Acumblid, aclumsid: inept

We have heard the laud for them, and inept have been our hands, tribulation has taken us, we are sore as the one laboring with a child.

Jeremiah, 6:24
Wycliffe volume 3, page 358

Early Version
We han herd the loes of it, losid atwynne ben oure hondus ; tribulacioun caʒte vs, sorewis as the trauailende with childe.

Later Version
We herden the fame therof, oure hondis ben ‘aclumsid; tribulacioun hath take vs as a womman trauelinge of child.

Wycliffe forms and reference: p.p. aclumsid, Jeremiah 6:24, Ezekiel 21:7; p.p. acumblid, Jeremiah 6:24, Stratmann, page 31

Modern senses: inept, maladroit, unfit

Old English a-cumlen, to become cramped.

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