Role of Feedback
Speech and language depend on feedback without exception; human DNA needs cellular feedback for everyday living; human endurance under feedback privation proved lower than for fasting. More→

Resource for Emily Dickinson
There remains the question: do we believe Emily Dickinson tried to tell about very exceptional Bees, Ears, or Birds, so peculiar that you write them with capital letters? More→

A New People
Out of one, many, paraphrase the sibylline lines.
Virgil wrote for Augustus, who had Cicero proscribed and executed. The Framers might have used Virgil to learn Latin, but would they have followed him for the US Great Seal? More→

The Latin demeanor
Why do we say circles, if we say cats? The thing here is about pronouncing the Great Seal annuit cœptis, knowing what and why. We may take a few clues from the money talk along ancient Roman trade routes. More→