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There is rumor about ancient people, that they could not tell color blue.
Lazarus Geiger followed Gladstone, in his study of Greek myths, Icelandic sagas, the Koran, ancient Chinese stories, Hebrew Bible, and Hindu Vedic hymns. He wrote there was no way to learn from the ancient texts that the sky was blue. There was no blue — says the ■→Business Insider.

The sky and the planet look blue owing to the Earth’s atmosphere, oxygen and water content, without which humans would never have been able to breathe and live. There had to be blue. Blue, Black, Green & White are about the colors, but do not name them.


The world may never have seen her original handwriting, if her skill was taken for supernatural. Feel welcome to Poems by Emily Dickinson prepared for print by Teresa Pelka: thematic stanzas, notes on the Greek and Latin inspiration, the correlative with Webster 1828, and the Aristotelian motif, Things perpetual — these are not in time, but in eternity.
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Świat może i nigdy nie widział jej oryginalnego pisma, jeśli jej umiejętność została wzięta za nadnaturalną. Zapraszam do Wierszy Emilii Dickinson w przekładzie Teresy Pelka: zwrotka tematyczna, notki o inspiracji greką i łaciną, korelacie z Websterem 1828 oraz wątku arystotelesowskim, Rzecz perpetualna — ta nie zasadza się na czasie, ale na wieczności.
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