Role of Feedback | Human endurance under feedback privation is lower than for fasting. More→

Notes for Emily Dickinson’s poetry | We may ask ourselves a simple question: do we believe Emily Dickinson tried to tell about very exceptional Ears, Bees, or Birds, so peculiar that you write them with capital letters? More→

Resource for Emily Dickinson | Johnson was more arbitrary than Higginson and Todd; a piece-by-piece comparison for the first print and fascicles. More→

A New People | Out of one, many, tells the sibyl by Virgil. Out of many, one, says the US Great Seal.

We are not developing a conspiracy theory, as Americans would have to have a regime in own country to try a dictator role over the world, and to imagine the people willing is not only a little too hard. On the side of meaning: Virgil wrote for Octavian Augustus, who had Cicero proscribed and executed. The Framers might have used the poetry to learn Latin, but would they have followed it for the word sense in the US Great Seal? More→

The Latin demeanor | Why say circles, if we say cats? The money talk along ancient Roman trade routes can give us a clue. More→