A New People Come

I have never interpreted the Great Seal Novus Ordo Seclorum as a New Order of the Ages. I realized my comprehension was different from the official, over the Internet. With Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence at my side, I will try to defend my view: the Seal says a new nation has become.


Generative and Universal Grammar: Frequently asked questions

Is there literally a universal grammar, to learn any language of choice? Are there actually Language Acquisition Devices in human brains? Could language be a result of genetic mutation? Is language explainable in terms of principles and neural models? What is spatialization and is it universal?



Human brains need to be live structures for grammar, and these have simultaneous processes. When we use the Present Simple, our paths for the Perfect Progressive for example do not become “switched off”. Are there really “stative verbs”?


Grammar is always a project

To manage own language skill, we need own brain logic. For speech and language, this logic produces finite sets as projects, not as programs.


Larry Selinker’s interlanguage

When you learn more than one language, you develop a third nobody can get, says professor Larry Selinker. Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain did not “have it right”?


Greek and Latin musing by Emily Dickinson

There is an occurrence, in Emily Dickinson’s poetry, beyond coincidence or unaware habit. Noticing it can help see her musing on Latin and Greek.


Apples grow on noses: two languages, two minds?

Catherine de Lange says she speaks two languages and it is like having two minds. She gives children tasks on syntax to show that people differ mentally, owing to language.


No men, women, children, or houses with the PIE

The Proto-Indo-European theory has a problem: the “mother of tongues” never named European women or men. It did not give Earth its name, either.


Burning the Flag: where is the language?

Themis and the Flag

United States versus Eichman, United States versus Haggerty, Texas versus Johnson: all cases of Flag burning argued freedom of speech under the First Amendment.


American English — where from?

Mr. Trawick-Smith makes an interesting point: we might think about the British as “talking American”, as well.


Tongue entanglement

Learning language means you are submissive. Irish people speak English because the British brought the language, claims Diarmaid Ferriter.


My dear head

My dear head does not give me headaches. This is why I would not change it for anything in the universe or multiverse entire and beyond. Should I write, “my dear Head …” ?


Cognitive variables in grammar

Our human minds have a natural habit to associate time and place. Without exception, the two co-occur in our earthly reality. Computer virtual projects might isolate the two, but human grammar has not evolved in a virtual reality.


Parameters and devices

If we would enjoy a political metaphor, brain structures would be a democracy. There is no king or queen tissue that would all the time preside. This is why I do not see sense in trying to have “brain devices” and scanning them for parameters.


British grammar nazis

Much has been written about the second world war, including Hitler’s evident lack of linguistic finesse. Therefore, I will do some wondering only, on the British who want to be grammar nazis.



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