Bogey in the tongue box

ELM is short for an Extreme Learning Machine. ELMs can train artificial feedforward networks; ELMs are pre-programmed, fast, and affordable. However, human brains rely on own, intrinsic feedback, and the role approximates a drive; the tissue uses feedforward, but not in “single-layer networks”. ELMs are to work in Computer Aided Diagnosis. ■→More

The pit of the olden cniht

VERSTÄNDNIS appears spacious an idea: it can hold comprehension, empathy, and — opinion. The elapse the Umwelt theory would need yet does not look covered in any known speech. Ticks, sea urchins, amoebae, and jellyfish would be granted own worlds, for a study of meaning as present also in human communication. ■→More

Sense in Common

COMMON sense is a sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge, says the American Heritage Dictionary. A translation of Latin sēnsus commūnis, it was to mean common feelings of humanity. — Should Thomas Paine's Common Sense have been about "common feelings of humanity", there would have had to be more than one species. The British yet remain people too. ■→More


As the Greek philos and logos together have been to tell, love of mind and language has been the meaning and sense of the field. There is no requirement for a Sentimentalist flair: love is an elegant shape of a word, and minds never are fond of affective disorders. Regarding an idea as ugly as a mind without natural language — love is dainty. More→