Abashed: scared

I have known it is for you the Lord takes this land; for your ghastliness has fallen onto us, and all the inhabitants of the land have been scared.

Joshua 2:9
Volume 1, page 559

Early Version
Y haue knowe that the Lord shal taak to ʒow the loond; forsothe ʒoure gastnes is faln into vs, and alle the dwellers of the loond ben abasshidy.

Later Version
Y knowe that the Lord hath bitake to you this lond; for youre feerdfulnesse felde in to vs, and alle the dwelleris of the lond  weren sike.

Wycliffe forms and reference abasshid, Joshua 2:9; abaist, Ezechiel 21:14; abaischt, abaschid, Mark 5:42, abaist, Mark 16:5

Modern form: abash. Please compare abeyance.

Modern senses: to confound, to disconcert, to embarrass. Please compare fear.

Middle English abaishen, to lose one’s composure; Anglo-French abaiss-, abair, to astonish; Old French esbahir, esbair, esbahiss-.

Comparative Greek: ek-, out of, from.

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