Grammar is always a project

Human grammar remains always a project. It does not mean the books and courses never end, or stay unfinished.



Grammars are represented in human neural systems and provide implicit knowledge of the language they define. A grammar is thus in certain ways analogous to a computer program in that it is a formal system partially determining the behaviour of a physical system.



In the 20th century, neurophysiology began applying the phrase information processing to human bodily structures.


The side effect remains, there is much emphasis on program approaches to human beings, whereas feedback approaches can work better, especially for language. Language is not option-driven.


A feedback approach to language does not mean frequent testing, grading, seeking or giving opinion. It means encouraging inner feedback functions for language. Feel welcome to consider the GRAMMAR WEB LOG MIND PRACTICE.



Human nervous systems operate natural language information in two modes essentially: closed-loop or open-loop. Open-loop processes go their course as the instruction requires. They can be compared to programs. Closed-loop processes are feedback.


All biological programs depend on feedback, including the DNA for active protein. Nature delimits on programs, as live beings need to sustain in variable ecosystems. Excess program would thwart the ability to react and adapt; this happens mostly by change in own behavior, or by alteration in environmental effects.


An organism of no feedback scope would be a dead one. The relevant instinct for feedback capacities is that for self-preservation.


Already at levels as basic as motor neuron spinal function for walking, bodily information is pooled, and further activity depends on feedback. With increase in function complexity, increases the reliance on feedback.


For speech and language, the requirement for feedback capability approximates a natural drive; feedback is a requirement, but not a program capacity.


Regarding the proportion on program and feedback in language, we can compare SPOONERISMS. The slips of tongue are segmental, and this is about the scope the nervous system allows for predetermined routines in language.



Natural feedback is a biological and psychological capability for closed-loop interaction. Much of it remains a potential to act, and the course of activity is not prescribed.


A scope of inner feedback always has to take place within the organism, before environmental behavior becomes possible.


Neural specificity excludes successful external management of human inner processes. Successful management incurs no information loss, internal interference, or damage.



Natural grammar is a set of regularities representative of a natural language. A representative regularity is one able to result in standard, correct language.


Complete awareness of own inner processes would result in redundancy; grammar knowledge yet can be internalized only cognitively, that is, it requires a medically conscious person.


Grammatical ability works in cognitive sets. Even speakers with considerable knowledge of written or spoken rules do not implement the formulaic content for real-time spoken activity.


A program is determined from beginning to end, whereas natural language is infinite. There is no way to calculate all possible linguistic forms or structures, and there is no genetic program to produce literature.


Natural grammar is not analogous to a computer program.


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