Knossos Garuda

Knossian Garuda Beach Towel Motif, © Teresa Pelka project

Evans wrote, the Knossian griffin would be the only one without wings. Griffins have been also known as garudas, “charioteers of the Sun”. The Knossian figure could run, leap or even jump, but it would never soar.

Original picture and the entire book by Evans are available from Heidelberg, at

To prepare the Garuda image smooth surface, I printed in Adobe, As Image, 1200 dpi (Advanced Options), Color Space Working CMYK in Preferences. To smooch it a bit more, I used Corel Color Replacer, background to #dfcfb0.

The picture started showing some lettering that Corel AI styles enhanced, so I decided to enclose phrases as Αθηνάς Ἡλιαῖα, Κνωσιακή Γη, Athenas Eliaia, Knosiake Ge. Athena’s Festivities of Sunshine, Knossian Land.

Rotated, Backgroud DFCFB0

The ancient Garuda seems to have known writing: the lettering is left to right, in perspective from Garuda’s head.

Do the phrases disambiguate what there really was written thousands of years ago? The archaeological site remains quite open also today, and people may have written or painted there. Akrotiri looks much changed: no windows or doors, just brick.
The phrases are simply plausible, Athena’s festivities for sunshine, Knossian land, ΑΘΗΝΆΣ ἩΛΙΑῖΑ, ΚΝΩΣΙΑΚΉ ΓΗ, in the upper case of the present.

Olden spellings for Athena allowed the simple T, whereas the Greek ἀτενίζω (atenizo) continues to say, look intently, gaze earnestly. Tufts Perseus notes on the festivity, Ἡλιαῖα (Eliaia). The festival maybe had some show of lights.

Interestingly too, the writing has an ancient T in the spelling, and it dates to times when the people were reportedly syllabic.

We have been all left to believe in syllabaries, that Greeks started with writing syllables, and they did so in Knossian times. Let us compare. ■Ogham was begun in a geographically delineated context, on an island, and it is not a syllabary. No syllabary for earliest of Latin could be found.

Alphabets are easier than syllabic symbols. Human working memory is going to prefer lettering. Beside all the many words of language, there are names for places and people, and if you don’t have letters, you have to invent new syllabic symbols, and then go all around to have them agreed. Knossians were not an isolated culture, and trade routes have always meant foreign names.

With alphabets, we do say Be(e) or De(e), but this is because it is easier, again, than saying non-vowel sounds alone, B, D. All in all, syllabaries do not look natural language development, though the suggestion from Garuda might be fake.

There are Knossian krateras. They show motifs similar to early Greek alphabetic writing, and the vases are some estimated 4000 B.C.

A syllabary to begin writing is strange, but Santorini people to have needed the Hindu Valley to make it out from vases at home are impossible, and there is this left to believe, with the Proto-Indo-European theory. Well, the Α, Β, Γ, and Δ of today must have begun as shapes less rounded.

Evans, Heidelberg copy
Rotated, the patterns are similar to early alphabet
Athens Museum, Wikipedia

Via nouns, Akkadian karūbu and Hebew kerúv“, the word garuda is derived from Sanskrit indeed (■Wiktionary), whereas Greek has had the verb ἀμαρύσσω (amarusso) to sparkle, to twinkle, to glance, and ἀμαρυγή (amaruge) is a participle, at the same link. Had Greeks borrowed a name for activity doer, here the one to make the twinkle, verb stems would have foreign sequencing. They do not, and “-kru-” or “keru” look possible early borrowings from a word to have had a sound shape as “-amarug-“. The influence came from Greeks, not to them.

For the word griffin, we could note on the Greek form ■ἑλικογραφέω (elikografeo).

There is another impossibility about such ancient Greeks. They wouldn’t have needed normal amounts of oxygen to breathe. The ■Greek reporter wonders, were those ancients able to see color blue? Colors as black, red, white, yellow, and green are all ■mentioned in Homer, but blue does not appear.

■Business Insider says, There was no blue, not in the way that we know the color — it wasn’t distinguished from green or darker shades.

Blue is a distinct visible color. The one that is not apples, olives, or vines, you can see if you look upwards on a shiny day, in the open. Aerial heights and horizon waters render bluey tinctures when there is oxygen.

■Hypoxia can affect color vision, but Icarus ancient lifestyle is certainly not probable more than Homer having been mistranslated. Perseus shows ■quite a list of names for blue, one of which is ἰοειδής, “like the flower”, a motif in Garuda’s attire and an epithet for a sea in Homer.

The name ■chalcanthite derives from Greek words for copper and a flower, (k)halkos and anthos. The mineral is reportedly rare but easily grown; sensitive to water as to require coating, the color is clear sky blue.

The Greek κειρύλος (keirulos) corresponds with ■cerulean in Latin, for clear blue. Romans would have assimilated Greek into own patterns, hence the {ce} in caelum, though earlier word shapes show coelum. Feel welcome to read about the Latin demeanor.
Greeks continue to have a word shape as κεῖρις (keiris or kiris), to mean a fabulous bird, a garuda.

Ancient Knossian colors that we see today likely show mineral decomposition and oxidization: originally, the vivid blue hues contained copper and sulfate; the darker, indigo would have contained sulfide clay, less susceptible to oxidation, but not altogether indestructible and thus fallen off in bits.

Color-changer and only very generally, the looks might have been more like on the right here.

Egyptian ■Djoser got a name of “inventor of stone”. Visitors wrote his pyramid was “as if heavens”, whereas it was a regular ancient Egyptian idea, piled sandstone and a dark interior. The visitors maybe associated another place where stone was made, and blue interior made legends (44:42 in the movie below).

Ancient Egyptians look to have borrowed from Greece to adorn tombs. It is unlikely for a palace to borrow from a graveyard.

Egyptian tomb ceiling.
Palace at Knossos.

Rusty read was common use for curses, in ancient Egypt, unlikely of choice for room walls everywhere the practice was known (some 13:36 in the movie).

I admit I could be biased. I prefer Greek over Sanskrit or constructs as Proto-Indo-European (■No man, woman, child, or house, with the pie); but if ancient Greeks developed writing some 4 thousand years before this era, had a solar festival, and plenty of blue at home — palace patterns get adopted easy also for the living — and they buried it all, this is objectively an interesting matter. 

Ancient Egypt and solar power could be the answer, but as long as there is no evidence, the thing belongs with story making. True Green is a draft for a story about afterlife. Stories don’t require evidence or linguistic exactness. Story lines do not need to be belief. Stories are food for thought.

The movie, ■The Great Pyramid K 2019, says hard stone was molten in ancient Egypt.

Primitive Skills: How to make ancient concrete
Basalt and granite artifacts in Egypt

The following is a story to gather on myth and literature about life after physical death. There is no guarantee that all is fictitious, and there is no guarantee that anything is true: how much of the paradigms as in Taylor or Aristotle himself might hold — maybe nobody knows.

I am not a “contactee” or “contacted”, never had an out-of-the-body experience or similar, and I am not a believer or church member, but I wholly accept the possibility that every human being has an immortal soul. I do not think anyone could honestly be affirmative on Earth: Will God certainly be there for you? And stories need to differ somehow from regular life. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be stories.

The following is just a draft, so the ideas below might be not all the final form.

True Green

Death is as departure. Nobody on Earth knows that other “land”, because nobody has ever been back. Neither man nor woman truly knows what he or she is going to believe after they die. Does anyone know what they get to see or hear in that spiritual dimension, if they get there?

The soldier is at the bay of the After, the Cradle they call it on that other side. All souls go to the bay after bodily death, also if by pure accidental thunder. He feels like he’s in his parachute still, but he can’t tell the harness, or own body weight. All matter — or something — around him is swimming, but he is not in water. All around, there is light. It is not hard or intense. It is different and multicolor. His eyes are not adapted. It was the swimming to wake him up, not the light.

He can see an approaching shape. It has light, as own light, but it’s not glow, it has clear contours. How could he see that from far away? Is he sleeping? Dieter tries to focus. No, he’s not in his aircraft, or so it feels. The shape is right next to him already. Very fast. The shape speaks.

Gods said, “Think of us as regular fellows”. Earth is no experiment, so as long as souls arrive, we chat and welcome them. I’m Chatty. It’s my name, like there is Aristo-teles. I’m your immigration service, so to speak, but you can always ask for someone else to do the induction. There are more people around.

“Where am I?”

Think you’re near a tremendously vast settlement. There are plenty of created, vivid, interesting things to see. Plenty of people. Advanced living conditions. The haven here and Heaven proper are visa-free. You are in afterlife.

“I’m dead.”

Medically pretty much so, but there is something I need to tell you now. You were thunderstruck, nobody planned it, but as opportunity is all real-time, it’s only honest to let you choose. You can be back in your body.

Time is too short to tell you the story entire, but there are other people in earthly universe, and they want to put Earth under infinitude, a physical and local alteration in the cosmic fabric; figure, order, and position “Argonaut”. It can change soul routes to our bay. I must offer you a chance to go back and give Earth a warning. It is honest to tell you as well, your body can be painful. Plus, there may be no one to believe you on Earth.

“What is it the infinitude could do?”

When you died, you came to our bay. Under the infinitude, souls might even go to the Unshaped straight. Every soul route is a sort of trajectory.

“How much time have I got?”

Two minutes. After, your body starts decomposing.

“How is my body?”

You fell into water, got a bit broken, and your brain has been short of oxygen for a while. Your body’s floating. Your connection to it expires in 1:40 minutes.

“I’m not going. Physical pain, potentially debilitation, and nobody is going to believe me. What is the Unshaped?”

It was all fog, but a fog such as I’ve never seen before or since. For a moment I thought my sight had gone, that, perhaps, in the afterlife everything was vague and misty. — Gerald Heard published this in 1944, The Great Fog.

The Unshaped has no shape.

“He was there?”

No, he had an infinity phenomenon. It is when the tree of life, as it is called on Earth, indicates to you what there is.

“Was he going there?”

Neither, nor — a phenomenon is a phenomenon.

“And you are the guys up-there, as people say on Earth?”

Nope, Earth is round. We’re the “distant next”; earthling proper reference for living after physical death.

“Are you maybe the Anunnaki?”

Whatsoever. Poetically a bit, we’re “nature’s western brim”. Emily Dickinson is smart.

“Who wants to put Earth under infinitude?”

The name Anunnaki comes from ■making well or repairs. It was a stopover, and they didn’t make the regime, they emphasize. The people who want to put Earth under infinitude are Orti.


Orti wouldn’t have human sacrifice. They are people just as earthlings, the same species, in afterlife they are human souls, and they say that Earth with its human sacrifice is too much of a bad renown for them to suffer, well, eternally.

“What human sacrifice?”

I do not want to influence people on faith. Our cradle is about free and unconditioned living; consensus only, no terms imposed. A beautiful idea, an ambitious thought. I can talk here like we’re sharing notes, but mind you, Heaven never demands. On any matter, Heaven will accord or leave you.

“You mean religion. I am not a believer.”

Entity way out of the physical universe does not depend on belief, and well, Gods, the two, He and She, are real. They created universes.

“Are you going to to tell me now that God is a woman, and she threw Adam out of Paradise?”

Are you going to tell me the Almighty couldn’t tango? And God said, Let us make man in our own image. A man and a woman, God created them. Earthling shape for the Creator God would be feminine, but She never threw anybody out of any garden. The order of things is, the soul becomes and grows in own body, in a physical universe, then the body dies, and only later the person may come to the After. Adam never died before he lived on Earth.

“Now the Bible is lying?”

The Bible was put together by earthling males in a place and time female engineers were unthinkable. We say She did a good job, creating Earth.

“Am I going to see God now?”

You don’t go see God right after you die. On Earth alone, some 150 thousand people die every day. It is some 6 thousand every hour.

“There are people who say they saw God?”

It’s your infinity projection. If you leave your body for real, the time frame for a viable body is 4 minutes, unless you’re in a good quality emergency ward, or you meet a regular angel to help you back in. Otherwise, your body goes regular dead.

“As in stories about witches, that they can project from their bodies spiritually.”

All people are the same, and nobody can influence people or things in their infinity projection. Such a projection is more as an impulse that affirms on the “tree of life”, as earthlings name it. This affirmation may indicate God or both Gods, Heaven.

“Do you allow witches in your cradle?”

We don’t use terms of earthly abuse around here. We have accepted a few persons, very esthetic and learned, by the way.

“Emily Dickinson?”

She absolutely wasn’t a witch!

“But is she here? You said, Emily Dickinson is smart.”

She’s somewhere around. Once you’re in here, you can be staying in the cradle, you can go live in Heaven, or travel cradles. Thomas Paine travels a lot.

“Why do you call it cradles?”

They can give a bound, rounded pragma shape. Here, you can create anything with it, even a planet, so unless you insist to sit and watch a tree growing, you’re happy with this pragma like with nothing else. It only is not the partible matter, as Earth and the physical universe. Heaven is experts on that. Heaven is very beautiful, has a toned atmosphere, but it is very intellectual, like a university without parties or noise, so people choose to live in cradles and visit sometimes, as for festivities. Those are held in special areas, but you’re free to go and look around.

“I didn’t die a natural death. How is it then?”

In simple earthly terms… It’s obviously not about atmospheric pressure, but it’s like water pushes air and other lighter matter out. The atomos and the soul cannot stay in the physical world because they are impartible — and physical matter is partible. The impartible can be in the physical world only as long as the body lives. Death altogether is when bodily valence is not strong enough to hold the atomos.

“On Earth you learn that atomos is Greek for an atom, and it has been split.”

The true atomos is impartible, a-tomos said the Greeks. You cannot split it. I don’t think earthly techniques detect it. Every human has one. It’s the soul component to get people to the other side and let them move about, travel.

“Does it use hyperspace? There was still time for me to be back in my body, within 4 minutes.”

We don’t say “wormholes”, but you get “highways” in the physical universe too. Black holes have affinity for the impartible, get you through into designated space, and from there you travel in no time.

“Black holes are our way out of the physical universe? Physicists say nothing gets through there.”

I don’t know if they indicate the same black holes, but probably they mean, no physical matter gets through. I would have opened a white way, for you to get back into your body. Aristotle wrote for λευκὸν καὶ ὑγιεινὸν, there is no extraction to single these out as inheritable.

“Souls cannot be inherited.”

Every child is a new entity, a new being, but nothing that has become or cascaded in the physical world can get into a white way, or a white hole as earthlings say, but the other side may come in through, into the physical universe. We can ride Aristotle’s “white donkey”.

“Why don’t you go to Earth, if there’s an issue?”

We wouldn’t mistake the cargo. Earthlings do what earthlings do; souls anyway come to the other side. Our slate remains clean, and we’d hate to be earthling “unbought grace of life, cheap defense of nations”, or “nurse of sentiment”.

Dieter laughs. “Burke chivalry.”

What would you expect of earthly boys and girls? Death does not change everything. We all lived on planets.

“In afterlife, could souls be as Aristotle described, rational, sensible, or vegetative?”

There is an old Orthodox word, ■krmiti, and Greek ■κυβερνητέον. Both imply, one must direct. Aristotle never suggested that people had naturally multiple personalities. The psyche always was one, and there have been scopes in which the one, own soul, needs to direct own body. Many things happen without the soul knowing. On Earth, the psyche does not know some of the processes for bodily digestion, breathing, brain cellular function, and such. Buddhist ■karma means “action” or “doing”. 

Maybe it has been misinterpreted on Earth generally. Modern times, cybernetics is sure not the answer, and olden times, it must have been earthlings had difficulty getting the phrase ■”She makes things”, for God the Creator. Earthlings apparently thought the Creator had to be male, and if there wasn’t a body part, it had been ■removed.

Well, you can get to feed yourself in the After, it is only never earthling hunger to motivate you.

“When I feed myself, do I eat?”

Afterlife pragma for taste and smell gives impressions favored beyond earthly, but feeding yourself means also choice on own intellectual composition. You can become master on own matrix, a sovereign creator engineer for own reality that you may share, and many people try. Some people began with practice on Earth and in other physical universe, with selectiveness on composition of own thought, intellectual autonomy. Not only Leibnitz would have played with ■matrix-similar ideas, afterlife is only not so earthly mathematical or physical, and we have plenty of arts, so ■”self-controlling cybernetics” is not our word for own Self. Mind control techniques as sadly ever existent on Earth, would be an obstacle.

“Were Orti ever on Earth?”

On Santorini, earthlings have found an ion broth gold goat, a toy in shows for kids, Orti and Earthling; a fractal design table, and a sunshine sinusoid kratera. If Minoans are hard to find under Santorini volcanic rubble, it is because Orti helped them evacuate from what properly might be described as an ancient Egyptian solar invasion on Knossos.

“Do you mean quantum physics does not apply? You say, sunshine sinusoid.”

As a mathematical representation. Useful with plant growth, peaceful. After Egyptians, the vitrification is still there in Knossos, it was some olive oil burn, there’s a report (■30:15), but ■experiments with stone melting on Earth require some 1180-1195 centigrade, and olive oil burns at some 200 C. To compare ■Peru, you can see solar uses in masonry, for a durable finish. Egyptians were unusual, to use solar power in war. Now Orti would never bring their kids on Earth again.

“Santorini is much different from ■Pompeii.”

And those who wonder over Alexander’s raid of Egypt may consider, it was in long-term reproach. Knossos Garuda could run, leap or jump, but never would soar: it was not a weapon. Alexander was checking if weaponized solar use got transferred anywhere. It would have been odd sport, to go around the world almost, unable to keep the lands — and Alexander got even to India. No Romans would take such expeditions. Lensing got buried for some hundreds of years. Earthlings returned to wood, cobble, and brick.

Evans, Heidelberg

You remember Benjamin Franklin about fish? “If you eat one another, I don’t see why we mayn’t eat you”, continues Chatty. It is not likely that Knossians would have learned names for ■fish parts or attributes for Aquarius from ■Etruscans. If you look at the earthly development of writing, or compare ■Puabi and the ■camp stool fresco, ancient Greek looks quite consumed, whereas it couldn’t hurt to pay the credit. It wasn’t Knossos learning from Puabi, about ■clover having been part the ■interspecific DNA research in creating the human, camp stool haute couture.

Egyptian glyphs or cuneiform, there is the same legend to accompany both: though deciphered, they would not have the power of sound. Believably Greek was the other for Egyptian ■”double light”, with a pie.

“Clover is ■Klee in German. and Greek ■allelokleronomia is mutual inheritance, I heard about a Proto-Indo-European theory on Earth. Akleronometos meant “no heirs”, and akleia was for ingloriousness, Greek sounds ε or η. Would that be the light in the sound?”

Sometimes. This like this, that like that, but the Proto is not the pie. Easter Island and other stone will show hands on navels, and the ■omphalos idea comes from Greece, but it is more likely that Egyptians visited. And I hope clover is no offense. It’s simply a fact, three or four leaves, it was interesting, the DNA versatility. Silk butterfly was part the study too, I’m telling you to be honest.

“No offense. But you say likely, about Egyptians.”

I’m your welcome party for the After, don’t specialize in Earth. I tell you what I know, and in the Cradle, you can learn all there is. It’s just widely spoken about in the After, how Greek evidently was a global language in some prehistoric now time on Earth, and how meticulously earthlings omit it from view. Atlantis must have been a place you didn’t have to ■strain or exert yourself for living, where ■crops twelve times a year made people like ■Ainu sing praise.

Humans naturally celebrate good things in life; it could be only some reverse to tell otherwise. ■She ■marveled and made wonders, you could read about the God of the room of sunshine. It is enough you look to Greek and word formations as ama-ter (■2:24:52). And why go Basque {“Hau Ahi Gari”} for Hawaii, if you could ■ring the metal for ■plenty of ■pearls and ■relax? That old Grecian name, “Africa”, would be about some people without town walls. If true, why deny it. That’s how the name came to be. Look to the bright side. Those olden Grecians didn’t take to terminating or annihilating those other humans, contrary to Nazis claiming culture on other people. And you know what, you can always change your way to call a continent, if you think it is necessary. No olden Grecian could be the trouble.

18th century in England, they allowed that Eastern people might have kept a true knowledge of God, though ■the book allows tall tales as well. This thing is certain, swastika is a broken Knossian knead. It was for soul kin, to those Greek ancients. They were right. Soul kin does not deny individuality.

Philology has been ■banned from the US, but you know what, philologists simply by education come to the same result: there was a lingua franca, a global language “before time” and it was some sort of Greek. It can’t be merely madness. This very same education works for language as it is now on Earth, and Nietzsche never even got his teaching degree. He remained below the bachelor level for the study. It’s a good requirement, university master of arts, to consider one a philologist.

“If I want to learn everything about Earth, where do I?”

You go to Heaven, but I told you, it can be very intellectual.

■The English say, evidence for the first Roman landing is scant. Maybe ancient Romans taught Knossians, there’s only no evidence, and it has been disputed, if those were Etruscans or some Italic tribe to begin with. Atlantis is considered a myth, but maybe the name just described a place, as you’re saying.”

The English may show plenty of those CLBR tiles off their eastern shore, but those are much later than Knossos, just as Latin for the lingua franca. We wonder, people in Scandinavia have word shapes similar to ■meniscus, for men. Those could have been Romans, trying to talk people into lensing. Didn’t want to do it from Rome in fear of backlash.

“You wouldn’t eat people or souls?”

No, these are stories about devils and oxygen in hell. Souls are not really edible, and flesh is no food to the After. The Franklin example is to show, behavior may change the picture of the species.

“Is there a hell around?”

Some cradles are inferior, but none requires a fireplace.

“Would you say earthlings freak before afterlife and come up with nonsense?”

Odd things happen mostly in doctrines, not in people naturally. To think about death and coming here, you might compare a water slide. You’re going to be in the water, there’s no way around it. If you develop a fear attitude, you are going to be really scared and there’s no need to call it freaking, but fear is not going to help you with anything, in the water, and you’re sure no worse off than a newborn, after you die the physical death. People shouldn’t think it’s all too easy on the other hand, shouldn’t take own life, make a deal, just kill, murder, or try to lose it otherwise to get here; your matrix is not going to look good, and they don’t have anything like fireplaces somewhere.

“Can you be telepathic?”

Earthlings and their imaginations. What for? If someone wants to, they speak with you. Would earthlings implant their brains with chips to take any call, or be better off with a phone at hand? Feel-good is much about enjoying own inner harmony, so, no way, we don’t have any such mind control as “telepathy”.

“Did Aristotle have a resource?”

Yes, he could read from the book on Earth. Plato mentions it too, “the original”. Respectable of them, to have noted, as the book wasn’t by earthlings from before the holocaust and they could have as well buried the matter of the resource.

“On Earth? A holocaust on Earth?”

Some 400 centuries before this era. Again, lensing at 180 degrees, as you can see about the Hebrew ark. We don’t know what it is that earthlings see about weaponized beaming. It is hazardous. It is risky physics. 180 is the least loss in power of the focused beam, but it might be the largest of human perdition. Egyptian angels were angles.

Fatima people said they saw the Sun going from yellow to silver or, we say, ■cornflower and grayscale, gravitational lensing colors of deflection. The beam had to come from Earth, for people to see things like this on Earth. The Sun obviously never went zigzag, but gravitational disturbance would show it for unstable, like you can see with hot air on Earth. From other places in the cosmos you could see the Sun as usual.

“The Jewish say it was an arc of covenant with God.”

She created Earth, but she never commended sunbeams for arms and weapons. ■Optics is physics, it’s not God playing ping pong from the sky. There is gravitational rebound, it is potentially disastrous, but on the other hand, planets need sunshine for living, you can’t get by without a jolly ball. It is enough you’re wise with it, and you have no problem: this is what Orti were teaching at Knossos. Outer space gravitational lenses are lenses. It is basic wit, not to hit them.

Orti also helped think, if you depend on one central government, and what happens if there is a natural disaster or war, if you let all the country or planet down, because the government is. They included religion: it should not be too central, because it could become abuse of power, and a hopeless show if questioned from out there. It is not like you could call for God with sunbeams, and true faith needs to be your own, autonomous. Early Greeks developed ■the polis for politics, and many deities, but it wasn’t for everybody to have many gods, it was for everyone to choose favorite aspects or attributes for worship; the idea got twisted later. Obviously, She did not attend WWII.

“But She had Egypt under the seven plagues, killing the first-born? You can’t keep a polis against something like that.”

Nope, She didn’t. Partible matter physics and chemistry, it was ■the backlash, earthling James Cameron noticed. It had to be that Egyptians lensed. It wouldn’t have been back to them physically otherwise. A weaponized beam kind of makes a ■tear.

“And you say She did a good job, creating Earth?”

His physical universes are partible matter too. All would have been the same in a universe of His making, and we don’t know anyone able to do a job better than Her or Him. Partible matter… You need to use it reasonably, be it aspirin or a habitat.

“Fatima didn’t have a backlash.”

Fatima didn’t have a beam as focused as to hit or strike. It would have had the backlash.

“And the book of Job, did She do it to that man?”

Think of us as regular fellows, they both say, He and She God proper. Neither of them ever intervened on Earth. Like Confucius exactly, it is never Heaven to make your life hell or shorter.

They don’t want to play with people as with dolls, so they don’t intervene. They are really mighty. They can grant eternal existence in best of places: wouldn’t Moses have been simply obedient? Just for a better life after Earth. All his dragging the people through the sandy search of manna was for what he believed a promise to himself, never all the tribe. Job was a cruel and human experiment. No regular fellow would do anything like that human trial.

“Driving earthlings would have been just too easy to the God proper, Him and Her?”

In a way; but they don’t do it on other planets either. The problem is, earthlings don’t make Earth a habitat. On other planets, dangerous species are eliminated or put in gardens of no escape, because they could injure a human. Lions, Bengali tigers or hyenas, just the same. On Earth, every poisonous tree has a free access park, with a tablet to tell how bad the tree. ■Manchineel is no good to be loved, however far away; or, what is your love? Earthlings still do not leave their cash in the street to see if anybody takes it. Manchineel is let in the wild.

More, earthlings believe that terminating the body ends the life; they kill or murder other earthlings never thinking the people go to a dimension where all people come after all; and the earthlings believe they terminate the life.

“How many universes are there?”

Many. She has made six cosmoses, for every kid she’s had by Him. They’re as a good marriage, or Yin and Yang. Orti brought a picture of Her and Knossians made a painting, Xesti. Look at that pet owl. Visitors from out there came to Australia and made a rock stamp. The feet: turn upside down, and you see the apron for the work, and the rings for the Creator.

“You said Adam couldn’t have been in Paradise before he came to Earth.”

He wasn’t. Gods incarnated, to have children.

“They got to be born on Earth?”

They invented the DNA and they can grow it. Earth is not the only pre-life physical habitat, as not only ■Cleopatra might have said. Earth is the only one with human sacrifice. It does not have fans in the cosmos, Orti are just an example; not in thousands of years.

“Gods can possess people?”

No, they can grow a biological body, just the shell, without a soul or atomos. Two active atomoses in one body is not a viable idea. Earthlings continue to have those legends, and there must have been times the writings were considered of historical value, if you have look at the ■terrakota army, how humans were “fashioned”, “cast”, or may have come “from the same mold”, and how ■demiurges gave the human body the breath of life. A demiurge does not have to be male. Monotheistic religions have one Creator, a different notion, more bachelor-like, but earthling physical universe remains one and the same.

“Can you have children on the other side, in afterlife?”

If ghosts could beget ghost kids, is that? Earthlings believe we’re ghosts. No, souls become in physical universes. You could have a pet or avatar kid if you like, but it would be your creation, not a real soul and soul kin. It would be as dimensional computer software. Gods loved each other and wanted real children. We respect that. They are back with real souls and kin.

“Did they go to a physical planet for that?”

It was an Orti planet, they have a few. She hunted, hence the Xesti. They had beautiful facilities, a modern architectural complex, well streamlined. Sometimes we suspect the men who put the Bible writs together knew some of the true story, because the Bible would be much into ■antinomy. It is not only the myth of Adam to have the reverse, and those ancient men certainly knew they were presenting the opposite for the order of things, as life after death before earthly life.

“Did Gods kill the kids to get them to the other side?”

To the contrary. They all lived a lifespan, parents and children. Orti continue to live some 120 years. As long as the brain keeps bright, they say.

“If you changed the shell, grew shell bodies for yourself or so, you could live in the physical forever?”

Transcended is the better state of existence.

“Shouldn’t people live just some time, and go the After? If you can learn on Earth or here in the After, and learning is better in the After.”

We say life is not an experiment. Nobody predicts what there would be. As long as your body is viable for your thought, stay on Earth and grow your soul. There couldn’t be any need to hurry. Every day is plenty for the soul, provided you are not environmentally limited.

“What about impeded people?”

With an inborn impediment, the person knows no better state of own thought. Still, he or she can be growing their soul. There’s neither prediction nor clairvoyance for soul growth and life. If a person becomes impeded, awareness of own better state of thought, if they remain unable to attain it, may cause suffering. We never say you should suffer. Heaven does not need you in pain. There is no impediment or illness of the soul, and ailments of bodily shapes are gone in the After. Orti have euthanasia, if a person wants it.

If the body normally gave pain, this would be reason good enough to reject His or Her creation, regardless of ■C.S. Lewis, but the body does not, and this much is true, Adam and Eve could be ill on Earth or anywhere in a physical universe, but not in Paradise. All illness is somatoform, of the body as distinguished from the psyche or soul, ■soma and ■form. We don’t know why some earthlings would have it ■otherwise. Maybe they are continuing with the reverse.

Our impression here in the After is, earthlings generally don’t keep knowledge. Earthlings mystify. To say illness is of bodily shape, they say it’s a legend of a paradise; and then it’s always the same old story about viable things on Earth, like Hitler on auroras from Chile. Our name is Nouma, by the way. Our cradle is Nouma, not ■Numinous. We’re kind of next room; it’s probably all that works in that story by Otto, as you can’t telephone Heaven from your head, you know, and nobody needs to be psychedelic. Fear is not respect, and respect is not fear. If you are afraid, we do not believe you respect. People don’t like fear, and respect also is favorable preference.

“We had some training on possibilities, in ■die Luft. Earthlings have a word as somatic.”

That’s for things visible directly, like a bump or bruise, and psychosomatic is for regular lunacy.

“Are these eyes without a mouth, you can see in the Australian rock stamp?”

These are two universes in each cosmos, physical and non-physical afterlife, separated by the “needle” or “pin” for physical reasons. If there ever comes an end to a physical universe, the non-physical takes the cosmos entire. Earthlings have it noted for “dropping” or “lifting the veil”. The non-physical wouldn’t necessarily follow a vertical perspective, lifting or dropping. We love broad horizons.

“Do you mean earthlings should believe in life under a big mama?”

Whatsoever, no. She has her children. And possibility with Her as well as with Him is, all non-physical could become aligned, allowing people’s freedom of movement. We like to think we’re people still, though after physical death. Yourself, if you allow for afterlife in your belief, you’re not scared of this. You’re likely a free traveler in some future. The soul is immortal, unless disjoined from the tree of life by own volition. This place we’re in, it has been manifested to the physical universe, what it looks on the outside, and earthlings have named it the “Veil Nebula”. One day, the veil will open up on the physical side.

“Einstein said, the outer space gave impression sometimes, like spirituality manifested.”

We do this every 20 years or so, for Orti and other physical people, for them to know we’re real. Orti have a holiday, the Cue, every October 10th. Their children as well, can see the cosmic horizon before and after.

“Can you see that from Earth?”

To see, you need to know where to look. Plus, other people use gravitational screening, and there is gravitational lensing too, around earthling physical outer space. Honestly, I don’t know.

“Are people in Gods’ image, that of the two?”

After the pattern exactly, for biological living. The pattern has two genders. Gods were creating each other for biological life, and they enjoyed it, and it worked. We agree they both did a good job. Body part naming on Earth is much later, Roman Latin mostly. It’s some authority issue on Earth, right? There are male idiots and female idiots; male and female intellectuals: why have an authority issue on gender?

■The Idea of the Holy is much about authority issues. Males as accepted intellects would make strings, as of such words, the soul resumes its “profane”, non-religious mood of everyday experience. The soul is not an alien resident in yourself. For your soul, say I: I think, I feel.

“You don’t mean humanity is profane by nature, well, the everyday mood or so?”

I don’t. The author wouldn’t say that about himself, or his Self: I resume my “profane”, non-religious? And ■”ego dissolution” is “personality implosion” with shrinks. It really isn’t a healthy idea.

Things would be always the same for me and Huxley too. I don’t tolerate the guy. Man’s self-aggravated separateness from the infinity of God, lacks knowledge about all people, everyone, having infinity in own souls. Language is proof. You have to be capable of the infinite, to have language, and it’s healthy to be individual. People always have been individuals. God never meant a hive, plankton or like form, for intellect and existence. I’d rather have more sense associated with masculinity. I’m male, physically was an Orti.

We know and consider, humans altogether are not spiritually sovereign, as long as biologically alive. The body allows influence on the mind you do not experience in afterlife. I Ching first symbol is for “sovereign”, human matrix recognizes it. It is inactive in physical universes except in Gods, the two, and some advanced spiritual entities who can travel physical universes. Earthling males are not truly sovereign, and females as well, but identity does not change in the After. You can change your name if you like, from the earthly given to another.


A human entity is composed of a matrix, atomos, infinity, and Self embraces it all. A kind of watermark can read soul matrix, when the soul arrives here. We do not spy on earthlings. We can access the media, but we have plenty of interesting things to do around here, we don’t need earthly currency, we have own true green game for a pastime. We interpret the matrix. Benjamin Franklin with his ivory book of virtues came in quite well. Most souls never are judged by God. They just make it in. God comes only if the watermark rejects someone and the person does not understand. Then, we witness.

“Franklin. Merely an honest man, and of no sect at all. Do you mean people have a conscience written in the soul?”

You’d doubt it, looking to Earth’s history. We call it a matrix. “Keep thy soul diligently”, these are words of wisdom. The ■Westermarck effect, we call it tampering.

“Would it show in the “doctor” or the “patient” matrix?”


“Was it my matrix to tell you the condition of my body on Earth, when I came here?”

Exactly. That infinity connection is not working anymore.

“Could infinity work for a connection between people on Earth?”

Infinity phenomena work for “out there”, the outer space with regard to Earth, and you can’t induce them. Natural language allows conversation of course, but it’s not an infinity connection.

“Do you keep an infinity connection with Orti, like to indicate to them where you manifest for the Cue?”

We don’t practice sacrifice. There is another kratera at Knossos, probably the latest for earthlings to see the pattern, ■duogony. It’s not the most serious of patterns, we don’t like natural death for drama, and the pattern properly is for a utility, not for a human being to wear. Humans have ascending and descending neural paths, but never are truly duogonous, whereas in physics, like with the black or white ways out and into a physical universe, the paths must be separate, for speed and exactness. Every planetary setup has had a device for talking with the After and Orti have it. All such devices have the duogony pattern.

“Radio to talk with God? Did Earth have it?”

Radio is an earthly term, partible physics. Orti were asked to take the duogony away from Earth at Knossos, and they did take it away.

“Heaven accords or leaves you.”

Greeks who remained on Earth started striking color blue from records.

“You said you were an Orti. Do you support putting Earth under infinitude?”

Death does not change everything, but it changes some things. In earthly terms, people on Orti planets live like the Swiss in their cantons, but after bodily death, all people are more like immigrated to an afterlife USA. It is a new form of existence. I’m a citizen of the Cradle now. I don’t take part in Orti decisions. I can only know about them.

“Is Heaven a monarchy?”

Those who can live eternally do not need ascension, could they?

“How do people die, if the end of the physical universe comes?”

Earthlings have a phrase, “eternal sleep”. The sleep would not last forever, but the body would die.

“True good old painless. What if some people don’t want to live forever, in the After? There was a philosopher, Kotarbinsky.”

If earthlings bring on the end to Earth, as in the ■prophesies about God they wrote before Christos, those of fire, and the pictures look an imagination for ■a solar flare (1:12), there’s not going to be an intervention. By fire, death is painful and cruel, even if instantaneous. “When the skies opened, and fire raged down from Heavens”: to say you love God and you trust God who would do such a thing to you, obviously you’re lying. You can’t love someone who would burn you to death and annihilate with flame all you’ve known for living, so there’s no one around here in the After to help such liars: most earthlings who tell prophesies are aware that weaponized beaming or radio can cause a flare. It’s in human hands and all about the angle. A ■180 can turn out like atomic, and though Egyptian and then Jewish ancients did it trial-and-error, they showed gold, like Rutheford did. A solar flare can ■burn oxygen on a planetary scale, see the news from Mars.

This is why duogony was taken away from Earth. If you cannot love God, because your mentality and imagination are such, why should you invoke God? To gain undue power over other people? Duogony was taken away to prevent anybody’s trying to use Her name for such harm. She’s never burned a living being.

Earthlings have Nature for a goddess mostly, and Natura was physics in olden Latin. Maybe it is some trace for olden lore, I’m not an expert at earthling records.

Well, She’s real God more than just some goddess, powerful and Creator, but She’s not a psychopath. To Her, cruelty is offense on intellect. The Greek pantheon has some of her attribution. She’s hunted and She’s created growth: ■Artemis ■Demeter, female equal to male.

He would be offended as well; he only never created Earth. Her works don’t parry His, but He is very intelligent, so they do not have conflict. This is why ancient Greeks had local worship, but they did not expand to make it universal. ■She does not exclude Him, and He does not exclude Her.

There have been a few extraterrestrial people fly-bys over Earth, but they didn’t decide to land and say hi. Earthling is a strange picture on deity, and this is taken for a matter of psychological consequence. Someone to burn you is not your father; is not your mother, and without soul-kin or friendship, blood-relations are just mortal genetic resultants or statistics; well, it’s how look-alikes happen. Where you can’t have friendship, there couldn’t be need to pretend sentiment. It feels cumbersome to even consider a framework as for a “cruel family”, or “cruel fondness”, these are empty contradictions, on true sense for family or fondness, and as such happen to be earthling pictures for life, God, and life’s end, decency tells us to try another layout, so to speak, straight at the beginning, when people come here.

Do earthlings mean God as Father would put them to ashes and dust, later to reconstitute them body and soul, to judge them? Health condition is reasonably of regard in earthling courts of law already. Nobody in the cosmos could understand how this might be justice, if you’re put to pieces and back, and well, live as a copy? Gods don’t clone people. Ash or dust go ■Mendeleyev, and souls are neither ash, nor dust.

This is the speciate matter that other people bring up against Earth, about returning duogony to the planet. Earthlings are emotionally odd, beside the gender bias. Without duogony life is harder, but it’s earthlings to be so. These are earthlings to hold writings by people who didn’t know nature — for higher than life and Gods. And it is eternal life that earthlings might forfeit. It’s no life, in the Unshaped, all people tell the same.

There is no way to have an interesting discourse with a ■cremation diamond. She, the God, never meant such use. Earthling seeking ways to consume entities of same own species is very deterring to other people, on allowing duogony back for Earth: there would be more earthlings in our Cradle then. Why don’t earthlings set the temperature to avoid the carbon by-product? Do they want to make Her ashamed of Her creation, and us on top of things, since such ideas for economy make it impossible for Earth to avoid inflation and have global well-being at the same time? Where there are people, it is unwitting to ignore motivation, and diamonds are obviously consumer goods. Allowed, cremation diamonds demotivate much of honest business.

And more, earthlings should stop doing things to the jolly ball, as pictured here. The jolly is not a smiley, and it neither plaits nor braids. It couldn’t look like you need to prod it to get a thing out of it, so we think all Orti lessons are forgotten. These are not fission random effects.

NASA imaging
NASA imaging

Back to existence overall, if an earthling dies their physical death and he or she tells us they don’t want to live in any of the cradles, they can go to the Unshaped. From there, you can request cessation. We don’t sort people. After the watermark check, you can travel cradles. If you don’t want to exist, you can go to the Unshaped. So far, no one went there straight away or out of own whim — like, just sick with living? The Unshaped has only rejects. You can stay there even forever, but without shape, it turns out that existence is torment to beings.

I asked my girlfriend once, I remember she was taking her bath — we have pleasures available here we know from physical lives and more, that was her chamomile-rosemary-strawberry, I believe — Why would Israel keep those prophesies about the end of life on Earth if Jews come together? And she just squirted, “Chatty, their writing looks patterned after upside-down Greek, and they were not allowed to approach their Egyptian masters from behind. When Jews are together, it shows all the more”.

On this, I don’t blame the Egyptians. I wouldn’t ■have it either (0:26), and it’s like a whole lot about ■circumvallation, but Africa anyway wasn’t the first, and we don’t have servants whatsoever. The Jewish ■Tetragrammaton, “four letters” in Greek, is about auspicious or ■vivid dreams. Compare the grapheme and the morpheme, two ideas for language shape, and you find the Greek with {uone}, Y:ʊ, H:ω V:ν H:ε, see ■Demeter for morphs, ■Δηῷος, {Deoos} phonemically or third-shape ■holy by Demeter, or actually “healthy”, if to read the ancient sense right. Many people are not initial creators to their alphabets and have no pain about it. Transliteration helps see morphs.

“Part our counter-espionage training. If you have a message from God and God is a She, there may be something wrong with your sermons, for all Earth to tell that was a He. Natural immunity, they told for the course. ■Demeter has always been a She. All cures on Earth come from nature; some are processed, but none has been created as from outside the world.”

■Deus looks a worldly propagated form. Compare the {Deoos} of Demeter. And this much is true, it’s best to leave ending the world to the After. It really could be some sweet dreams, we hope, becoming truly reality. For Earth it would be sure a time ■before Andromeda. Honest, we don’t understand why envision a global burnout rather than allow the possibility that She created Earth.

Prophesies are impositions. They are some earthlings seeking power over other earthlings, whereas there is no sum total to things. The cosmos is creation, it is life. It is a generous gift to have come from happiness and love by mother to children. It is sad, what earthlings do about this gift. This is why we don’t look to Earth often. It is beautiful, but all planets like Earth or ■Gaia are, whereas She can create and control powers as earthly nature; really God she is, and we know it. We also know that She is kind; She knows philosophy and wisdom, and She believes in love.

On the physical Orti planet I lived before I came here, just like Earth, but that was before me, it was when She was incarnate, She had snow dancing, or showing people’s faces too; if you smiled, the snowflakes shaped into a reflection of your smile in the air. Partible matter physics can be a great toy. People had a lot of fun, making faces. And She showed many wonders, but She never made any prophesies.

To talk understandable earthly science and words, Earth cosmos is not a ■computationally closed set. This means you can predict a process, a physical process, but you cannot really see forward, unless you organize doing the thing you foretell, and this could be only like trying to cheat life, if you wanted to be prophet who tells how people live or die. Simpler still, you can predict that water boils, but to foretell or prophesy a party with tea, you’d have to provide against possible power failure or water shortage, and well, if you carry them in, they can’t be just guests.

Sometimes, it is disgust we feel for imposition. And earthlings have had Citizen Kane to view, to stimulate own thought. You can’t take your trinkets with you to the After, but your mind, you do have. Orti or After, we never consider living without Her wonders, but it must have been something snow that citizen K missed dearly. His wonders are good too.

The Sled Scene
Snow Globe Scene

In truth, the living matter physical world is not the same size or weight as the After, and all is in balance. The future is an open context; there will be, what will be. And life is for living. It is for the soul to grow in a cognitively rich environment, as with wonders and arts.

“Is it you believe in movies or archives, for Her wonders?”

She left some of Her knowledge with the Orti. They still can do the smiling dancing snowflake, or a ■snowbud, rather. In the After, you can have some more fun still, like water wall wonders and such. In a physical world, it could go gravitationally clumsy sometimes. At least what we do here, it could go clumsy in a physical world, as waterwalls dancing. Our water is quite like earthly, similar.

“Earthquakes and volcano eruptions, they are not from God.”

Nope, they are partible matter physics when distorted, not Orti. Earth is not tilted proper, you’d need to water Africa, earthly water of course, after all the weaponized beaming that earthlings did. Sand is lighter than soil with vegetation. If you look how the northern hemisphere is cracking, you see the globe should be heavier south. ■Mangrove could do for starters, and equator Indonesia shows Earth needn’t be dry to roll. I don’t know if the ancient precession was good or already tipped, Earth is not my major to specialize, I’ve told you.

“You said Franklin came in quite nice, and there’s no note he would believe in God otherwise than male.”

His writings give no hint he would disbelieve reality, either. He saw and he believed, here. He was an honest and decent man on Earth, and he’s on speaking terms with Thomas Paine now. They both know about WWII and other developments.

“And if you don’t come in well.. The Unshaped, can you go there as a tourist, so to speak?”

Most cradles have emulations for the Unshaped, because you can’t get out of there unless especially trained. Souls that no cradle accepted have to go there. Rape, murder and such. Breaches against the created form: this qualification includes self-immolation. Entities to get in and out of the Unshaped must be able to create geometry, to move about. It is not to say, they learn drawing squares and circles. They need to be able to create actual geometry.

“If you give someone such training, aren’t you afraid they abuse their privileges?”

We don’t grant ability. Souls develop it. And the fact has been, whoever has developed the skill, never breached on us, never abandoned that angle in own Self. Act of creation, I guess.

“The straight angle, Thomas Paine.”

Oh, he’d never go there, unless on duty. Shapelessness has no allure to him, he says.

“Duty as in recruitment?”

Around here, duty is something you accept with your free will, that it is right to do.

“Do you have religion in the After?”

All religion is about ways best to get an afterlife. We don’t worship afterlife, we live it. But we have philosophy.

“Could you ask God for help?”

Would you ask Her for help about Earth and the infinitude?

“I don’t know. What do I say, I know that women are not respected as intellects on Earth, but I want your help? Do I say, I know that single women, or women who don’t have sexual activity are repressed because they are not bodily useful to males, but I want you to help the people? Women cannot be lecturers or priests with a most numerous congregation on Earth, but I want you to help the place? I know all that, so it would sound as offense.”

If there is no way to ask God, there must be some fault on the earthling side.

She’s well above that level for emotion, as to feel and address wretched offense on femineity, but She would have her dignity. And creating a planet is no fuss to many female entities. You could become a skilled entity yourself. She and Earth is merely fact. It is not to say males are stupid. And well, to create a cosmos is real intellectual. Eternal master creator knowledge and skill, both He and She are capable.

A doctrine to say that mother of the Almighty’s child was under a carpenter’s care and labored in an animal shed — I doubt female teachers could save the doctrine. Why are you a non-believer, if you want to tell me. If you don’t mind that I was an Orti.

“I am here, and I see. I can feel that my person does not have the physical body anymore, but I can feel and see my shape. I’m learning to move about, this feels funny at times. There are other people like me, just over there. All my senses are well together, I can see and talk with you, so this must be my new reality, and all I can do is to try to understand this form of existence. I choose to be understandable myself, for that. When I was a boy, I thought I’d leave my mother if she ever agreed to crucify me.”

Did you tell her that?

“Yes. It was a cruel fate, that for the Christos, and as an act of redemption, it would have been planned before he was born. All those cruel things would have been done to him, as a son, for an apple, fruit of a season. And if to blame people for that ancient apple, whose authority is there to trust, that people wouldn’t be blamed for the animal shed and crucifixion? We both left the church.”

The stolen apple is more of a boast. How do you steal from someone who knows everything, and the doctrine says God is omniscient? But I don’t know who there would be to say “no biggie” about those other matters. Plus, strategy is knowledge. How could a good and mighty strategist lose his or her son for fruit of season? Earthlings don’t suppose such sacrifice of military commanders. And your father?

“I wanted to be a pilot. I learned about gravitation. On many crucifixes or paintings, those Christ hands couldn’t hold by the ■thin bones, support the body weight. He would have fallen off. How do you trust the religion, if you cannot trust the central image? My father agreed that was a major problem and became a non-believer too. He said, it was difficult to stop thinking a human by ■Bloch could only end up shattered.”

No human could have held up for six hours in that body position. It is enough they try, stretch both arms, lift them up, see how long the body lets you keep. Half an hour is probably quite impossible for a human body, and belief you cannot trust is no good for your soul. Belief needs to be in harmony with the soul.

As a probe by God, such events would be condemning, to any planet. For people to have festivity about birth and death of a human like themselves, yet doomed to sacrifice before life, as you noticed yourself about an act of redemption, the result would be, the people are not prospective for living in the Cradle, because they don’t have speciate empathy, and in afterlife the species is us, in our ■formarum Cradle, as earthlings maybe remembered in olden times, when they were telling fables from ■the box or ■cradle, about ■people of ears long enough to sleep in, yet of ■lodging and entertainment as well.

“Stories from a duogony box?”



Grammatical fables rather, but Strabo is not exact in his notes. If you’d heard the earthling kids laughing, you wouldn’t look so serious now. Kids on Earth, I mean.

“Is there only the Cue allowed for festivity, among Orti?”

They have four huge festivities, one for every season, for Nature and life. Cue is only one of those. Orti do not attach suffering to celebration, whatever way.

“God took the duogony away?”

It was much earlier.

“Would there be a principle, for speciate empathy, a formula?”

Don’t do to another against his or her will, want, or preference. We believe the same in the Cradle. Earthlings have had human charters.

“Christ foretold events.”

It was language future form, not expression of preference. Crucifixion for the preferred end of own biological life is not understandable. It is not understood as well, why those ancients insisted on agony, whereas they could have just detained a dissident teacher. You see, duogony means that matters and things can go on both ways, in two directions. Agony says, there is no going on anymore. No good for a new beginning, could it be?

“Do you think they maybe wanted to hint something to you?”

Too much of a twist, for a message. To hint to us, whereas they wouldn’t be fit to live with us in afterlife form, because we would all need to fear trespassers. We prefer the comfort we have. We’re not going to suffer anxiety or get a police force, whatever your message. The principle is simple. Keep to it.

“And law enforcement in physical worlds, people need to enforce the law sometimes.”

When you truly believe the simple principle, there’s no need for those. On Earth you’d say it’s utopia, right? Whereas around here, you simply don’t do to others what they don’t like, and others don’t do to you what you don’t like. Of course, it would be odd to do to oneself against own preference, and we don’t have such cases. There’s no requirement to do anything to another, either.

Heaven has no police force or prisons, and we have no need for law enforcement. As long as there is such need on Earth, the people are on duty. They are not guilty, doing their job right. We have quite a few retired earthling police force here. Imagine, they have plenty of interest in things other than policing people.

“Do you reckon maybe something failed on speciate empathy with Christos? He maybe levitated? His body was different? He walked on water?”

■CLBR. Romans gave ■Celts a name after those saw them, and Romans called for ■the last meal before the time. Judeans saw Christos, ate and spoke with him, could touch him. Pictures as Bloch must have been wrong. The physical pain of the agony was reportedly real, though ■one piece of stone is all there’s left about Pilatus.

Christos would have been suicidally critical about the Act of Creation, dying beforehand for human generations to come; he would have presumed there was going to be something wrong with earthling nature. Well, it was God to create Earth, and give it the nucleus and the bud for life.

“When I was a boy I thought, even if to clarify on the method between Earth and Heaven, I wouldn’t want a woman to see me the way Christ was to be viewed. Hanging with just a piece of cloth around the hip. It was the time I began thinking about a girl, and that view became something I would have dreaded for myself — especially with a girl — so why would almighty God do such a thing to own son?”

You are prospective for living in the Cradle, Heaven, or wherever you want. You have this speciate empathy. You thought of Christ as a human, says Chatty.

Deiter touches what looks a prickly plant, on their way to the gate. The thorn feels flexible and does no harm. He says, “They’re like in those movies on bushcraft, some Asian aloe, you had to handle it with care on Earth. People built temporary shelters even of twigs and sticks, whereas the ancient Joseph was a carpenter, and ancient Iudea was a ■land of milk and honey, no short of foliage that is. And that man would have had his woman laboring in an animal shed”.

Matter here in the After is the eternal pragma, says Chatty looking at the aloe. It is less partible than earthly Mendeleyev, and not so crumbly and stiff.

Animal sheds never were clean places, and the animal shed story is one more of the Biblical antinomy. ■Luxor genuflexion maybe was locally part the imagery, but ancient Egyptians altogether certainly had ■”Merit-amun” for a sun-loved girl, and “Miri-amun” was for a boy. The Jewish lived in Egypt, but acquired the word “Miriam” for a girl. It is antinomy, to have a boy name for a girl.

“Me and my friends, boys and girls, we could stay friends forever”, Dieter answers, “and if the Last Judgment was to bring people back from the dead, for the Redemption, people were to die before that judgment completely, along with bodily death, like there wouldn’t be the immortal soul. Do you think there maybe was an extraterrestrial source to the teaching, like Orti?”

Whatsoever. Orti love comfort and relationships. Orti wouldn’t talk ■hypostasis about children of Gods, however likely involuntary urination happened with ancient methods for execution. Gods are not in any wager over fruit and seasons, and to tell you the truth, none of their children would want to incarnate on Earth. Everyone in Afterlife lived a physical life, everyone was begotten or chose to incarnate, after Gods did it; well, not everybody had children, but this never could be requirement — yet most people never were on Earth. And you, were you in a relationship, around the time your mortal body died?

“I don’t know if I get to see her again.”

I don’t know either. Some people change their relationships in the After. Some never change. Mark Twain lives with his earthly wife. They have both kept their names. It helps the watermark find out. If you agree to stay here, and you want me to let you know if she’s passed the watermark and come in, I can do it. But this may take some time. She’s likely to live on, right? We hardly cope with suicides.

“How are you going to know it’s her?”

The watermark is going to keep your data, and there is going to be someone to greet her as well. The Cradle promotes favorable affect, so if she starts another relationship on Earth, you may not be “number one”, so to speak. I’m saying this for the sake of your feelings. It is going to depend on her too.

“Tell me and her anyway.”

Around here, in the After, it is more often that people are unhappy with earthly relationships, than with earthly living single. Some say, the marriage fell apart, kids left, and now, in the After, the olden friend is not the same, because there was another. Some other people say, their emotional lives began for real in the After.

“Could I know about my parents and other family?”

It’s routine around here to inform about bio kin, if the person wants it.

“I’m a bit of soul kin with my parents too, on belief and some other matters in life. I was their only son.”

You still are their only son. When they come, you’ll get a message.

“Like on a phone?”

We’re not behind Earth on commodities. We’re ahead. Yes, it’s a messenger. You have a sort of Internet around here too, it’s only dimensional.

“What if the infinitude comes on? Where will earthlings go?”

Then, you may need to consider learning to create geometry.

“How was Earth cosmos created?”

With a halt, stopping a partible atom. No proton, electron, neutron or anything within to move. She used partible matter perfect stasis. There’s no undoing it really, unless by cancellation from Her. Plato ■left some hints, beside the famous phrasing, “the cause of that which is generated is true being”.

“I remember that from die Luft. Such talk couldn’t have meant, one true cow, no true three cows.”

Exactly. And here we enter, says Chatty.

In adornment, the portal is a bit like a Chinese pagoda, but it has a few Grecian motifs too. It does not delineate space with a door, but it shows there is a border. The Cradle. Chatty and Dieter are moving in.

Your sovereignty is about to activate, warns Chatty.

Now and first things first, you don’t have to busy your mind as much with moving about. You still can stroll if you want to, and everywhere you could have a walkway, but if you compare flying and swimming on Earth, both without much footwork, this is what you can do here to move about. You’ll learn. Some people keep the ■Mercedes, the slogan is around here, but that’s for shows and contests, because when you can hop, skip and fly around and ahead of your vehicle as well, this changes your views on driving.

Second, night and day are local. Everywhere, part the landscape is going to be night and part is going to be day, one right next to another, one house or settlement to the next. People can freely choose on their whereabouts, but there is always some shine, nobody chooses to live in absolute dark.

Third, people can decide own shape. It is true you don’t need clothes as such in the After, because you can look human as well as an elephant, we only don’t have real earthly elephants, because they couldn’t learn the cognitive variables to live here. It is up to your choosing what shape you take on, but you’re not expected to display nudity. This is the savoir vivre around. And of course, you can create yourself an avatar elephant, if you like those a lot, as well as a kind of ■Armani, in earthly terms.

How do you feel with your sovereignty?

“Strong, potentially much faster, but there is possibility I’d be carried over a bit. I feel like careful, to move about.”

You’re absolutely normal. You’ll learn, don’t worry.

(Work in progress.)