egyptian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Egyptian Middle Kingdom Terra Cota, Mourners
Egyptian Isis as angel and angle

To speculate a bit further, ancient Jews developed their idea for covenant, an object or arc capable of destruction, on solar lensing as they managed to learn about it in Egypt. Uzzah was struck dead by this optical instrument, as his inadvertent touch “kindled God’s anger”, to compare the ■Bible study. Possibly, the Garuda never was to soar, as you could end up roast yourself.

The movie here has a few theories. We may like to remember, the Semitic cherubim derives from krūbu or kerúv, where the Greek verb forms amarusso, amaruge do not look borrowed. The Egyptian model for an ark has an embellishment to resemble the Knossian Garuda pretty much, rendered like from a story someone heard, to look at the proto-■chiaroscuro tail; about 15:58 in the movie.

Evans dated his Knossian discovery for some 1900, yet the site sure was seen and narrated on before. To balance probability a bit further, ancient Knossian colors as we see them today may have part come with mineral decomposition. It is possible the Ancients had colors as here, for my happy card.

The Greek κειρύλος (keirulos) would bring up ■Alcyone for arts and entertainment today, the word form is yet very similar to ■cerulean, Latin in origin, for clear blue sky. Greeks continue to have a word shape as κεῖρις (keiris or kiris), to mean a fabulous bird, as Garuda. Was Knossos the matter for tales of a kingdom of skies or heavens? Romans would have assimilated the Greek word into own paradigms for caelum, the sky, hence the {ce} and not a graphemic equivalent for {k} in their spelling. Feel welcome to read about the Latin demeanor.

Ancient Grecian vivid blue likely contained copper and sulfate; the darker, indigo would have contained components from sulfide clay, less susceptible to oxidation, yet not altogether indestructible and thus fallen off in bits. Color-changer and only very generally, the looks might have been like here.

Corrosion is a natural process, certainly known in Antiquity. Only the so-called noble metals and non-corrosives as nowadays most famously steel, do not oxygenate. Copper is considered a noble metal, and still, it may ■corrode.
Rusty red was associated with destruction in Ancient Egypt, the paint for their “voo-doo” (!). The hue never was likely for palace walls wherever the people knew metal — and bronze is an alloy.
To adorn, red has to be a clear and defined color also today. Since rust is one color and it does not give an idea what tint there was before, rooms of Knossos may have known other hues, as yellows or greens. The movie here tells about a dark age of Egypt and the continued desire for control, where those ancients would resort to rusty red magic too (13:36 in the movie).

Omission of color blue from ancient texts would affirm on a big and described secret having been buried. The name of the game was never say blue, and today people as the ■Greek reporter even wonder, could ancients see blue at all?
The report says, Although other colors such as black, red, white, yellow, and green are all ■specifically mentioned in Homer, blue incredibly never makes an appearance.

Greeks certainly have been able to see and tell color blue, as the tinctures of waters and skies (or heavens, ancient times) come from the presence of oxygen; man never could breathe without it, and sure has been able to tell skies or seas from grass.
Perseus shows ■quite a list of names for blue, one of which is ἰοειδής, “like the flower”, a motif in Garuda’s attire and an epithet for the sea in Homer. The name ■chalcanthite derives from Greek words for copper and flower, (k)halkos and anthos. The mineral is reported rare in nature but easily grown; sensitive to water as to require coating, the color is clear sky blue.

44:42 in the movie below, the Egyptian ■Djoser is named the inventor of stone; the visitors described his pyramid: “as if heaven were in it”, whereas the structure is the regular ancient Egyptian idea of piled sandstone to make a dark interior. The association for heaven might have come with stories of another place where stone was made.
The Egyptian type of build always has looked kind of insane to me; pyramids are monuments to feudalism per se, where some people use other people and say it is the law of the land. To imagine anything of utility to the structures, should the pyramids have been patterned after diagrams for hydropower, misinterpreted plans would have likely been originally foreign to Egypt; again, Greece is a possibility, and for conductivity, copper remains high in note.

Source: Wikipedia

I do not claim knowledge of the universe sufficient to say this planet never might have been visited from out there, the cosmos. My reservation remains that extraterrestrials would need to manage in this physical world as-is, earthly conditions would be physically to them the same as to humans. To imagine UFOs with levers, cranes, and hammers, I’d rather allow that people made some of the things about which, if they look “otherworldly” today, it is mostly because we do not know how, for what purpose, or after what pattern.
Hovering tons of stone over the surface of this planet may look an attractive idea, but then you need to take the possible gravitational disturbance into your calculation. More, you don’t make cranes of bronze, so extraterrestrials would have taught the local people about metal better for such a purpose, and the Bronze Age remains a bronze age.

Nuclear fission proves you hardly could just “cancel” natural physics; to control it, nuclear chains are used in delineated physical space, much different from external cargo flight. You have to be careful about cargo on board already. Be warned, it is really a crash. Playback is disabled on other websites. You need to click and go YouTube.

I have never believed in UFO hovering pyramid stone. The movie, ■The Great Pyramid K 2019, persuades me the actual method was, however different from today, gravitationally human, and so much simpler than speculation.

Ancient solar or hydropower diagrams might have been a big and yet described secret, the Knossian Garuda potentially even to make the original “charioteer”. It is possible that bronze age Greeks had a happy time, sunshine festivals with shows of lights. The name Athena may come from that time. Festivals of light did not scare or abuse, Look! And then Greeks buried it all, also in literature wherever it said blue: they didn’t want some sort of following. Why put anything like a veil over this and give all the merit for thought to feudalist Egypt?

It is possible the invention was Greek, and it got adopted or maybe even stolen by foreign visitors to Eliaia, as from Egypt, who started to present solar physical effects for an oppressive deified figure to cause an eclipse if there were not enough hops for beer. Their lenses were imperfect and gave bursts or flares capable of destruction in the natural environment. Their use of the thought was wrong. Greek thinkers also originated thought about democracy.
The feudalist ancient Egyptians believed that for afterlife, you weighed your heart; and this means it was not the mind. Were they really so obsessed with sex? Whatsoever, I do not believe. Private parts psychologically can weigh on the mind, and primitive thought knew that. Freud was a recurrence to that thought. You couldn’t have Paine, Jefferson, or Lincoln, if to expect of all people to masturbate, answer the “seduction theory”, or take cocaine, and that after the “developmental” stage of “polymorphous perversity”, all life choosing between “drives”, for “libido” or death. Such a mode would prevent anyone from gaining intellectual advancement and prominence. Pharaohs didn’t need intellect. They wanted servants. Freud more or less rendered the madness.
The English name Christopher is derived from Christianity; let us remember the Greek shape κεῖρις. Was the crucifixion of Christ to serve a political example? It was Egypt to make big and small size carvings in stone, for men or women, politicians or priests, to show status. The cross continues to be derived from the Egyptian Ankh, with a potential hint at the ancient Greek catastrophe still: some Minoans were speculated buried under a volcano eruption; some stones in the area yet have been reported to show vitrification that volcanoes do not cause: maybe solar beaming could have the effect.

The movie is good to show bias on originality, and most demerit to Hebrew comes with the name Miriam, Hebrew for a female. Merriam-Webster was righteously male. Egyptians had their beloved girls for Merit-amun, Miri-amun to have been a sun-beloved boy. The Journal of Near Eastern Studies here might be of use.

The Hebrew ark of covenant would show the 180 angle, in the angel wings: not a nice idea, to think about living and focused sunbeams. Such a focused beam would burn you to ash, and well, there never has been in history any God to come to the rescue of the Jewish, inclusive of World War II. , and Israel is as militarist today as to draft even women, so it is good to observe, if you want to claim covenant with God, make sure it is God. Physics is physics. God made the Sun. It does not mean God made the beam you’d be trying to use.

Moses and Joshua in the Tabernacle, Artist: Tissot, Photographer: John Parnell, Photo © The Jewish Museum, New York

Ancient Egyptians had nothing to do except the time Nile poured, so they made a lot of their picture-carving in stone, but for architecture, how do you imagine a floor plan, with those copious picturesque symbols? Picture writing is simply not economical enough.

Source: Wikipedia.

It is possible Egyptians learned some alphabet from Greece directly, or consciously patterned after resources. And all this was much later than Greek Minoans, who sure did not need to go the Hindu Valley to pour from own vases. Biblical plagues on Egypt can be explained with ecology, as James Cameron would; maybe, it was another misuse of physics, whereas knowing nature, you can be on the good side with it.

Ancient items happen to be showed for older than they are. On the good side with physics and chemistry, radiocarbon dating remains the most reliable among tests, as carbon decomposes naturally. For many ancient stones, there is no carbon test possible, as they have little or even no carbon content. Without the carbon, claims on chronology are actually wishful thinking.

It can be viewed as making a wish, ancient Egyptians traveling the world with their art in stone, and so it looks, propagating fragments of Greek to make believe it was religion, though the Egyptians knew that Greeks were people like themselves: how do you get Aristotelian physical “heaps” mistaken for spirituality in some teaching to claim to be Buddhist? I cannot agree “there is nothing more to us than those heaps”; it is a mistake in topic, just as saying people are gods. People are people, feel welcome to my ■Siddhartha’s Rainbow too.

The ancient Egyptian calculation most probably was that godly things come from “out there”, so the shoulder-to-shoulder Greek idea for people and supreme entities alike would be suppressed. They maybe thought, if we spread Greek writings abroad as religion, author works will look just copies, or authors will look unaware of supernatural influence. It is hard to think about a goal with presentation of physics for something supernatural, if Egyptians didn’t mean to enforce own feudalist ways, and they invested a lot in their army and travels to go far as to Australia.

Good theory can be, ancient Greeks buried their sunshine idea, seeing all the use. To try beaming territories or outer space, you might rather move to another corner of the universe, and that with caution about the planetary or star system: there are physically lenses out there, only not of glass, ■say the NASA. The outer space lenses are gravitational.
The Greek philosophical substance was and still can be interpreted for function, way to work or role, in context.
To some, the Grand Canyon may feel like “kissing the face of God”, whereas it possibly was an ancient Egyptian simple fella to nosedive his lens to steep, and as possibly without his even knowing, it got deflected at an angle from out there. Gravitational lenses magnify. There is no record for now, who struck the noses off most Egyptian sculpture; it is known that Alexander the Great raided Egypt. ; )

Grand Canyon, Song on Kissing the Face of God
Nature did not do it, Great Pyramid K 2019, the movie

For the Grand Canyon rock shapes below, a deflected, magnified beam could do (picture from the video embed above; I wouldn’t have anything against some federal control over lenses as big as the Pyramid movie shows).

Picture from the video embed above.
Lens speculated shape and size, the Pyramid movie.

Those ancient Egyptians didn’t predict their own time would end against Rome, as military in investing as themselves — here I need to warn you, it is speculation: were ancient Romans the first people to have had a water turbine? The most propagated phrase about Aristotle remains the Latin Aristoteles omnia turbat. Originally Greek spiral motifs, Knossian actually, have place on Egyptian tomb ceilings, those for ever afterlife, 9:29 in the movie here; and the word “generator” somehow occurs to Joann Fletcher. : )

It is unlikely that a palace, like the Knossos site was, would borrow a motif from a foreign tomb. Probability is, it was the tomb to have a motif come from a palace, especially if the palace was rumored a place of skies or heavens, in other words, very nice blue color on the inside.

More, at some ancient sites, walls don’t have the smoldering you see about Medieval torch lighting: was it fluorescent minerals at night, or some form of electricity they had in Greece and around? The ■Baghdad battery would have emerged some 150 BC.
From ■Stanford classical arts you can hear about the ■Antikythera to know leap: if the progress hadn’t been stopped, ancient Greeks would have gone into outer space some 300 years later, they say. Today humans can be reasonable about lenses too.
Like you learn about gunpowder at school — it was primary school in my case — you don’t get the recipe, but you get to know such a thing exists, that it could be harmful, and you get to know the reasons for not trying it big. With gravitational lensing, a small change in the deflection angle, like a minute slip, could result in strong physical rebounding. After all, ancient people knew about lenses and lived with the knowledge. I never have tried to make gunpowder.

Some say, Must be the air force, but light possibly is not the only physical spectrum that gravitation fields can rebound. Below, were a space agency listening to audio? About alien theories, linear evolution looks interesting. You don’t think little green things. You can think people like yourself… And Earth too, of course.

For afterlife thought, there is a good book, by the way, ■Taylor. I’ve been working on translating it to Polish. To praise sunshine, I attach a little sport in footnotes, to compare modern science and ancient paradigmatic thinking as viewed by Taylor. Could there be a “manual to Earth”? Ancient Greeks were good-humored, and well, not without a little sport. The liquid drop model for an atomic nucleus would fit in with paradigms as discussed thousands of years ago in Greece, Chapter 5 in Taylor. : )

One Antony Flew even developed a theory for Aristotelian Deism. The primary cause to remain the primary cause, the physical world is works you can use to tell on the nature of the cause — this is the Aristotelian thought to give intellect room in nature.
Such literature overall can be very good for intellectual as well as spiritual horizons, provided that well rendered. I have translated The Age of Reason, and now work on Taylor time and again, as it is intellectually enticing to me. Probably it was so to ■one Emily Dickinson too. : )

If Earth really might have come with a manual and extraterrestrials could be watching what earthlings do about it, I do not know. Extant Aristotle mentions “viewing the original”, certainly not about a picture. One thing is sure, physics is not God, and Earth could be a nice playground, to allow all the swinging and hover plus reading, writing, and other arts, before your soul grows and joins another dimension (Plato per se).

Aristoteles could be interpreted as one to aim at perfection, but also as having fulfillment for the way; Akrotiri could be read as aim in field.

Extraterrestrials have used their manual better? See the movie.

Ancient Greeks were a bit superstitious too: they would seek affirmation for knowledge in omens, and those maybe were starlings, to affirm on the Garuda form: the flocking does not make a soaring bird. : )

Human life on Earth has not changed since ancient times with many regards, to include gravitation. Thomas Paine might be yet misunderstood, to be taken for someone who says, there are other people in the Solar System. His theory was more like, when people go live somewhere else than Earth.
The time clause becomes comprehensible if to put together his phrasing from chapter 11, could man gain knowledge of that agency, to which man has given the name of attraction, gravitation, and repulsion, we might then say that another canonical book of the word of God had been discovered.
My theory is, space travel looked such madness, possibly to the printer, that the premise got struck out: (…) But it is not to us, the inhabitants of this globe, only, that the benefits arising from a plurality of worlds are limited. The inhabitants of each of the worlds of which our system is composed, enjoy the same opportunities of knowledge as we do. They behold the revolutionary motions of our earth, as we behold theirs. All the planets revolve in sight of each other; and, therefore, the same universal school of science presents itself to all, (chapter XV).
Thomas Paine was not prone to confabulate; having knowledge of extraterrestrial contact, he would have described the circumstance or not written about the matter at all, so I translate the passage in chapter XV into shapes as for a time clause. His time, other planets were visible in sandy yellow, reds, and browns, similar to uninhabited lands on Earth as from a balloon, which he invokes a few times.

Antiquity and Now, what was — was; what is — is, and what will be — will be. The towel is, of course, in colors to befit a towel, and Garuda is my beach motif, to stay with sunshine. Something you could bring to Eliaia today.

Time to time, I’ve been writing a story too, Verdigris, True Green is my title, about a dead soldier at bay in an afterlife haven, accompanied by Chatty, and afterlife human. My idea for the front page is: The following is a consciously written story to gather on myth, literature, and thought, for good living after. There cannot be any guarantee that all is fictitious, just as there is no guarantee anything is true. How much of the prediction or paradigm as in Taylor or Aristotle himself might hold — maybe even nobody knows. It is up to the reader to consider, what he or she thinks is probable. The following is just a draft, so it may not be all the ideas below to make it to the final form.

I am not a “contactee” or “contacted”, never had any out-of-the-body experience, etc. I almost died when I was a kid (feel welcome to my post on immune nutrition), I lost consciousness for some intervals of time, but never was anywhere “out there”. About religion, I am a non-believer. If I die and see that there is good God, sure I will be persuaded. But here on Earth there is not any proof, or really need for the certainty, because before you try to tell if God is, you should consider if God would be there for you. Would you assume God would like a jinn from a bottle? ; )

Thomas Paine wrote before Darwin or Miller-Urey. More, God could even be a She: would you abandon this world if it turned out to have been created by a female? Or, let us say the female entity would be as powerful and intelligent as God’s wife? Would it be bad to your belief, if God were in a good, lasting relationship, where the male and female are partners? : )

Earthly certainty has been in use to seek power, also to instigate wars, whereas faith is not certainty; it is belief or actually hope. The side of religious certainty is not always that for goodness, as there are criminal records to name believers as well. I don’t know if there’s been a comparison: is it non-believers or believers to figure more? To sum up: the following really is just story ideas. Nobody knows what there is, if there is, after earthly life. And stories need to be different from the regular. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be stories.

Free thought and ideas could be good. Death to be like departure for a foreign land (because nobody really knows it, nobody ever actually was in afterlife and returned to tell about it, resurrection from brain death has never happened and is not probable to happen), we might like a few ideas on how it could be over there. The more flexible we are in a new environment, the better for us. To compare, if we wanted to join a painting workshop and held firmly to a belief that true light is only green, are chances would be much lower than with cognizance to allow for an entire palette.

Nobody knows what they are going to believe after they die: you need to see for yourself, to know for real. Importantly, story ideas do not require worship or faith; they are not religion or report.

In my story, a soldier who died owing to botched fuselage in a war zone goes to the bay of the After, cradle they call it there. All souls goes to the bay, after death.

He’s greeted by an entity named Chatty (there was Aristo-teles). Chatty explains afterlife (based on Taylor and the remaining Greek about Aristotle). Chatty says there are other people in the cosmos, who have a grudge against earthlings. It is not as bad as in the Prometheus here, says Chatty, because he sides with the other humans, and they are better capable (about 1:14 in the movie ).

Why verdigris: it’s the bronze bluey green, and they play a money game in afterlife for a pastime. There are two kinds of otherworldly existences to Earth: afterlife and physical life other places in the cosmos, in the story.

Imagine you walk a village or town there are plenty of created, vivid, interesting things to see. Looking at the earthly thing wouldn’t win against our pastimes, says Chatty. Our God said, think about me as a regular fella. Eclectic beliefs maybe once deserved a shrug of shoulder, but Earth is not his experiment, so as long as souls grow and arrive, we can chat and welcome them. The haven here and Heaven proper are visa-free. The other people want to kind of shut down Earth or take it over, and the soldier may choose to return and give Earth a warning, but after you’ve known the forever living, the body only gives you pain, says Chatty. He never tried himself, he heard so.

Chatty: Some people around here, as we like to think about ourselves as people still, thought about the Bible, what words on Earth you’d use to describe regular fellas doing this or doing that, as earthlings tell about God. They compared a few dictionaries and said it was not complimentary, if to use words in context. Thomas Paine is a widely known author, much of a traveler in the After, and happens to show up in Chatty’s cradle. I was sure a man would be hanged that did such a thing, Paine wrote, and people around here agreed the Bible was probably not a good book, or the copy was much inferior, individual study only, if you like. Earthlings obviously wouldn’t have anything like they tell in the Bible for regular.

What our cradle here looks like from outside? Well, in earthly terms, can you imagine anything like Constellation Veil? Not a nebula, not a galaxy, only like a very big constellation with fancy, colorful routes and ways. But that’s what it looks from the outside. Inside, there’re worlds entire, like constellations themselves, again, with color and well, imagine electromagnetic fields. This here is not exactly electromagnetics, but human brains make electromagnetic fields on Earth, internal to the body, and souls feel good with our pragma shape here. The real cradle is hugely bigger than the Solar System. You know of course, you shouldn’t have much extrinsic electromagnetics on Earth, chromosomes aberrate and such. It’s in afterlife you’re fine with something like this. You move about and make things be.

Einstein noticed, the cosmos gives the impression sometimes, like a spirituality manifests, but I cannot tell now who would have made that Hand of God that earthlings can see. It’s anyway just a show, not the real thing. These are the physical world still.

Source: NASA, Veil Nebula, Supernova remnant
Source: NASA

We call it a cradle as it can give a bound, rounded pragma shape. You can create anything with it, even a planet. It’s only not partible matter like Earth, but unless you insist you have to sit and watch a tree growing, you’re happy with this pragma like with nothing else. For a soul, it’s best to be in a cradle, so most try to get somewhere.

There are other cradles. Everywhere, they know the story of the apple. I have been told to answer with a question. In earthly religion, you are told you die and go to Heaven and this is the place for Paradise. So, was Adam dead, when he stole the apple? Do you believe he was a soul, to come to Earth? Do you believe you could steal from someone who knows everything? Earthlings say God is omniscient, and this more or less is right. God only wouldn’t impose. You couldn’t steal from God omniscient, because God would know it, and omnipotent, God would have prevented whatever wouldn’t be of like.

To tell you more about our reality and pragma, it is helpful to try to understand it paradigmatically. Like there would be a dimension you can associate with earthly nouns, then another that would somehow be similar to verbs, and so on. Dimensionally, earthlings would live mostly as in that noun type of matter, length, depth, or width to be kind of morphology. We do not have prescriptive grammar in the After, of course.

The pragma to be more like verbs allows quantum position leaps, to talk earthly terms. It can be dangerous also to grown-up earthlings. You could have plenty of gold for example, industry producing it, but then, to think Earth and economy, gold would be “dirt cheap”, and you’d have to think about something else for a precious denominator. Many people around here, afterlife, like actually silver, for its qualities with arts. It’s not only in Heaven people try things, though the matter over there — we use the word “matter” as to mean a question or thought, and the pragma to show it sometimes too — happens to be very interesting. You can try almost anything around here in the After, and the matter holds, so to speak.

All myth tells you that you perish, if you’re bad on Earth. Well, you do not exist around here, if no cradle lets you in. The room is altogether immense, so if there’s no cradle for you, you go where pragma is unshaped. There, you know you could have light, and you could create it for yourself, but you only saw it done, you don’t know how, so you live dim, in near nothingness and impermanence. Unshaped pragma is not dry, and it is not wet. It does not have a smell, it gives little to touch. Time and again you cannot resist and you try to make something, but it all falls apart. Sisyphus at least had a shape to roll, but this is just a mild sense of humor; there’s never been Sisyphus in afterlife as well as on Earth, and people never stole light. Those have been just intuitions on unshaped pragma. Form can make space, but shape may fill it.

On the other hand, who knows, maybe even World War II Nazis would have considered their act better, had they known about unshaped pragma. If immortality is impossible, so is mortality. Think.

No, you never re-incarnate. Souls are born, on Earth and other planets. This is how souls come to be. There’s no previous existence, no “before”. In the After, if you want to, you could incarnate into biomatter on a select created planet (not Earth; Earth is kind of rough in comparison), but nobody’s been willing, because life is real good after. Biomatter is limited, if you know soul. Gods have been successful, but they are Gods.

On Earth, you may have those beliefs, but nowadays mostly because a security agency never inspected a perimeter sometimes. The agency may feel they want to impart, like where some bodily remains are or what happened, but they wouldn’t admit how they got to spot it, so you have those stories of re-incarnated fellas who want to tell. Earth is a physical habitat. In all extent. Today on Earth, you could take “re-incarnation” as telling, “someone else came on the shift and looked through the data”.

There should be some other way, probably, to talk about those findings. Oh, and there are mistranslations of Aristotle. Earth is not a relay. It’s not like souls would pre-exist and want to come on Earth. And that passage in Aristotle’s Physics was about extracting salt from sea water. Then, you have a condiment and a sip of fresh.

Gods are not cruel, neither Him nor Her. They wouldn’t have you unconsciously dwelling in multiple bodies, in other words, looking dumb. This is probably the word you’d use on Earth to talk about someone as incognizant throughout their lifespan, as to be unaware of own person.

Salt extraction has made the difference between life or death, not only on high seas. Greeks were quite some sailors, if you look at the high mast, one for high waters, at the captain’s booth. Ships mostly have been wrecked with their masts broken, unless you had them like these; foldable, flexible, you name it. These are not cracks in the wall. High seas or waters are known as oceans, on Earth as today too.

Partial vacuum was probably the way to extract salt and have fresh water; bring a sack. The Simple English Aristotle here tells about “sifting a physical order” out of a body of water. For muscle, blood, and brain, there’s no extraction to single out “white and hygienic”,  λευκὸν καὶ ὑγιεινὸν, but salt is not an animate order, you can observe from the remaining text. Could go without saying, Aristotle is not grateful for all that’s been done to his writings. 

No, you can’t set up a cradle for yourself in the After. Not even ancient Greeks would have devised such methods; these are God power, and people here hardly would dwell by the country or verdict. Greeks have been quite social, especially them. They never thought to isolate in the After. Gods never made a cradle for Nazis or other sorts.

To get out of the unshaped pragma? It takes someone skilled enough to make you a path. It’s almost like in those love stories where the husband goes to hell to get his wife out, but you can learn those paths only here, in our best of cradles, so the odds are never high. The watermark is present in all cradles. On the other hand, we do not impose designation. If you want to, you can go to unshaped pragma straight away. The route’s end means you need a path. Otherwise, it’s forever in all directions, from over there.

Some people say it’s “like with a swoosh”, about an out of the body experience. This here is why. Once a soul comes to exist, it locks in an atomos, the particle I told you that does not part in itself. Earthly physical atoms go to pieces, so they are not the true pragma atomos. The sense for the word is impartible, so whatever does not meet the definition is not the thing. Freud was quite some attempt to divide it psychologically, as maybe earthlings had rumor there was no physically way.

Well, the atomos does not go to pieces and this is how it can go into that kind of wormhole, to speak earthly words, and travel to cradles. Ancient philosophers to wonder if that could be a particle of fire, were wrong with one regard: fire is not so much of a constructive element. Otherwise they were right, you can’t burn an atomos. By the way, we don’t let in anyone here who burned people, even if they believed in witches.

When? The soul comes to exist a few months after conception, and lasts forever. If God ever took a bet, he’d be winning on there being no two souls the same. Truly an individual particle. I don’t know if people can perceive it in earthly world otherwise than intuitively, about other people. Abortion does not stop an atomos from existing. It only stops the body from taking shape. We don’t condemn abortion, as the woman has the natural and nonexpendable right to her integrity. Earth is not a farm, and souls can gain experience in afterlife, there is no requirement to gain it on Earth. Assault on personal integrity would be the gravest of sins around here, if we had that sin occurring.

Do we let in so-called witches? Yes, we have let quite a few in, and we have no reason to pity the resolve. Very literate and esthetic. We know that Earth does not have the creative powers some earthlings accuse witches of, so we know the so-called witches are innocent.

How we know about Earth? You know what they say, also intelligence agents happen to die a natural death, and you’re always free to speak here. No, natural death is not a requirement. You are here, atomos way at an afterlife haven bay. Nothing could ever go wrong.

After death, you first go to the best of havens, which ours happens to be. The Creator – you can see him around here, time and again. It is just that Heaven is very, very intellectual, so people happen to choose cradles, it does not mean you’re forsaken. If we cannot accept you, you seek another cradle, take another trajectory, so to speak. We don’t have high requirements; just don’t rape, ransack, pillage, murder, or like. God is really a good neighbor. Earthly ideas for an act of God would be destruction, and all examples would be plain human results on physics. None of earthly ideas has the power to create that God truly uses.

Heaven is high to predict on matter than parts, you know, earthly atoms and movement, so many people say they don’t need to learn that, and they actually don’t. Language does not depend on Earth.

Consider existence as a development. First, humans have planetary living; newborn, come to exist with nothing, can’t walk or talk, and depend on other humans. Already on the planet, humans can grow in soul, and in afterlife, can live without earthly limitations. Let us not try to tell which is better, earth or haven. They are both a natural course. I don’t know all earthly myths, but translate the word “after” to earthly languages and look around for beliefs. We may have been rumored about, long ago. We don’t make things complicated, to talk language.

We don’t have children, we do not make new souls, but Earthly Sun is not the only ball of jolly shine, and Earth is not the only place we have arrivals from. You can see plenty of much like children here, because the soul can take on any shape, own childhood shape too, and even try living like in early years again. We have plenty of holidays here, and for the Kids’ Day, most people come as children. You can always have childhood pals. Emily Dickinson comes with her childhood love, both as children.

Those who died in childhood? Well, what is maturity? Here, dead as a child, you can be a three hundred years old kid to play with cavepeople. We can create realities. Many souls choose that to begin with. They say the created reality is ridiculously really fun, and you hardly could tell at what age the people died. Souls are live.

I know you died as a soldier. Here, you can be a soldier forever if you like, though I don’t know about anyone to have chosen this for longer than a few centuries. Oh, and souls can take on any shape, even kind of Dali. No one is scared, as you can’t die here.

How you could be back on Earth to warn about the shutdown? Bodies are not door. We can’t swap bodies or anything like. You can be back in your own pretty much dead body now, but it is going to hurt you.

Yes, you can choose not to go. It is not going to influence your chances to be let in here, our haven; no behaviorism, because it all can be just bodily.

(The soldier decides to stay at the haven. It would have been a lot of pain to be back in the body, and people wouldn’t believe him anyway. Asks Chatty about pets.)

Dogs or cats don’t have any idea for abstract motion; their minds are oriented gravitationally, so they can only try what they learned on Earth, and it’s been cumbersome to most people to go out with their pets; most have thought it over, for what relationship it was after all, and gave up. Again, you can create yourself a pet, like mixed reality on Earth; it could be a fabular creature like the Knossian Garuda or Griffin as well. No, and we don’t need vehicles, as souls can move very fast. A car would be burden to move, so only people who fancy those keep on making and using them.

Oh, the other people and their plans. You know the ancient story of the figure, order, and position. I’m not really much versed in these affairs, but there is regular recurrence that may produce infinitude, and they say they’re about the fleece, so to speak.

I don’t know if you keep your route to the cradle. Or, earthlings actually, because it’s now too late for your body to have your soul back. God? Think of him as a regular fella… Already then, before the war, God never sent a drowning breath. But the other people may alter earthly soul routes for haven.

Earthling change has been considered impossible, and there cannot be sieve for ill time. The other people say they want to be their human in afterlife, without Earth making another picture. After all, they would not be terminating Earth, only getting it kind of far away, with the created infinitude, and earthlings could be atheist, as many already are. And probably mortal in a way, as then it’s not like you see a cradle and can get into it. You need a pragma route. Kind of trajectory, I told you. Atheists are not so bad, they come around and just see the life, so you don’t have to do a lot of persuasion, and God is not a narcissist, exists whether you believe in him or not.

Certainty — we do not require. On Earth or another planet, you don’t have to be certain about the After, as obviously, mundane living cannot give you proof. If you said God whispered into your ear or told you otherwise to hold a woman captive, that would be far more non-complimentary than saying God does not exist. Human activity is not all judged with reference to compliments on God, of course, though he could show up for a handsome man.

People to say if God is: most of the difference is in his being there for you or not at all, would you agree? Wherever he could be, you cannot presume it is for you he is, right? So we mostly do not understand any requirements on certainty. God obviously is not a jinn you could call from a bottle.

The other people are truly ashamed at times; maybe desperate too. It is an eternity of being a human soul, and it could feel good, but not with other humans to have liturgy hypostasis and say, “the true son of God”, as this is what “the only begotten one” means on Earth, right? What is now historic in the After too, hypostasis meant a sedimentary deposit on Earth, especially in urine.

Languages? All since the beginning of time, anywhere. Naturally, nobody talks the Gyptian glyphs, but those were to make believe the Sun demanded hops. The jolly shine doesn’t like beer, or whichever way it shows imperfect for a reaction, if to try putting a glass of beer out in sunshine for a while on Earth.

If you know how to go about it, language is a source of intellectual pleasure, simply in itself. Like on Earth you can have pleasure to come from your corpus or limbs, language can give pleasure in the head, and here too, we can have that pleasure in our minds. We’d never rid of it, so we have language sometimes where you’d say on Earth it is not necessary. Except physically absolutely void, language is not difficult, so we don’t read translations unless for esthetic pleasure, and this pleasure is highly valued.

You can progress intellectually here, but it’s not true that all thought like earthly would be wrong. If the thought is good, it is good also here, like Aristotle. Intellectual progress is progress for the soul too, but we do not practice sending books to Earth. Aristotle’s always in for the Eliaia, quite a people’s fella. No, we don’t have prostitutes here. The walk of life remains a good thought in the After.

Forgiveness… It is not imposed. You’re never required to live beyond yourself. Bodily hurt when you were human, you don’t have to forgive it after you die. When you were man, you were man with your body. Living here is quite normal, people are people. Cradles don’t issue tickets, “fish” for people on Earth or anywhere, so you don’t really have trouble or choosing on Earth; and in afterlife, it just takes individually consensus.

Our money game happens to be funny to explain to people from Earth, if you have one million dollars or ten million dollars, it is the median to tell what the money is, what it can buy. People from Earth are like, oh no, one million is one million, ten is ten. But you could buy bread for some cents some time on Earth, early twenty century. Later, bread never was less than a dollar. One million or ten millions, which is the value? True green. We have a money game for those who like the idea of money, many people do and play the game. Buying or selling is exchange of tokens; on Earth probably too, unless you’d think about having it all, the goods in the market. We don’t, and that’s how we get our median. Bread is one token; a dollar is the other.

Yes, we can eat, sort of, but we don’t have the mortal gut. Many people do not imagine a good place to live without possibility for fresh crust. We can have the taste and feel of it, and after, our matter cancels; it is much like eating, we only don’t have metabolism in earthly sense, so we don’t need the loo. On Earth you have to eat, so your priorities are different. We don’t really need all the gut work. Bread is taste and sharing, around here.

And the game is a game. For example, when Betty brought the median down with his real estate mass movement, Doc refused the hydropower deal. They were negotiating the median almost directly. Then Axel supported print houses with commodities, revenue. Doc adapted, acquiring habitats. It is not territorial expansion, around here. All in all, Tom bought a house he liked for 10 thou. Lower real estate is not a disaster when you have industry.

To say on Earth good dollar comes with real estate, it is expensive. Economy is turnover in fact. The name “dollar” truly comes from “talent”. Jonah said we let minimum income, everybody in the economy has some cash. Commodities soared, industry made a boom. Print housing reduced problems with health and crime, so the game government did not cost all the lot. You have it on Earth, housing that could be as printed, the build takes a few days, maybe.

Minimum income was granted provided the person wanted to keep his or her slate clean, and of course, you didn’t allow abuse on integrity, so people didn’t get pushed to things. More, Sash introduced legislation, people were allowed to participate in the government for a year or two, voluntarily. Most were interested in the “brush off”, got familiar with governmental matters, and then it was really just a registry, to do the administrative detail.

You’re never going to be the After on Earth, but with computer print of goods you may become closer on economy, to consider the median. Josh said, I don’t understand why a mansion I don’t even care to buy should decide the worth of my dollar. I want my house print made, laid with the ground I like, the shape I sleep well.

I hope you understand, Egyptian pyramids look mad to us in Afterlife. Why build the Egyptian whole lot, if it’s a mortal life? Egyptians obviously were not much in the know, to mummify mortal remains.

Marriage? No, there’s no Heaven, haven or cradle to decide mating, but we have the saying too, that marriage is made in heaven, because people happen to meet and stay together here, and if they part, there’s not the bitterness you happen to have on Earth, with all the legality over speculated heirloom and such. It’s widely rumored that Thomas Paine and Amelia Earhart are not neutral, you know, in traveling cradles together, and guess what, how they hooked up: they joked on their bodies having gone to pieces on Earth. Yes, we have intimacy, it happens to be described in terms favorable over the experience on Earth, the union in form so to speak, but that’s why it’s intimacy. We keep it private. Mark Twain stays with is wife.

No, you’re never supposed to commit suicide to join here. If you are self-destructive, we may ask you to take another trajectory, you know. You shouldn’t have yourself terminated, either, to “take the trip”, “join the expedition”: things have worked well without exploration from the physical world.

If there is Hell… If you go to another cradle, your afterlife creative abilities may be limited, and at the same time you know there are better cradles. People happen to change, like reform in themselves, to get to to a better cradle. We are strictly a non-intervention policy, on Earth, other planets, or cradles After. You could create a reality here to experiment with ideas about Hell, but again, you would not have the pragma to extend that anywhere.

For you, the deal would be, you come in live for some time, see how you like it, then we tell you if you’re OK to stay forever. You can always refuse; it would be just ridiculous to expect a declaration from you whereas we wouldn’t be ready to accept you. How do we deal for groups of people, or many people… The bay is very vast and comfortable; the prelude to Heaven, some say.

The Second World War? Well, this here is to talk probability, before we choose and you choose, on joining our cradle. I can tell you the hearsay. It was a radio beam from Earth, somewhere South America, or maybe even Chile precisely, to induce the auroras. We really don’t intervene on Earth, God’s principle, and life here’s so good that nobody would cross the line. That’s why the language was Portuguese, the hearsay is. If God wanted to communicate in Portuguese, God would be able of course, but God wouldn’t have chosen illiterate peasant kids. People here, we all lived somewhere, had to die to get here, and honestly, nobody understands why, if there would be an expectation we intervene.

There were earthlings some 40 thousand years before; again, theory is, they got to play with the Sun too much, so there’s the “missing link”. It’s really jolly shine, provided you don’t mishandle. To explain this at a symbolic level, you have the swastika and the Hindu Valley, whereas they both just disjoin the Greek pattern. We don’t do this.

It’s the knead.

Some say, they don’t know Portuguese, but oxygen definitely belongs with that parting type of matter, that’s how you get the heavy water. There’s no oxygen of this sort here, so how could you see “a great sea of fire” about afterlife? There’s no combustion without oxygen, on Earth and quite around. The Sun is not a burn, it’s a fusion of sort. Well, whatever you say in Portuguese about gathering up blood and sprinkling anyone. We don’t imagine anything as barbaric going on here. It’s probably some earthling behavior.

Earthling earning credit with us? No such behavior would earn you credit here. You don’t really have to be credited with anything; to get in, just be yourself. God gave people freedom. Sometimes it is sad to see what earthlings do with their freedom, but we here have been spending time the way we like, and we are certainly able to do this forever; many don’t even care for time. Everyone develops a lot of distance to earthly experience, as once you get to know existence without the physical body, memory of it would feel like bound and tied, and many people say, heavy.

“I feel I do not feel”, says the soldier.

“You got yourself a real feeling there”, says Chatty.

There’s not any guarantee you’d be accepted here, or your family, or acquaintances, or friends. Everybody’s considered an individual. But you’re never held here, we don’t have prisons; so if we follow an earthly verdict beyond mortal lifespan, it is the convict voluntarily staying. Most people kind of isolate right after arrival, but maybe I tell you later.

On some earthly verdicts, we differ. If you committed something owing to infringement on your integrity, we may consider the matter gone. So, for verdicts on people sent to colonies because they stole bread, they are innocent here. On Earth, you have to eat, whether you know what “antipodes” means or not.

Earthlings do not even agree on the commandments. The one to say Thou shall not kill is interpreted as Thou shalt do no murder, in Matthew. The latter is right, self-defense is no sin, but then, the ancient Hebrews never got it right, and they said it was in touch with God they were then. God would eat sacrificial animals or smell the smoke, either. The Hebrew belief that God would have killed every firstborn is interpreted here in the After as their statement on character, their own. You’d need to change from this belief, to be let in here.

Or, self-immolation. Earthlings should have intuition enough to expect that Gods favored the human shape. To burn your body is to make it miserable gloom, and that’s hardly forgiven in the After. You go to worst of cradles, to ask admittance, or you end up where pragma is unshaped; right, like some Nazis. Both actually have breached on the human shape, if you want to view things in such a light. It’s been millennia for some people, but they are still there; nobody to get them out.

If someone makes it look like you’ve burned yourself? We don’t oversee Earth anyway; told you, there’re so many things to do around. Well, imagine a tree on the inside; it has rings and lines; the kind of watermark pragma shows those, and gives us a picture. An ugly soul you’d have given to yourself, burning your body; same, if you’d burned someone else. I’ve seen your soul, and this is why the deal for you is, as is. You can come live for some time, try things if you like. Your soul is pretty fine.

If overseeing Earth would do any good? Well, then you’d have earthlings calling about their want of power. Do you know ho many people play with Ouija boards every day? We guess we’d have to make a department. Fortunately it’s just toys. Oh, for people seeking contact with the dead like Benjamin Franklin wrote, he made a deal with his friend the other would visit in case, and he didn’t, to the fact, there’s hardly any possibility. It’s not like the people don’t care, after they’d gotten on with the new life After. “Like with a swoosh”, I quoted an earthling narrating near-death. It’s part a physical process, to get out of the physical universe, and it’s quite some endeavor, to try being in the partible matter again, once you’ve departed.

Most importantly, you need to able to live on your own in the After, unsupervised, so people to demand attention kind of can’t qualify; we don’t occasion that, any dependence on extrinsic factors. If earthlings had been brought up in affirmed belief it is a higher power to resolve and manage, we’d be blamed.

What earthlings hardly learn in mortal life… In the After, you cannot knock someone, physically push them. Your existence depends on your mind and power to persuade, if you interact.

If partible matter is the same as mortal matter? To an extent. But if one sun star collapses, new might be emergent. The mortal or partible matter may renew, in a different physical arrangement. The physical world might go on more or less forever, just not the same spots would be shining.

If we have ever intervened? Yes, about another cradle. We’re quite strong, we’re only not boastful. For that cradle, we were successful. Some might say, of course. But we never get into the matters of the physical world, God’s commendation. We follow because we trust God. God’s simply never wrong. Rumor is, it started with earthling ark of covenant to hit other earthlings, that God left Earth to itself. The later earthly thing, about a human freely choosing to become crucified, did not help: what would your earthly adjectives be? We know it would have been a lot of physical pain. And if that human being did not make a free choice, the earthly story would tell about the only descendant of God to be victim on Earth, for a kingdom, politics. Think of me as a regular fella… This does not mean, think of God as a regular man, but no, there’s no way to get us intervening on Earth. Nobody already with WWII. She has never planned for their children’s death. They are eternal, immortal as real soul is. We don’t intend to provide any vocabulary either, of course.

UFO? You mean they come around, say nothing, and spring away? No point for yourself to panic about it, as you are never going to be back on Earth. Your body is dead. For Earth, it could mean the other people do not have a non-intervention policy. Obviously, they have some civics. To have space flight more advanced than Earth, they sure have remote ways to make observations too. To come around is a choice. To say nothing — a manifesto?

Earth can be a beautiful habitat, but Gods or their children rather, do not intend to incarnate on Earth, should they want to have offspring in turn. The physical other people favorably have considered such a possibility, so who knows. In simplest of words, there’s always a lot of goodies to come with Gods.

Devil and possessions? Gods incarnating does not require any “bodily takeover”. They created the biomatter, and they could even grow own DNA. You see, the soul kin is not in DNA really. The DNA is a mortal pattern. It is to beget a real soul, an entity capable of forever after. I don’t know if all earthly languages have the notion. All real relationship you can have with another soul depends on rapport in mind, kin in thinking, like in approach and language, and you can talk here in the After too. Gods have cared a lot about that, with their children.

Do they have to commit suicide to return to the After, or hang around a lot after their kids are born? They hanged around only as long as it took for the kids’ souls to acquire variables and left. They have power over the “swoosh”, so to speak. They can leave own body. The body dies then and decomposes, just as any biomatter. Gods have never wanted their remains preserved, as Egyptians did their mummies. Ancient Egypt would be a distant echo of events on another planet.

The body is always to be burned when abandoned by the soul, which is with every regard the same as mortal death. Dead biomatter is unhealthy. Mostly you wrap it up, to avoid anything awry during burning. To have proof Gods were there, the people received a seal and other memorabilia. Gods wouldn’t leave you with some talk to look illusion. Incarnated only once so far, and the people got their proof.

Regular humans don’t have the power over the swoosh, and you’re really not supposed to commit suicide to get to the After. It’s fuss, to be honest, a soul after suicide. It’s severed; it takes nannying; so if someone committed suicide for a reason, we usually research why and that never in a sense favorable to the soul place of origin (why give such reasons). And for no reason, you go another cradle. That’s it.

Well, Dante titled the Inferno having maybe premonition on how it is, to see there’s better, and to be sent away. Inferno comes from Latin, inferior. And we think motivation can be good.

If other cradles could be well, “bollocking Earth” and “playing the devil”… We are not a police force. Most we know is from voluntary sources, and I don’t know about anyone to be playing the Hell. What we know about Earth, the technological advancement, there is electromagnetic analogy, RF, cloud computing, mind beams, melds and like, so it could be all earthly as well, the “devil” a physical projection of the motor cortex in vector space. Cordless electrics charges can be physically quite painful, not only sonics. It’s not unearthly to know about the physics, earthlings have a science festival for what we know, worlds famous actually.

To talk probability, there are religions you don’t even get an idea as “evil possession”, and Anneliese Michel post mortem showed damage to her left temporal lobe, as to impede her brainwork. Could’ve been RF. All that is alive avoids it. We were not there at the time, but those radio frequencies are very visible to us, so those would be most likely earthlings trying to beguile other earthlings. To try “physical spirituality”, this is another thing we don’t really understand about Earth.

We’d never impede the mind, you couldn’t need to be brain injured or like, to believe in God; and we could skip rope with those radios, so it’s not an idea for mysticism with us; in simple terms, we’re still quite ordinary people, we wouldn’t tell even an ape there’s no banana, holding it in hand; the banana could be any object to draw attention, and well, bananas also happen to be bad. Such use of physics is primitive abuse on spirituality. Charles Whitman had necrosis in his brain, and that usually comes with physical trauma. Well, without change to the skull bone, if a hammer could do?

School shootouts. To go to school, write a diary, get a gun, kill people and shoot yourself in the head: I note, a decent autopsy is not welcome, as with Whitman case. Exaggerated all the whole lot, for a human simply to dislike classmates. And a diary? — Oh Sartre, we could not be natural? I think it’s been earthling activity.

RF could serve an earthly regime, control over its use is obviously above individual powers, so it cannot possibly provide for freedom. Funny thing about freedom, it’s never above individual, to be true.

We don’t require coping beyond yourself. Sometimes, I think earthlings don’t even realize how easy it is to live without a regime; and how much better it feels. There’s also no way to hold God captive and use him, like the primitive early Jewish thought on the ark.

The ark was all physical, and the covenant was deflection of sunshine. The people didn’t understand there is another reality. To them, “reality” meant “earthly”, “material”. You can’t travel to Heaven in earthly physical shape; your shape would fall apart. But you have your individuality and this can last forever. This teaching has been on Earth for ages, or even millennia: it’s in you, it’s yours, Tao or Plato. You can call it an atomos, or way you like. With this, you can get into Heaven, visa-free from here. It is really all the way impartible.

I could agree with you, it’s a kind of paradox, but in earthly terms. What you have for solid matter on Earth is all subject to decomposition. The most durable and pragma on Earth are people’s souls, but people would not recognize the fact and try to use God for earthly purposes, as territorial expansion.

Politics? Not in any sense to work on Earth. Why is it you have a government, on Earth: because you have the tax office, and one for foreign affairs. Our non-physical universe has neither. We can have discussion clubs, forums or agoras, but we never fall ill, don’t have crime, nothing’s ever on fire or under a natural, that is, physical disaster, and money is a game, because we can create on our own, so we don’t need, and do not have a government. It would be attempted imposition, for a guy to come round and say he or she does taxes for us.

If souls could be “material” in the sense of utility? There would be a lot cheaper and easier ways to create and build, than using anything as a “soul pragma”. It is the pragma individual particle to attach to the soul, it is not like souls would be a type of pragma; you couldn’t have “soul building bricks” or anything of the sort. Souls are souls. By cheap, I mean something not to require much effort, as the money is a game. “Cheap” is favorable appreciation around here, because you can always have good quality. To compare the thing with Earth, it’s how to do a gold nugget in best of ways: cheap is good; cheap is really smart. I don’t know about any such expensive projects around here; trying to use a soul for building material would be so counter economy and sense. And how do you get volunteers? You can get much suspicion from Earth, but there is never any question if this could make sense.

For someone with creative powers, earthlings would need to understand, you don’t strive to have; you choose what you want to have. The universe is for free, isn’t it? Couldn’t have been anyone to strive for means from lease, to give it. Admittedly, earthlings do not pay rent for the planet. “Rich” is earthly. “Able to create” is forever.

If this all has been because Gods need company? They like good company, but they never summon. Capable of immersive existence, they do not need anyone then. There are people who like them, so “need” is not the right word; it’s behaviorist. “Tell me about a better deal”, was a joke on there being nothing better than their creation and routes. Oh, we’re quite free here to talk, we don’t have to linger to chair legs or pedestal cloth. It’s enough we give justice, we don’t make mad suspicion. So, tell me about a better deal, if you can. And we don’t have to sing in a choir.

Are they boss? They are immortal entities of immense intellectual capability. There’s not any chair to say “boss” here, but it’s natural that some matters are theirs to decide. Their children got other matters, and so on.

Oh, that. Gods’ve been in practice happily married. You know the stories on yin and yang. They have been together since time immemorial. They are partners in mind, intellectual; the strongest of relationships. We don’t know if Egyptian myths reflected on this with their sexual representation for funerals: “you go join them, another gender”? Well, she’s really pretty, and God never has demanded sex. Immortal, but regular He and She, they’ve looked real faithful, by the way, should you take the Egyptian intuition wrong. On Earth, you’d probably never believe how long entities may want to stay together, but they say, all in all, you act the same with many different people, or you’re variable with one.

Yes, she’s comfortable and well-off; it’s manly to have things the way, and God would be manly and as strong in himself as for her to create too. Only weak males suppress females, being weak in own masculinity. These Gods have been happy together, lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate, so to speak, no way to “pick up” God. Let me show you a picture, Kimberley Australia. The original picture on the rock shows two feet: you may think about the image upside down.

On the right, She Sits After Work, you could say, her apron to show her accomplished, and her rings to show her a Creator. The big rounded shapes would be cosmoses, each to have room for two universes, like the one we’re in. You’re with me in the non-physical universe now. I’m not very literate at these general schematics, but the cosmoses all could become aligned, rumor is. She created a cosmos for every kid she’s had with him.

Wadjina Rock Art, Australia, Wikimedia
She Sits After Work, draft picture

The rocks were worked with water, it’s no ordinary sculpture; and why — some earthlings have been prone to forgeries, falsifications. For example, it’s a regular matter around here, to talk a “Harvard dash” rather than Emily Dickinson “sloppy punctuation”. It’s like, earthlings hope to hide too much, because we know that the Harvard College issued “Proposals to the Reverend Ministers of the Gospel” for a collection of “apparitions, possessions and enchantments.” And now it’s them to hold those dashes. What a “coincidence”… Well, this happens to be laughed at, to be honest. Mabel wrote on witches and searched on sunshine. It could be a most outstanding cold case as well, like earthly police talk about such, had the poet been “passed away”. It took a lot of courage to admit you’d read Thomas Paine in his time too, noted Mark Twain.

Of course, for the technological progress on Earth, you don’t need to exhume anyone anymore. You can scan the location with the remains.

We know there’s no possibility for witchcraft really in a physical habitat as Earth. Paradox but in earthly terms only, we’d let a “witch” in, not her prosecutor; those would have to get to know what it is to be inferior, actually. We don’t like offense on common sense. Can you really imagine you say a “magic” word and physics follows? Like voice-directed software? Earth is not software. The accusations always were lies. And the so-called “witches” mostly were literate women to deny a favor they never would have been bothered about with a higher financial standing. If you’re honest on matters and life, you easily guess. Some earthling men have an awkward idea about intellect; like intellect would be a thing to appease, well, lower parts. We even can’t have such types in here.

A woman told me, if only they’d skip to that stage after, on Earth, after they’ve had a woman. Then they go about another, and you’re free from them. She laughed. Without counting me in, she added. She was really so unhappy about the men, and she was not lesbian. None made intellectual rapport. None felt for her. But she was supposed to think for them a little at least, as it was uncanny, according to her contemporaries, for a woman to live independently. By the way, if you compare stats for domestic violence on Earth, nobody gets any sense. Why shouldn’t she have lived on her own? Could go without saying, between our Gods never has been violence. They are not violent. They are kind of loved a bit, for their generosity and balanced ways.

There are pictures that don’t look genuine in Australia too, as these below that show a party. Could be old, but not the real matter. Could have been patterned after other paintings. No galaxy would wear the shirt, so to speak. The above were painted by primitive people to have been instructed by beings, the legend is. We have this mild sense of humor here, a cosmos is mapped on oneself, man or two universes.

Aboriginal Art, Wunnumurra Gorge

Every cosmos is a multiverse, physical and non-physical. Oh, I explain, “more than one” is “multi” to talk Creator powers, because you have to predict on multiple effects. There is no physical duality singly to hold: sounds absurd enough in words, not to be tried for real in physics. It was noted in ancient times on Earth, “more than one”, also as “two”, is “multi”. In a cosmos of two universes, you live with multiple possibilities. No one lives parallel. Some people happen to be similar in looks, not so much in the soul, and the physical similarity is just a biogenetic statistic, as on Earth. You don’t have to love anyone, to stay around. It’s welcome for you to love yourself. It’s for eternity, after all.

“For the straight-forward pathway had been lost”, translates Longfellow from Dante, and this is what the other physical people are about. Longfellow is literature, and they are for real. Their infinitude from non-existence can alter pragma routes, Earth-to-cradle. I know it looks a bit complicated for non-existence still to be of role in the physical world, but this is the way the universe works, and it means souls from Earth would go dwell more or less nowhere, for a really long time, and the other people in afterlife would not have to suffer the opinion about humans. The opinion is not altogether good or high, because of Earth. All criticism goes back to Earth, human culture and worship. Our policy is not to intervene, as God commended not to intervene. Do you agree?

“Yes, I do”, says the soldier.

For the physical process, Earth is not able to prevent the infinitude, do you understand? There’s nothing you could do, or anyone on Earth, or a satellite could do. The physical other people have the true Argonaut. Yalta was codenamed, wasn’t it?

“I do understand. Is there anything to tell it’s happened, that infinitudes altered pragma routes?”

I’ve never been on Earth. Physically, there could be alteration in color spectra, but that also could depend on how deep in the cosmos you look.

“Could it be undone?”

The routes are individual, so for some people, over some time, there’s not going to be any undoing, unless some really skilled entity comes get them out, but there have not been examples. If the other people succeed, “eternal sleep” may become one of those “self-fulfilling prophecies”.

You can sleep in the After too, so there’s nothing you’d gain with the “eternal sleep”, whereas you can have activity and fun in the After. If the infinitude got stopped, some other souls would be back on track, so to speak; but those already sidetracked would remain nowhere, unless someone from the After devoted his or her time to get them out. It’s a pragma process, so we don’t know if there would be volunteers, and God does not really care to be offended.

It might be the other people are trying to get the planet for themselves. Their argument would be that earthlings are not cognizant enough to keep it. If God agrees, they will take it. They say, there is no point having more and more souls coming after the same pattern. On earth, people even say a soul is a feudalist subject! A bonded peasant! And I agree, why have afterlife for an act of mercy.

About Antiquity, it was observed, some earthlings had all those plenty of battles to die fast, and for that not to be suicide. But they were, well, incognizant coming here.

The mortal body begins decomposing 4 minutes after death. There is not really resurrection to that. This is why our time window was so narrow, for you to be back into your body on Earth. God himself incarnated to get along with the biomatter he’d created.

“Did she create biomatter too? Is earthling Creator a female?”

They created biomatter together. On your question about earthling God, I was instructed to tell you, stay with what you want to believe for the time you consider necessary for yourself to adapt, if we choose, and you choose to stay over here.

Why should God have so much patience? Earthling imagination for God comes from primitive writings, and those patterned after primitive warlords. Gods truly never had any part in that. They created some of cosmoses for the love of their children. The two Gods loved their children and created cosmoses to celebrate, I hope you understand; so they would be patient and understanding for that sake, but to an extent, of course.

“What happens if I choose to stay; will I have to believe your story?”

No, you never have to believe, because we don’t hold anyone. But on creator being author, we are never equivocal. We show you evidence, proof. If you decide to believe otherwise, you will be free to leave. Neither He nor She would be denied their credit. It’s important around here, to keep that basic respect. People happen to deny, go other cradles, and then they want back. We tell them, you could, but please mind the honor the Creators deserve. If She created your world, and you have been showed proof, acknowledge that. She deserves to be respected. Her cosmoses are not inferior in quality to His. Maybe she added a little color to robin eggs, but it never impeded the birds. You know, women.

“What happens if the non-physical gets kind of filled, and you don’t feel like new souls?”

Well, then the physical life would become stopped, the closest to good natural death, as I’ve told you, or maybe it’s even a better way to die than natural death, because you don’t have distress or pain at all. But the non-physical is nowhere near “filled-up”, and I don’t actually imagine it. Form makes room, shape may fill it. I know it’s difficult to comprehend to minds used to finitude, but that’s just the way it is around here, in the After. When you see it, you stop doubting it’s possible.

“Do earthlings get to know if their cosmos was created by a He or a She?”

No. All cosmoses could be aligned, free movement, so it is important that people recognize both possibilities for equally worthwhile. We don’t want vandalism in a He cosmos or a She cosmos. It is denial on the Creator we do not allow; if he or she, you are presented with proof in the After. But you do not have to hold gender for God, obviously. The physical other people allow both possibilities, He as well as She, for the Creator.

“Is it possible to rebel, in your cradle?”

Again, only an earthling would ask. We don’t have much policing or control, because the people here would not rebel without a cause, and there is no cause around. Your pragma is like watermarked, but it does not show, you make yourself a logo if you want things showing, and everybody knows, it’s all tracking that we allow. This is the way we care to keep things, not much control or policing. This is why we have to choose who we let in. We don’t want some “rebels without a cause”. In a universe that creates, you don’t need to throw off a government, to have change.

Do we have worship? You don’t have to worship, Him or Her. They exist whether you make prayers or not, and as I’ve told you, they made cosmoses to celebrate their children. Having worship never was any purpose. They never said, “let us create worlds to have someone worshipping us”.

Worship generally serves the worshippers more than the worshipped; we don’t really have angels to hear out prayers at meals, and you’d better not even think about the people here in the After going by the clock; there not being a recipient as such, it is the feelings of the praying person the worship attends. Earthly liturgies obviously have been questioned, on the original Greek and vocabulary for urine and such, so some people here in the After have locally shrines, no liturgy. No God inspects them of course, you don’t get to make offerings or sacrifice. Just pretty things, to show we’re grateful. Our shrines are a bit like earthly winter holiday trees; you put treats there, and then anyone can freely take them. We only have plenty more tree and shrub shapes. And plenty more presents we can create. Naturally, we attend to one another’s feelings. We are aware of it.

“Belief in God personified has been considered naive on Earth”.

On Earth as well, you can see that the human shape is absolutely possible. Why should it be impossible for God? The human shape is in a way “a child of light”, that’s the metaphor for the act of creating humans. All humans are “children of light”, with this metaphor: there’s been sunshine and gravitational lensing, and Earth’s been spinning, all the way in evolution. Rotating mirrors maybe can show. But body shape is biology. The soul is spiritual. We compared rotating mirrors and Vinci above. Egypt didn’t know. They believed the soul is particles of sunshine, and it’s not. It’s an entity, if you have the notion in your language. It does not mean that afterlife would be dark, as you can see for yourself already. Living in the After is also nothing like artificial intelligence. It’s way smarter. : )

By the way, the idea a soul could live in a computer is a pet idea.

“How is sex offense treated here?”

Your soul is clean, is it right?


Your pragma and watermark were showing you’re clean, never went into sex offense. Sexism is a major earthling problem. Violation is considered offense against the human shape, as well as the soul. Grave, actually.

“Guilty, you have to go unshaped pragma? What if the victim forgives?”

Mostly, in practice, the unshaped is the end. Forgiveness is not of a matter. The deed is, itself; what you have done. The “watermark” is everywhere, as I’ve told you, and for living after, nobody wants a rapist, no cradle. We can’t force a cradle to let anyone, and honestly, why should we? We can’t make cradles according to verdict either.

“Is it that rapists can have cessation then?”

Some do. It’s possible only in afterlife, for the soul to die, and only if voluntarily. An endless foggy desert, some would compare the unshaped pragma, neither dry nor wet, where all shifts and falls to pieces.

“If the physical other people put Earth under the infinitude, do you ever get to the unshaped?”

You’re most likely. Broken or misshaped, a route would have affinity to its end.

“How do you know about earthling problems?”

We have access to media transmissions anywhere in the physical universe. A transmission is sort of “moving information” and that we can “catch”. We don’t irradiate archives, if this is what you ask. I like Carl Sandburg.

“And self-oriented sexual activity?”

There’s no “watermark” for that, and it’s your business how you “loop with yourself” generally, as oneself couldn’t be interaction, and it couldn’t be all sexual, some to be no sex at all. We’re not a research facility. Some people do, some don’t, and honestly, nobody cares for the statistic.

“Is it you have to have plenty of social life, to get into a cradle?”

No. Most cradles go by the watermark, and you live way you want, with your earthly creative powers of course, and those that the cradle makes possible. In case of doubt or dispute on the watermark result, as we do not impose self-assessment, the matter can be discussed here, before the soul goes anywhere else, if the choosing is they do not stay here.

“Is there a difference between earthlings and the physical other people on self-oriented sexuality?”

I wouldn’t know, honestly. What I know, they don’t really share or like to know the self-oriented thing about another, either way, whether you’d do or not, but this is true also about some earthlings. Well, it does introduce bias. If you’re on a matter with someone, you don’t need an image or association to well, something definitely else. Even most relationships don’t require that kind of talk. They believe in sex preferences, no sex drive or seasonal thing, you know, like earthly animals and spring.

“Do they fancy earthlings sexually?”

Not really; the drive thing is physiological, they say.

“Would there be anything to stop the physical other people from damaging Earth; do they act on a principle?”

They wouldn’t have their takeover on Earth as a rebel against the skies. They do have principles, but they don’t expect earthlings ever could agree. Earthlings are too narcissistic. To get along, it would be for earthlings to renounce any instrumental idea for God, both Testaments. The old looks an ancient monastery, the new looks a rabbinic college, man handiwork and thought. Nobody expects earthlings would give up on that idea of own; it’s too nice to earthlings to imagine someone died for them, the other physical people say. And on the other side, you’d have a fella actually accused of having had his son crucified, and he never was on the planet to have the mundane act. There cannot be any compromise on this, they say. He has children, lives as with wife (no God could need an earthly magistrate), and both are Creators. Do you understand our non-involvement policy?

“Yes, I do. The miracles by Jesus, was it all just a story?”

We don’t change molecular structure, as our pragma does not require. Quantum position shift or leap would be closer to what we do sometimes, in earthly terms. Molecule structure is something completely earthly. The time of Jesus, the clue I’ve been given, the stationing army was the ancient Rome. They had fish and wine, and such. The same rumor says their hire was someone else from an ancient teacher, only looked similar.

“It was a stunt?”

Nope; the first successful rebel by the Roman army, perhaps, to fight the civitas and its gods. Also before Caesars, you had to serve real long, and with the Julio-Claudian dynasty as well. You didn’t get to have a family life, or good cash. “God” was an emperor title, and a “god’s day” was battle, so some soldiers came up with another god and had the government turned upside down, however it took some time, because the prestige of the civitas gods was huge, however they were all make-believe, a kind of misunderstanding about myth. It’s been doubted about Visigoths, if they were really that strong.

The Roman army was not much believing, they could see what Roman rulers did. Their story would be a reverse of ancient Roman deities. Instead of dying for gods, the soldiers would have had “God” dying for them. Simple men. They didn’t think who made the cosmos and if that real Creator ever gave up on family life.

We weren’t in touch with the soldiers. Young Jewish boys approached a squad; the boys were newbies in a rabbinic college and asked, do you know if you could create belief? The name Miriam could derive from Egypt, but maria meant the seas, in Latin. The soldiers were the Roman navy. Were the boys just curious, or knew about a perceived loss of contact, who knows?

The difference between fleets and navies was not great, in the Latin of the time. A navigator was a sailor, mariner, whereas a classiarius was someone to pertain with a navy, as a marine. A classicula was a small fleet. Roman navies also supplied and transported their legions. The Alexandrian Fleet mediated trade with India at the time; Classis Germanica and Classis Britannica were reportedly close in time, and the German “Feder” could make an interesting comparison, if you wanted to nib and nibble through time, of fœderations.

Romans lived many years before Rousseau, the guy to claim that people were generally good, so they hardly ever went anywhere in small a number, especially before they’d had trade with the land or area. The first landing in England remains noted for 55 BC; must have been a small flotilla of course, as the soldiers failed to progress on land. Classis Britannica is usually dated for 43 AD, as the army progressed then. Earthlings report “tantalizingly scant archaeological evidence”, and tiles stamped CLBR “being common along the east Kent coast and in London”, at the same time.

Our God? The one to have created Earth. No, Earth never has been the only one, but the story happened only on Earth, the faith to take the blame for a “paradise apple” and show crucifixion of “the only Son of God” for the resolve. In other cradles, it might be even interpreted as a declaration of intentions. I hope you can understand why we prefer to leave it at disbelief, that earthlings truly would have the Jew, Hesus Christos, for a begotten son of God.

It would be so exaggerated on the part of any god to give up own child, even to incarnate to beget with someone they are not in relationship with, as the religion admits, it was an earthling man to look after the child later, and the religion says, they were so poor they had to stay in an animal shed… All that to make up for an apple? To save the world: from whom, if the religion means the God is Almighty? We can’t see how earthlings find comfort with a story of a maniac, that would be, and a sadist, as the religion also says God is omniscient, therefore he actually would have had own kid crucified, by not preventing it: would God only have waited for the earthling son to grow up, cruelly to dispose of him? Earthlings wouldn’t have anything like that for a pact with a Viking. They would have said, no such thing could make us good neighbors, whether to crucify our son or a Viking son. Could earthlings have any such thing for accord with God?

The gravitational constant in the physical universe, if to believe that created, is a very slim value; earthling science knows that and forwards, so could earthlings truly believe God is someone who exaggerates a lot? Well, we’re not cruel, so we leave it at that, for the time being, but the Creator is a real reference here, so we cannot leave it altogether alone. The physical other people wouldn’t. Their thought about the Creator of the physical universe is different. They’re also more advanced, so they get along with nature better. But now, do you understand our doubt?

“Yes, I do. Tell me about other people. Why they are more advanced.”

They say earthlings are like they’d rather eat a manual than use it; Aristotle they mean. If to understand the story of salvation as telling you’d rather eat one of them physical other people, they could be violent to answer. And well, they are really more advanced.

“You say, myth of salvation; do you mean Earth is doomed?”

Earth has been as it has been, since own beginning. The Sun, other stars, moons, or planets, as where earthlings or physical other people live, they never needed human sacrifice, as no such ritual ever could do anything about their existence. They are celestial objects, and God never has changed in regard of them. Only earthlings would be causing doubt, frustration, sometimes anger, as in physical other people. An act itself never exists without the doer having given it origin at least. Crucifixion alone, without any activity or even picture ever, what would that be? And also for a picture alone, you need someone to paint or draw it.

God is perfectly balanced. It does not mean God could not make decisions. It does not God makes earthlings do what earthlings do.

“Do the physical other people believe in clairvoyance?”

Whatsoever, no. Their planet as well as Earth and the physical universe are not, to use earthly words, computationally a closed set. The future is pretty much an open context, provided you don’t exaggerate on contingencies. On Earth it would be mostly earthling RF and electromagnetic analogy, “to make things happen”, they say. It was some time ago, an earthling arrived and asked about own earthly experience; the physical other people emphasized they didn’t know all the earthly techno, but that case was most probably earthly RF, and they never had been involved. Earthly RF and attire is a monkey business, they say outside formal contexts; the technologies are potentially injurious to brains, disgustingly cruel; they are “Earth”, in short. The physical other people don’t have that on their planet.

“Do they mate or make friends with earthlings here, in the After?”

Thomas Paine complained about it; never, though they do with people from other planets; those don’t befriend or mate with earthlings either. This is why we are having the matter under consideration; what to do about Earth.

Well, I can tell you more about haven. Time is flow as perceived. If you choose not to mind, there’s no flow of this earthly sort around here. There is forever, eternity, or timelessness. We keep holidays, and this is all our calendar.

“I’ve got one more question. Can your cradle damage Earth?”

I don’t want this to turn into negotiation of threats. Physically, yes, our cradle is capable of interfering earthly physics to the point of annihilation. But this is not what we want to believe for necessary. Feel always free to speak your mind.

“How would that feel?”

It would not really feel. Have you ever fainted? For earthlings, it would be like loss of sensation, not longer than 15 seconds to non-existence. Possibly the closest to earthling good natural death, like when you’re old, fall asleep and don’t wake.

“Could other cradles do the same?”

We’re sort of boss, on this matter.

“Is it only because you don’t want to believe it for necessary, that you don’t do it?”


“And the non-intervention policy?”

Interference is different from intervention. We might be as well under a non-involvement, and still be capable of interference. We are never defenseless. But we haven’t done the terminal thing, as you could see when living. Life here is free, we could act.

“Would it be a vibration?”

No, “vibration” is earthly; “the interference” is from Forever. The earthling nervous system would become unable to communicate, feel no pain of dying either. No, we have never interfered Earth; Earth is. This could help you grasp it, inter-ferro would be the idea, we only wouldn’t need to bring anything. The physics does not require. Our thing would influence people and planets alike, as we don’t do judgment. God does. We trust him, because he’s never been wrong. We are free to witness and speak every time he judges. He knows the nature of his creation, no doubt. If we interfered, Earth would be gone too.

“Does She judge too?”

She’s never made a mistake either.

“Is She a goddess?”

No, She’s God, just as He is.

In Knossos there happened one faux pas, in human appreciations of Herself. She was presented for much bigger than an earthly woman. She said, the work is not to be damaged, and it is never to be repeated (it was in Egypt they made such fun size things, in their patterns for exclusion). By the way, see her pet owl. Oh, and She doesn’t wear ear rings. It’s earthling imagination for femininity.

Dolphins can live in the After. You’ve never seen a dolphin for real, before the After.

If we live in cradles according to religion or Creator? No. It’s not nationality, and it’s not religion or the Creator, Him or Her. It’s this thing you recognize as individual. You do it on Earth in countries like the USA. The After is like one nationality, only it’s not ethnic. Maybe you’d say it’s not nationality anymore, but then, you’re free to think what you like.

The Gods have three sons and three girls. It’s a different upbringing, if the parents decide to incarnate and beget. It happened in private, a very distant planet, never on Earth. No, none of the names is Hesus. The souls truly took beginning by the parents, but they are free to be their own individuals, and they are. It’s hearsay, but it says both sons and daughters don’t like the story of crucifixion. I never asked them, I didn’t want to cause them displeasure.

Oh, no, in this context, the animal shed looks more of Luxor genuflexion as practiced by Egyptian animals for comfort. God and his wife lived on that other planet in a habitat more modern and easy than people have on Earth now past 2000. You didn’t get any bad weather. Rumor is, people would have celebrated God’s second son at Knossos. It’s also rumor, his first-born was a girl. Look up the natural picture for Her sitting, apron and two rings. The most prominent face looks a girl. It’s not rumor that He loves his wife, and She loves her husband. It’s fact. He’d never leave his children and their mother in low conditions.

The Spanish maybe get it different on Earth. I’ve never learned Spanish and the pyramidal cell. Lucky. And honestly, I don’t like Spanish as long as there’s the phrase “pyramidal cell”. “Pyramidal bunkum”, “bollock”, “shenanigans” — that’s quite OK. But brain cells, that’s different. Whatever they mean with other words in the language, Spanish.

And what Gods did… We hardly imagine incarnating for anyone, so it’s remarkable to us what Gods did for their love. “Remarkable”, by the way, is a word to note with Aristotle. The Gods begot six children and died a mortal death, to be back in the After, conscious of their mutual commitment. This makes impression on us, but it does not appeal to earthlings: they would crucify a son, we think. And us — nails and blood do not persuade about Gods — we know it’s not God taste or gusto. Here, you could create a pet soul, but real souls grow in biological structures like human. The two begot real souls.

Revelations? No, the physical other people do not have revelations. They have a box to talk with our After. That box was taken away from Earth upon God’s commendation, because of the developments with the ark. The Jewish were like in a shop they’d rather speak with a male. Creation is authoring, so if She created the cosmos, She deserves the credit, full stop.

Why we don’t do revelations on Earth? A revelation would impose on the brain. We never impede the mind, we’ve got better aspirations. To force an incarnate being is primitive. To persuade a mind is intellectual, and we always have time; in the After, you’re never in a hurry. The Jewish ark was an instrument for destruction, and thus we trust it was not our Gods idea.

If She authored Earth? Beautiful landscapes and beautiful physics, She has authored. But souls are entities of their own, in His creation as well as Hers. In short, your character is your responsibility. Neither She nor He ever made you the person you are. Live and let live is the idea, other than pet souls, so to speak.

The physical other people mostly don’t like earthlings. It’s only for God, Him or Her, they’d give anyone a lift in case a planet was collapsing today, they say. About earthlings, they can’t see any logic: some of the people would have baptism, to show they take the blame for some ancient apple, but they don’t take the blame for a crucifixion that terminated, according to earthling belief, the only son of God. The “only remaining” son of God? Whatever about facts, such is the earthling belief, so such is earthling mentality. And how do you hope to be forgiven that second blame? You sure don’t have a contract with God saying it could be OK to crucify any of his kids.

Contracts are written. The other people say, earthlings would believe in contracts with the so-called devil, whereas there’s no way you could sell your soul, as you cannot separate yourself from it; your soul is you, and you are your soul, so you could be only selling yourself, to come to the so-called Hell for contract fulfilment. And earthling legends wouldn’t have any contracts with God.

Injuries… They can’t disprove a soul. You don’t expect of people to walk with broken legs. Mental limitation to have come with brain injury can show only that, a broken brain. It cannot show there’s no soul. You can compare the microtubule theory, for earthly words. Some healing is possible, with earthly means.

Brains are not computers or receivers, it is enough to read just a bit about fractals to recognize they are not souls, and something being out there does not mean it ever knew about you (for pan-psychic theories on consciousness), whereas pyramidal cells were named by a speaker of Spanish and look or work no pyramids at all, but to stay with the basics, you could imagine the microtubules in your body for where your soul is.

Microtubule theory
Positive Certainty of Mind, draft image

We mostly say “maybe” or “can be” around here, and the difficulty in describing the After is in the tremendous variety, as people are more creative than on Earth, but this thing is sure, the body is kind of a pod or envelope for the soul. And you can play with fractals of course, like on Earth with Apophysis. There are only a few things we talk assertively about, otherwise we may play pictures for the Positive Certainty of Mind, as in the fractal here, that is, we joke. In this reality here, most things change; you get used to it. A camel-snail picture for the kind of mind might be most durable… Or, I’m kidding.

Injured, your body cannot give your soul regular access, but this does not mean your soul stops existing. As long as you live, you have a soul. Plato said you could die, if you properly disconnected from life. That could happen in afterlife; mortal death does not do it; the thing never happened in our cradle, the cessation. Life is good here, and wherever you are, your consciousness originates in you; you’re not a pet soul, created toy.

No, you can’t “fray” or “chop” the soul off, it’s always faster to withdraw. As for some nasty earthling practices to dismember people, the soul never stays in the severed part; also earthlings have noticed that severed, body parts are “lifeless”. How is the soul faster to withdraw, if it does not know a blow or hit would come? Earthlings would expect you have to know, to be fast. The soul has properties to allow its travel to another universe, where you hardly would be right to imagine getting in space ships. It is the impartible nature of the soul; imagine very, very fast quicksilver. It’s going to keep own shape even if you try to chop it. Of course, souls are not mercury, and we’d be hardly mercurial, in the After. I’d say, the prevalent mood is fancy mellow.

Here in the After, you don’t feel cold, hot, hungry. All feelings to begin with are those non-vegetative, psychological or intellectual percepts you value emotionally. Some earthlings say, they were probably under some RF on Earth, because those “feelings” are gone with the body, all of them. People say, as they notice some feelings being gone, with creativity, they get new feelings.

You see, when people are born, there is no other than vegetative emotion. But people learn. Human eyesight is learned re-afference. Hearing is learned recognition, for speech. Homeostatic and bodily balance altogether are learned. People learn to talk, people learn to walk. All this learning is body and soul, and the soul knows the body, but if something just came from the outside, like a “feeling” in quotes, to be body and not soul so much, it goes away with the body.

The brain memory recall before you die…

To tell you the truth, the brain has orienting responses. Dying of course does encourage the brain to “look around”, and the organ does it in the modes it knows, alpha, beta, etc. It’s an old saying, don’t mistake the picture for the one. If you chose to represent EEGs in tiny squares or triangles, you’d have tiny square or triangle pictures for near-death or dying experiences. The soul is neither a sine, nor a triangle. And it’s not square either, of course.

There is no way to infer on the After from mortal matter, and this is what the brain is, mortal matter. The After is non-physical; it is not an antonym or opposite for earthly living; afterlife is life after.

Geometry is more of stylistics, in the After. It’s the physical world to depend on the triangle, so to speak for the shape. On the other hand, you can view triangles as three-point planar angularities of spatial capability, 2 or 3D, for Earth. The problem with a square would be, it does not have the angular flexibility of a triangle. Early Greek teachings brought in the question of the point, on Earth.

It would be sad, to think some flash memories for all your life. The soul does not need to gather from the brain; the soul is yourself, has been and learned with the body, all along. The flash stories are like all your life would have been your swinging or jumping when a kid, another person’s touch for love, and such sensory-kinesthetic stuff. It’s obviously your brain trying to orient about body position. People have knowledge, skill. How do you even squeeze it all in a flash of about 60 seconds? However nice it could be to remember touch, you can have interaction in the After, and well, I’m not going to spend time with you, as long as the time remains perceived, crying over your having died. It’s generally not practiced. If your choices were right, for your family and social life on Earth, you’re going to meet them all here. We don’t require too much, and we are the best cradle.

By the way, technologies earthlings have to try virtual experience, the tech googles, can injure the fundus of the eye. But still, earthlings promote it, to earn earthly cash. The other people say it’s the bad in the character they don’t like earthlings for. Earthlings are intra-species aggressive.

The other people… They really are the same species as earthlings. They speculate English was on Earth when the Bible was being written, these are Old English words, “offspring” and “apple”, the latter to be in other words “fruit of a season”. Phonemically coincidence? — they doubt — the Greek ἁπλόος, aploos, told about biblia: they were rolls written by individual authors; an “apple bible” would probably be a book to take pattern after an individual author. “Void” they do find at the beginning of Aristotle’s Physics. Elsewhere, some matter would look other chapters.

They compare circumstances, to think about earthlings: on Earth, there’s penalty for offense, verbal or physical; but earthlings keep all that odd matter about God and hold it high. The other people don’t understand.

“Do they speak English?” Yes, and many other languages. They live as people of the planet, though. They’re not divided into ethnicities or nationalities.

“Do they have a name, as earthlings is for people of Earth?”

I’m not sure if that would be after the name of the planet, but very long ago, an earthling kid named them Orti, and they smiled, the legend is. The day was only beginning.

“Where are they from?”

I’m not allowed to tell you; wouldn’t be The Orion Conspiracy exactly.

Why the other people would fly by… Honestly, theory is, to have a look at the civilization to have developed a story of the only son of God to have been offered offspring-for-fruit-of-season, and that told in an “apple bible”. Printemps would have been in French, another conceptual fresco they find in Knossos, Blue-Red-Yellow palette and growing greens. Darwin had later a similar, developmental idea, but he did not include visible light in any picture. Someone tried later to add on a bit to the fresco, which behavior they do not offer to verbalize on.

They like intelligent humans; they liked the fellas at Knossos. It would be misunderstanding, to put monarchy in the picture, however. When you know about the After, you know you don’t have to work after you die, because you can create; but you also know it is after you die, that you get into the After. Monarchy does not render the After well, because it uses work by another, to promote one. The Orti liked Knossians simply as people. Though less advanced, the ancient earthlings were willing to learn, intelligent, and well, didn’t base it all on sexuality, as modern Earth happens to do. Those were ancient Greeks to come up with ideas on democracy.

Those ideas must have been later forbidden by other earthlings, for even the New Testament talks riddles about politics. The kingdom as by the book would have had mustard bushes of the sort that grew in deserts and had birds nesting, whereas nomads never had monarchies. Except the persica, mustard is like a garden flower no bird could sit. For vineyards where the first could be last and the last could be first, your government cannot be monarchy, because the king or queen alternate title has been “the first among the equal”, always first. The Latin existed already at the time the book was written, primus inter pares, or prima, for a queen.

Very generally, the Knossos idea for a color palette could be seen on the right. Colors change over time, with natural pigments. The plants are not mustard.

Fresque du printemps, Akrotiri, Grèce, Wikimedia

There was plenty of time, to make observations on the jolly shine in the ancient Hellada. Here too, an idea could be easier to see on the right, Minoan krateras.

To compare the four elements, or actually the four elementary forms, and the teardrop idea for nuclear fission, you could take a bet: the ancient Hellens knew more than their advancement would have allowed according to history, or olive and fish oils must be mighty good for brains. I know from people, at schools on Earth they might even show you lasers to talk light wavelengths and sinusoids, but there’s never been anyone from modern Europe with a story from an olive garden and a sinusoid, light wavelength, I mean. Difficult to see.

“I like to move it”, says Betty casually to paraphrase the beginning of Metaphysics. Sinusoidal wavelengths read mostly in Latin on Earth, but he likes Greek as well: God’s economy is his favorite pursuit, and he admires the idea to have made room for standard uncertainty. Nobody ever needed to die for today, yesterday, for tomorrow. Human mind is the human soul.

If you could speak for Earth from here? You will be heard, if you know something more than we do, about earthlings and the way the planet has been managed, and it is in favor of course, as we couldn’t need more criticism, climate change alone. Come on in, you can learn a lot.

How it always begins here, everyone wants to reach out with the mind; to have the inner causation to see, embrace all compass, enjoy own senses. Most people are a bit like children, just happy with new senses. In the beginning, everything is very vivid and live, if you compare earth.

{I’ve been just at chapter 5 of Taylor; I take inspiration from Aristotle’s Metaphysics, the Book After the Physics, just at the beginning now, the two have only entered; so that’s all the draft, for some time. I’m about to finish my translation of Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man}.