Noam Chomsky wrote a book, Language and Mind. Obviously, the website is not to steal the show: however often I do not agree with Mr. Chomsky, he made a book title to be a natural association. Human minds have much to do with language. Feel welcome to The conscious mind of Emily Dickinson and other pieces.🙂

Translating the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence

Congressional representatives may loot you, but you can make yourself as many fake US dollars as you like, outside the USA, and slavery can be a righteous punishment ― this is the translation of the American Constitution the Polish Parliament endorses.

Polish Wikipedia proposes declaratory knowledge on “suffering all there is to suffer”, in a translation that tells about “American folk people legislating at large”.

Language Mapping, a walk-through

I began inventing my grammar when I was a kid, which might part show. I think we yet deserve some sunshine when we are grown up, too. The grammar has remained my real thing. It was my secret, also during university studies. It is quite different from classic guidance, but this is the matter that works for me.

Larry Selinker’s interlanguage

Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson did not have it right?

If you learn two tongues, you actually develop a third nobody can get, claims professor Larry Selinker.


Apples grow on noses: two languages, two minds?

Boy eating bread

Catherine de Lange says she speaks two languages and it is like having two minds. She gives children tasks on syntax to show that people differ mentally, owing to language.


How to grind effective

Book tunnel

In Prague, people made a book tunnel, of old copies. Some describe it as a well of wisdom. Mirrors give an illusion it never ends. It is altogether about 5 meters or 16 feet. To me, it tells to choose own matter.


A New People Come

Great Seal reverse

If the US Great Seal Novus Ordo Seclorum is a New Order of the Ages, could we have Romanticism before Enlightenment, and Renaissance only after?


Burning the Flag: where is the language?

Themis and the Flag

United States versus Eichman, United States versus Haggerty, Texas versus Johnson: all cases of Flag burning argued freedom of speech under the First Amendment.

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that burning the Flag is legal, and even if they say or tell, flags do not speak.


Tongue entanglement

Learning language means you are submissive. Irish people speak English because the British brought the language, claims Diarmaid Ferriter.


No men, women, children, or houses with the PIE

Sanskrit, the “mother of tongues”, never named women or men. It did not give Earth its name, either.


My dear head

My dear head does not give me headaches. Should I write, “my dear Head …” ?


British grammar nazis

BGN logo

Disclaimer: the adjacent — and colored meaningfully yellow — graphic piffle is not intended to mean the Union Jack proper. It is the British Grammar nazis logo on Facebook.


Other places: The toolbox republic

Poland__Coat and color

Disclaimer: the “toolbox republic” is not to represent the name proper for the country. The correct name is the Polish Republic.


Pure nonsense remains cherished in Poland. Born in Poland — and no one ever has choice on the place — you cannot change your citizenship unless the President allows it, says a regulation.


In my opinion, the country needs to make sense on citizen rights, or the country does not make sense.


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