Wycliffe Gloss, Abide: await

You will not make false allegations against your neighbor, nor will you force him down. The pay of your hired man will not await with you until morning.

Leviticus 19:13
■→Volume 1, page 338

Early Version

Thow shalt not doo wronge chalenge to thi neiʒbore, ne with force here hym down. Ther shal not bide anentis thee the werke of thin hyred seruant vnto the umorwen.

Later Version

Thou schalt is not make fals chalenge to thi neiʒbore, nethir thou schalt oppresse hym bi violence. The werk of thin hirid a man schal not dwelle at thee til the morewtid.

Wycliffe forms and reference

abiden, abedun, Genesis 8:10;
bide, Leviticus 19:13;
abidynge, abididien, Judges 3:25;
abide, Ruth 1:13;
abidith, 1 Kings 2:36,
abididen, 1 Kings 30:10, 21;
abod, abood, Job 30:26;
abyd, abide, Isaiah 28:10;
abiden, Matthew 15:32;
abidinge, abood, Luke 2:25;
abide, Luke 2:38;
abidinge, abiden, Deeds, 28:6;
abiden, abididen, Peter 3:20.

Modern English

Modern form: ■→abide.

Modern senses: await, bide, delay (v.i.), remain. Please compare, ■→dwell.


Middle English abiden; Old English abidan, bidan; Germanic bīdan to bide.

Comparative Latin: fido, fidere, and foedus


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