Role of feedback

Humans endure limitation on food better than feedback privation. ■More

To see and win: human immunity

Human immune defense is primarily protein, and about 10% of the human genome is virus memory, studies say. The proportion is most probably related to the acquired, natural immunity to have come with food. ■More

California pang of conscience

To reckon on things that are not war, that are good-rounded and even preferably smith, solid foundation, but not heavy or cumbersome — American English should be the official language of the United States. ■More

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The idea to trans-create things is recognized mostly for painting or other visual art styles. The matter here yet is, how can we trans-create with language? ■More

I do not have it (!)

It is Wikipedia psychological concept of “internal communication” that I do not have. Let me quote on the thing, reckon if it is good, and then I tell what I have. ■More


Painters and palettes: the brushstroke remains

Poetry by Emily Dickinson

Notes for
Emily Dickinson’s poetry

Fascicles and print, the poetic correlative with Webster 1828, Latin and Greek inspiration, an Aristotelian motif, Things perpetual — these are not in time, but in eternity.More

Resource for
Emily Dickinson’s poetry

The epsilon, predicate structure, vowel contour, phonemics, person reference in abstract thought, and altogether stylistic coherence, for manuscripts and print piece-by-piece. ■More

Life | Love | Nature | Time and Eternity

From my American English Generative Grammar:

Planet Earth has been a human natural habitat for millennia. In thousands of years, people to think what there is {ON} a map, have not denied plausibility for places {IN} areas, routes {TO} places, as well as locations {AT} them. Early childhood learning to walk has been getting along with learning to talk. Feel welcome to ■THE TRAVEL IN GRAMMAR.

USA Charters of Freedom

US Constitution is a “syntax bonanza”, that is, an exceptionally rich resource. We cannot have language forms that are hundreds of years aged, to learn modern grammar, but we can update the language form. Feel welcome to my notes on the linguistic update. More


Printable poster format PDF

Constitution and Amendments linguistically up to date and spellcheck error-free, part in American English generative grammar course, ■TRAVEL IN GRAMMAR.

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Dunlap in modern font, Constitution & Amendments, reprint from John Carter, click for purchase link or view the content free in other formats from my Internet Archive account,

A New People

Out of one, many, tells the sibyl by Virgil. Out of many, one, says the US Great Seal.

We are not developing a conspiracy theory, as Americans would have to practice a regime in own country, to try dictating the world, and to imagine the people willing is not only a little too hard. On the side of meaning: Virgil wrote for Octavian Augustus, who had Cicero proscribed and executed. The Framers might have used the poetry to learn Latin, but would they have followed it for the word sense in the US Great Seal? ■More

The Latin demeanor

Why say circles, if we say cats? Ancient money talk along Roman trade routes can give us a clue. ■More


Flowing Colors ■My Spring

More from Teresa

The commatoform disorder

Punctuation, the comma, the dash, and other such characters, are to make the written matter clear. There is some logic to it, yet language is not a system, and there are no rules that would universally, objectively, and always apply. We need own common sense, or our body of text may become to exhibit a…

Taylor’s Dissertation, Chapter 3

“You are not indeed entirely immortal, yet you shall never be dissolved, nor become subject to the fatality of death.” Apparently therefore Plato seems to say, that the world is naturally dissoluble, mortal and corruptible, yet will not be corrupted. But Aristotle opposing the apparent meaning of such an assertion says, it is impossible that…


The Greek philos and logos together have been to tell, love of mind and language. There is no requirement for a Sentimentalist flair: love is an elegant shape of a word, and minds never are fond of affective disorders. Regarding an idea ugly as a mind without natural language — love is dainty. More→


The world may never have seen her original handwriting, if her skill was taken for supernatural. Feel welcome to Poems by Emily Dickinson prepared for print by Teresa Pelka: thematic stanzas, notes on the Greek and Latin inspiration, the correlative with Webster 1828, and the Aristotelian motif, Things perpetual — these are not in time, but in eternity.
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Świat może i nigdy nie widział jej oryginalnego pisma, jeśli jej umiejętność została wzięta za nadnaturalną. Zapraszam do Wierszy Emilii Dickinson w przekładzie Teresy Pelka: zwrotka tematyczna, notki o inspiracji greką i łaciną, korelacie z Websterem 1828 oraz wątku arystotelesowskim, Rzecz perpetualna — ta nie zasadza się na czasie, ale na wieczności.
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