Wycliffe Gloss, Actour: minder

Say I, as long as the heir is a little child, he does not differ from a subordinate; he is a lord of all, but he is under tutors and minders, until the time determined by his father.

Galatians 4:3
■→Wycliffe volume 4, page 402

Early Version

I seye forsothe, how moche tyme the eyr is litil, he dyuersith no thing fro a seruaunt, whanne he is lord of alle; but he is vndir tutouris and actouris, ’til to the tyme determyned of the fadir.

Later Version

But Y seie, as long tyme as the eir is a litil child, he dyuersith no thing fro a seruaunt, whanne he is lord of alle thingis; but he is vndur keperis and tutoris, in to the tyme determyned of the fadir.

Wycliffe forms

actouris, autours, keepers, minders, custodians.

Modern English

Modern form: actor;

Modern senses: one who acts, takes part, also an organization, ■→Wiktionary.


■→prime mover
■→Moby Thesaurus


Latin ■→āctor (“doer”), from ■→agō (“to do”). Cognate with Ancient Greek ■→ἄκτωρ (áktōr, “leader”), from ■→ἄγω (ágō, “lead, carry, convey, bring”).

Comparative Latin

■→actor, actoris


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