Thomas Paine as a young man

Mainstream, run-of-the-mill, or even rush-hour, we people get honestly to reflect on what we see, time and again. Preparing a book series, I arrived at reviewing images of Thomas Paine. Spontaneous, simply as pictures, regardless of the who, how could I describe one? Skin complexion: yellow clay facials? — the right eye: fry an egg, … Continue reading Thomas Paine as a young man

Taylor’s Dissertation, Chapter 3

"You are not indeed entirely immortal, yet you shall never be dissolved, nor become subject to the fatality of death." Apparently therefore Plato seems to say, that the world is naturally dissoluble, mortal and corruptible, yet will not be corrupted. But Aristotle opposing the apparent meaning of such an assertion says, it is impossible that any thing which is of its own nature corruptible, should not some time or other be corrupted. ■→More

Taylor’s Dissertation, Chapter 2

Plato, therefore, gave the name of motion to the life of the soul, in consequence of its being evolved, and being neither in every respect partible, nor remaining purely impartible, denominating also such a life motion, from its declination from an impartible nature, and asserting that the essence of the soul is self-movable, as being essentialized according to such a life. ■→More

Bogey in the tongue box

ELM is short for an Extreme Learning Machine. ELMs can train artificial feedforward networks; ELMs are pre-programmed, fast, and affordable. However, human brains rely on own, intrinsic feedback, and the role approximates a drive; the tissue uses feedforward, but not in “single-layer networks”. ELMs are to work in Computer Aided Diagnosis. ■→More

The pit of the olden cniht

VERSTÄNDNIS appears spacious an idea: it can hold comprehension, empathy, and — opinion. The elapse the Umwelt theory would need yet does not look covered in any known speech. Ticks, sea urchins, amoebae, and jellyfish would be granted own worlds, for a study of meaning as present also in human communication. ■→More

Sense in Common

COMMON sense is a sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge, says the American Heritage Dictionary. A translation of Latin sēnsus commūnis, it was to mean common feelings of humanity. — Should Thomas Paine's Common Sense have been about "common feelings of humanity", there would have had to be more than one species. The British yet remain people too. ■→More

The commatoform disorder

Punctuation, the comma, the dash, and other such characters, are to make the written matter clear. There is some logic to it, yet language is not a system, and there are no rules that would universally, objectively, and always apply. We need own common sense, or our body of text may become to exhibit a "commatoform" ailment, "somatoform" to mean something of a bodily character. ■→More

Simple English Aristotle, Physics Book 1, Chapter 4

If we sifted a “physical order” out of a body of water, extracts would become smaller and smaller, until the water would have only the minimum proportion. Then, extraction would be arrested, and the water might not contain the particular structure or entity anymore. Simple English Aristotle

Wycliffe Gloss, Acorden: agree

Exodus 39:17-19 . In truth, they placed the rings on each side of the breast plate, where two golden chains should hang, set in with hooks in the edges of the shoulder cloak. The elements in the front and in the back agreed so, that the cloak and the breast piece could be drawn together straight to the girdle, coupled strong with the rings, to which a buckle of hyacinth joined, lest they might unbind and slide down and apart, as the Lord commanded Moses. Wycliffe Gloss→

Wycliffe Gloss, Acquenched: perished

Deeds of Apostles, Prologue: To him, not without merit, the power to write the deeds of the apostles was given in ministry, as God was in Godful, and the sons of the lost and perished had made a prayer of the apostles, that through the lot of God's appointment the number of apostles should be fulfilled, and so Paul should give fulfillment to the apostles' deeds. Wycliffe Gloss→