To see and win: human immunity

Medieval common cold was potentially a terminal disease. Remedies were to prevent blood in the coughs and pains in the chest — symptoms we do not associate today with the common cold anymore, as such bad developments hardly ever happen.

Neither the ailment nor the human genome would have changed much since those times: it has been human immunity to improve, and the source for this improvement must have been in what people eat. Let us have a glimpse at a few long-known ingredients and try to reckon what their working elements could be.

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■Saffron and kitchen salt would encourage transcrocetinate sodium. Advisable in cases of exacerbation, it was tested centuries later to help against the low oxygen that may come with wounds and blood loss. The human body is quite able to produce remedies, if you provide the makings: it will let ■crocin act as a neuroprotective, saffron ■carboxyls to be part in bodily amides as well as ■chlorides, to impress the tongue of a “medicinal taste”.
The saffron recipe from writings by Sabur ibn Sahl, a ninth-century physician and pharmacist in Iran, only does not have the common salt: ■ Rather than boil, you may pour boiling hot water on saffron and leave it immersed for a while, before adding (with the water) to a soup or another dish.

To my experience, cover your bowl: saffron comes in threads, so my preference is to have it .5 gram boiling hot parched with salt and noodles, could be instant, preferably without palm oil — I never knew why instant noodles would be made with palm oil, whereas if you need oil, sunflower would do great, and I wouldn’t be the only one willing to pay an extra dime.
After a few minutes, like three up to five, even only three slices of simple processed cheese will provide ■calcium enough, for the CNS, the central nervous system that is, to send immune particles to inflammation locales and encourage repair. Simple likewise, tomato concentrate will give ■potassium and help bodily inner “bio-talk” for immunity. I’m usually generous on it. Mix and cover your bowl again, for a few minutes. After, virgin olive oil (my best for taste) will bring the temperature of the dish down a bit. I only never have virgin oil boiling or near the Celsius or Fahrenheit, because it would waste a lot of the goodness. Salt to taste, but make it salty. I put salt on saffron straight, and pour boiling hot water.

The bowl is going to smell and taste “medicinal”, if you need the warning. Spices interact, so I don’t use whatever the sachet to come with instant noodles. You don’t have to gnaw on saffron threads. It is enough you get them into your stomach, and noodles are a nice carrier. Rumor remains, saffron was the ancient legendary Greek warrior heal from ails, or “many a trouble”, in other words. In Antiquity some people even gossiped those Greeks immortal, but today there is no requirement for the expanded hearsay. Live and let live does for the line.

Everyone deserves the natural fresh ■transcrocetinate “inner breath” (kitchen salt is NaCl, sodium chloride), and to freshen up internally with saffron from time to time can be a good idea. Things mostly needn’t go as far as medical doses, even for pulmonary conditions. Let us think what there could be of effect about ■garlic: allyls pass into the blood, lungs, and skin, says Wikipedia.

■Aliicin has been studied for the common cold with success. High doses, again, might be unnecessary, since ■alliinase stereochemistry is part uncontrolled, giving our dear body some potential to interact with a range of enzymes. We can have an immune response without incorporating sulfur, especially in excess.

Here we go: best immunity comes from the gut, but cooking is going to kill the active ingredient, owing to ■denaturation. To have our garlic without boiling or drying, we can crush it, immerse in virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt; although still raw, it may be agreeable even after only half an hour. There are yet a few more ingredients our body as the “natural deviser” is going to need.


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Human immune defense works primarily protein, and about 10% of the human genome is “viral”, studies say. The proportion is most probably the acquired, natural immunity that makes people better off today, if to look back to the Middle Ages and the common cold.

If the body has enough free protein to interfere with viral binding, the virus cannot work (13:23 in the video here), in which the body is not inadvertent (after the 13:23).

A simplest of ideas is to provide the body with some extra protein, and in my experience it has worked, for all flu-like symptoms I ever have had after I elaborated on the long-lived recipe for beef tartare. I don’t like beef and I don’t like egg yolk.

Let us look to our dish. Garlic is bathing in olive oil; smoked bacon will do great for our protein. We choose it absolutely fresh pink, dispose of all fat, rinse in filtered water, and cut into stripes, not to break the protein goodness with mincing and like. We do not cook it, to avoid denaturation. We may add ground cinnamon, cloves, or black pepper — for taste as well as antimicrobial efficiency. We have it with our garlic. The portion does not have to be big. An ice-cream dollop size will do, though you can have more if you like; it digests easy.
Naturally, we chew: part the absorption will be in the mouth. I like to chew smoked bacon stripes, whereas mince without ■adipose catches oxygen and changes not only in color, very fast. More, should a virus be fond of the ■adipose gene, because the gene codes for protein, we know we haven’t given the microbe opportunity. We have our pork or mutton extra lean, only virgin olive oil to be allowed, plant in origin. Egg yolk could be conducive of microbial proliferation, so we do not have that either.

We yet need more, in terms of the makings: the virus has a DNA, and we may feel like boosting ours. ■Vitamins B are a wonderful idea. We have one 50 mg pill (forte) of B compositum slow release right after we have eaten (the label may be also B complex time release). Let us now look what this is vitamins B can work.

Vitamin B1 is coenzyme in catabolism of ■amino acids. Vitamin B2 is a must for ■flavoprotein reactions. Vitamin B3 is part in ■electrochemical proton gradients across bodily cells’ inner mitochondrial membranes. Vitamin B5 is part in ■sequencing (as that of the virus too). Vitamin B6 loves enzymes, as also above. Vitamin B7, for all its fondness of sodium, helps association with plasma membranes in platelets; the process is known as ■carboxylation. We bear in mind, a virus needs to get through, to replicate. B9 and B12 both partake in ■DNA methylation as well.

Our body may have just learned some new immunity, with garlic ■allyl methyl sulfide to have worked over the night. In my experience, any flu-like symptoms are gone with this dish by the morning. With the asymptomatic spell I had after the 2019 COVID outbreak, I took one pill B6 extra, for the possibility of ■enzymatic methylation: 37.7 Celsius day one, some 37.5 the next, and my normal 36.6 right next; no cough or sneeze, swab-tested negative for COVID twice, after the spell.

DNA methylation is cornerstone in human health or disease, ■say the NCBI. According to ■JAMA, 2.3 million children had developed COVID and 209 died — a statistic much lower than among adults — but children get vitamins to grow, and vitamins B are a prominent ingredient. Minerals and vitamins have happened to be used for placebo, yet mostly in studies on psychoactive drugs. They are not placebo in human immunity.
Parents continue to hesitate to give their kids the COVID central tolerance (described below). By the way, raw garlic undeniably can pinch a bit, but if you drink milk, tea, or juice, the thing wanes very fast. You don’t need to keep the pinch in the mouth, and a swallowed small chunk of fresh raw garlic can do a lot of good.

We may feel like sleeping it over, to decide on our COVID jab. Skin reactions to COVID vaccines can be ■morbilliform rash, ■pernio, ■pityriasis rosea, and ■erythema multiforme, says the US ■NCBI. With the November 21 wave of COVID, the death rate in Irish ICUs was ■one in four, although ■Wikipedia reported, Ireland’s vaccination rollout had been praised as one of the most successful.
■Postvaccination myocarditis is a real risk for all age groups, whereas ■”T cells only recognize antigen fragments from proteins predigested by ■macrophages; they cannot distinguish between a specific antigen fragment that comes from an infecting microbe and the same antigen fragment that comes from a vaccine”, say the NCBI for human ■Immune Response to Vaccine Antigens, and you need to see, to win: veni, vidi, vici for own immunity, it should not be altogether impossible to think that.
“Although the immune systems of two people may respond to the same protein in a vaccine, their T cells may respond to different portions of that protein.”
The NCBI add, to prevent bodily immunity from destroying own tissues in autoimmune response, immature immune cells are thought to be destroyed in the thymus gland, owing to what is known as ■central tolerance. Human CNS is known for “innate / adaptive interplay” and “significant T-cell and other cross-talk”.

In simple words, vaccination can induce some tolerance to the virus. After ■thymus involution, human central tolerance becomes comparatively relaxed, as the body continues to avoid autoimmune damage. If T-cells cannot discern evolved microbial patterns, “familiar enough”, COVID passes through bodily defenses with new attachments. Non-jabbed immunity as via methylation (vitamins B above), to the contrary, encodes for rejection. Even if evolved, the virus is “bounced away” as “non-self” , as long as it is COVID whatsoever.
The report here looks a confirmation on COVID ability to use jab-induced tolerance: “Daniels, a pulmonologist who helps set the hospital’s coronavirus policies, said he’s particularly worried about omicron’s ability to evade antibodies and infect the vaccinated — including the doctors and nurses whom Mayo desperately needs to deliver care”, ■The Washington Post.

There should be regular statistics on vaccinated infections. December 2021, 4th wave of COVID was estimated at potentially ■60 thousand Polish, without telling the vaccinated proportion. Israeli health authority published ■vaccinated Delta new cases at 50%.
South Africa gives another picture for year 2021. Cases there dropped by about 12 thousand in a time span from Thursday to Tuesday (■Fox13). Omicron was described as “relatively mild” (■Washington Post).

In the USA, ■JAMA reported vaccinated breakthrough infections on the rise, along with patients to require ECMO. ■JAMA added it was unknown whether vaccinated patients who developed COVID-19 and required ECMO would have a different clinical course or better outcomes than unvaccinated patients.
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ECMO is of last resort for COVID-19, whereas people can eat: some maybe only never had the hint.

Jedidiah Bila decided not to have the COVID jab (video below). Commentators were critical, suggested that thousands of people had died in the USA because they did not get the vaccine, and she would be anti-vax propaganda.

There was no mention of dietary support, whereas it couldn’t have been that all the thousands of Americans were vegetarian or religious and devout as rather to die than eat, though meat without cooking might not be the habit.

“Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment”, ■World Health Organization predicted initially, ■see the PDF. Maybe it really is that people boil and cook too much nowadays, rather than parch food, smoke or spice it.
In India, vegetarianism became a matter of regret; animal protein regenerates human health best. ■NBC reported mass cremations.

Source: Amal KS / Hindustan Times / Getty Images, via NBC News.

Note: there have been horror movies about people eating people, but this wouldn’t be immune nutrition, it would be ■speciate matter. ■Pygmy tribes quite possibly do show some of the ■chaperone discord. Pork, mutton, or salmon will make sense.

Human CNS obviously is not a computer, but as a system it is quite capable of information. If a microbe makes impression on immunity as encoded in the DNA, the long-term biological memory, the body is capable of decisive response also without a specific vaccine. ■Bronchovaxom is indicated for improved function of ■dendritic cells, antigen-presenters in communication between human innate and adaptive immune systems.
Tuberculosis vaccines were devised for “induction of adaptive immune patterns endowed with long-term memory” that stimulate innate immunity, we can read from ■NCBI.
■Cedars Sinai report, “Workers who had received BCG (tuberculosis) vaccinations in the past — nearly 30% of those studied — were significantly less likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in their blood”.

More, COVD has been linked to bodily fungi, as the ■black fungus. The French have had a brilliant idea for those bodily mishaps that could occur in anyone. ■Brie for example, I always choose it fresh, it should not stink whatsoever, and I have it mostly with olive oil, garlic and salt, crispbread maybe.

How the thing works: I reckon, we may agree humans happen to develop “residual fungi” so to speak, with all the life’s wear and tear; the fungi are not digestible and subject to excretion unless there’s another, edible fungus to attach the residual. Now we know why we have been all jealous about the French.

Fresh Brie, no photoshop.

The UK approved ■a human challenge on COVID, in pursuit of natural immunity.

After all, people are going to need own CNS capability for COVIDs, natural immunity in other words, the same as Middle Ages people did for the common cold. It is already known that not everybody falls ill. Some people are able to reject COVID. ■ABC News reported,
“Some infected with the novel coronavirus never develop symptoms. Others get very sick and die. There are theories. One theory is that prior exposure to other viruses may help fight off the novel coronavirus. There are four other, far less deadly coronaviruses which cause the common cold.

Fortunately jabs have not been forced on immune people. The ■mandate by George Washington to vaccinate against ■smallpox was different: immunity could come only via inoculation, and smallpox didn’t evolve. COVID derives from the common cold, where most people have had some exposure and immunity. An asymptomatic process might be immune progress and well, theory is, human DNA is the most advanced on Earth.

Let us wrap up on remedies for the common cold. Salted garlic imbued with virgin olive oil has much less pinch. It does not damage or impede the tongue muscle; speech remains the same and kids can have it too. Without the oil, I’d rather chop garlic and swallow it bit by bit with much liquid, but then it wouldn’t do the immediate job in the mouth and nose. The food does not involve any risk at all, provided you buy fresh and from certified providers, what mostly everyone does today. ■Blended directly before administration, as to avoid nutrient oxygenative change, meat, vitamins, and herbs could be even ■tube-fed, with medical supervision of course.

I don’t believe my food would work only for me, so if you do not try and recommend dietary remedial, you cannot honestly say you have done all that you should. If you don’t like the taste of salty saffron or fresh raw garlic with meats, you need to persuade yourself that not all cures are sweet: people held it against fish oil before it came in capsules.

Feel welcome to share this post, also while sipping tea, black or roobois with mint, ■nigella sativa and a pinch of crushed ■cloves — precious for the generally ■antiproliferative properties of the component ■crategolic acid (though renamed maslinic). Of course, a drop of lemon if you please, and switch your salt lamp on, with your ■Olbas cup filled. If you feel like a good night’s sleep, a spray of ■lavender with ■camphor on the upper respiratory tract areas of your chest is likely to bring a nice cool. In tea, lavender is very calming.

P.S. Sniffer dogs have reportedly happened to mistake lavender for marihuana. Lavender ■caryophyllene might make such impression on dog noses, but lavender is non-addictive and “talks” with neurons without side effects. Biochemically, it is an antagonist of weed, just as there are no ■muscarinic ■receptors by nature, because acetylcholine parasympathetic economy is useful, but this would be a matter for another article.