Abreggen: reduce

Abstain from strife, and you shall reduce sin.

Ecclesiasticus 28:10
Volume 3, page 177

Wycliffe Early Version
Absteyne thee fro strijf, and thou schalt abregge synnes.

Wycliffe Later Version
Abstene thee fro strif, and thou shall lassen synnes.

Wycliffe forms and reference: abregge, to make short; Ecclesiasticus 28:10;
p.p. abreged, Matthew 24:22;
pr.p. abreggynge, Romans 9:28;
breggid, abreggyng, an abridging, Isaiah 10:22-23; 28:22.

Modern form: abridge

Modern senses: to diminish, reduce, shorten, lessen.

Middle English abregen from Anglo-French abreger.

Comparative Latin
Late Latin abbreviare from Latin ad- and brevis, short. Please compare brief.

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